Twitter Madness Campaign - Week 9 Highlights // Earn Hive For Your Tweets!

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Week 9 Highlights

The following are some of the tweet highlights from the last week:





Many congratulations to the above participants (@eugelys, @hafizullah, @clivemartin, @enmy) for winning this week.
Please post the "Proof of Work" in order to get rewarded, if you haven't done already. You can drop the screenshots & links of this week's twitter activity under this blog. Highlights from the current week will be mentioned in the subsequent week's blog. This step is mandatory in order to get the rewards!

Twitter Madness Campaign - How To Participate

An ongoing Twitter Madness Campaign was launched in order to contribute to the growth of HIVE & 3Speak. Twitter is a place where we can quickly reach out to the victims of censorship, especially those coming from YouTube. They can benefit greatly from the the free speech & censorship resistant properties of 3Speak (and HIVE). With your help, we can reach out to many creators, grab their attention and direct them towards our platform.
If you want to take part & monetize your tweets then please jump into our discord server and support the tweets published in #twitter-madness channel.


Every Week the top 4 users tweeting about 3speak will be rewarded with 25 HIVE each
All instructions provided in this blog:

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Cheers a lot guys, here is mine





Thanks for the support...

Today I'm sharing a special tweet 🥳 🥳 for the love of #hive

Loving HIVE ❤

The new community to share our content for love of HIVE

Thanks a lot! <3





Here’s my first entry,

Splinterlands - How to play

Solidworks - estrusione, taglio




You should consider this

Awesome work guys!

I just made an Spanish guide for people who doesn't know how to upload their videos into @threespeak, I made it for those creators that want to bring their videos from Youtube to 3Speak

Let's keep the work and love for #hive!

Awesome. Thanks for the video @ilazramusic.

I just released the first episode of my Exclusively 3Speak Vlog Show:

Thank you so much for all the support, guys! I feel really motivated haha

Thank you for being so awesome, guys! Let's keep the great work!

Entry my journey ...🚶

I am interested in his post @happyphoenix , his writings always discuss the future of #Hive , visiting his blog is the same as reading a book, this will be able to inspire many people to get to know more about hive.

Promo Hive...

Travel Blog

openmic highlights were beautiful


@eugelys, @hafizullah, @enmy

Congrats you guys are rocking :)

Thanks a lot dear.

Congratulations for the chosen...
@eugelys, @hafizullah, @enmy

Here the link of my recent vlog with #3speak community -

New user in hive community

My Tweet for Twitter Madness-

and Screen shots-



Tweeted this a short time ago, then realized it might actually qualify as a Twitter Madness entry! 😂


Wow! My name in the list. Thank you so much #3speak
Enjoying more freedom with the platform.

Cheers @hafizullah. Please keep tweeting. ;)

Sure, I will tweet my every video from this platform sure. Cheers

Hi guys and gals here's my tweet share, it was one of the greatest moments in my life.

My entri

My twitt

My Twit

My entry



My twitt...


Congratulations to all the winners on winning 25 hive, this is my first day on this platform I will also take part in this competition

good afternoon to all @threespeak team
Congratulations to all who participate every day, supporting this wonderful community, especially the winners of the week.
I wish you all a lot of success

This is a really nice campaign .. and I will be happy to participate, no matter if I get prizes or not

Please do @stefano.massari and we are sure you will get the rewards based on your efforts ;)

Congratulations to this week's winners..

Still yet to understand what that proof of work means.

"Proof of work" means providing screenshots or links to the work you have done for the campaign. You are already doing it well @starstrings01.

Oh thanks. I thought it was something else because my tweet got selected last week but never received the hive reward. I thought 25hive was given to selected tweets and I didn't receive mine for not showing proof of work but now I know what it means.

Will the reward still be sent 🤗🤗🤗?

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Hive Power Up Day - Let's grow together!

How do we get the rewards for last weeks twitter madness?

Have you not received the rewards through upvotes and hive transfer?

No, not yet 🤔

Why can't we embed tweet into our posts? It's painful to add screenshot isn't it?

yes very good question that @theycallmedan could answer.

Yes, you can embed instead of screenshots or just leave a link. I think it will be embedded by default.

Screen Shots of last weeks twitter selected for one of winner-


Now I have a little confusion about getting the winning rewards,
So please clear my confusion If I need to do something more for the rewards.

You don't need to do anything else, it will come soon.