#ShoppingTime with family at ECS Brands store and ECS brands winter shoes collection 2023

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hello my dear friends , today my video is very much interesting.
Winter season has started and I along with my family bought new winter 2023 shoes from ECS brand. My daughter and wife bought new shoes from ECS store for winter. ECS brand is the most famous brand of women shoes in Pakistan. The shoes of this brand are very quality and every season new designs are brought to the public by this brand every year. Today in this video I will show you new winter 2023 stock and I hope you will like my shopping video. Shoe shopping with family at ECS Brands store and ECS brands winters shoea collection. ECS brand sttore is located in mianwali, near passport office and near fehad plaza mianwali district city, this video has been recorded by me, with the permission ecs store owner, hope you all will like my this store review, if you want to buy new design shoes then visit this store , for lattest desgin, thank you so much

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Nice shopping video sir.
You are spending lots of money on your children.
Thats good habit dear sir.
Our niece Minahil is looking very happy

han g shoping ki the bacho ka sath , aur ecs bhut he best brand hai, sukriya ap ka

Hi, nice shoe store, they look very good, have a nice day.👍👍👍

ecs brand is very much famous brand, quality shoes is standard level

vah bro boht hi acha he brand or apne apne parivar ka boht hi khyal ap rakhte he .jo meri najar me boht hi acha he .or muje bhi apne parivar ke liye shos kharid ne jana padega.

life is handsome with family, kids are asset, so my daughter love ecs brand shoes very much, thank you dear you enjoyed my video, yes family ka bagir tu khuch ni hai, asi sa khushain hain

Hey dear looking great.You are having a great time.Shopping with family members is really fun.Thanks for sharing your lifestyle.

Very beautiful shoes are available in this shop. You can find all kinds of shoes there. I like some of the insights in it.