Abundance.Tribe's BiWeekly Question. How Do I keep myself Grounded!?

I really love this question!!

I would love to be grounded all of the time, I am working on it... and I definitely can feel when I am not grounded that is for sure!


I have different techniques but in the summer I try to be barefoot as much as possible and when we touch our bare skin with the ground we are definitely "grounding".. literally..it can also be called "earthing but when we do this we allow electrons to flow into us.

I watched a really interesting documentary earlier this year about earthing and it showed me how important it is to ground/earth and how any of us rarely do it.

The earth's surface is full of electrons which give off a natural negative energy charge so when we touch the earth we dissipate the static electricity as well as absorb and connect with the natural frequencies of the earth!

Before the invention on the synthetic sole we were all much more grounded!
But now we all walk around in shoes with synthetic soles and wear socks or walk on carpets or tiles in our houses so we rarely ever touch the bare earth.
This documentary showed how earthing helped cure people from many diseases and health problems.
It presented to us that we can heal ourselves quite simply by walking barefoot on the earth.
###Inflammation is the main cause of many health disorders and by walking on the bare earth we can diminish this inflammation.
This wonderful documentary showed many different cases and how earthing healed different people at different ages with different health conditions.
People can also purchase earthing sheets that they can put on their beds and sleep on them, also earthing mats are available to stand on.. and more...
I highly recommend watching this documentary.. click the link here..https://www.earthingmovie.com/
Also.. take your shoes off and go outside, try is for yourself.


So walking barefoot is what I usually do to stay grounded during the summer and during the winter I practice something else....
One thing I do in the winter is cold water therapy which is another way to earth/ground and receive these electrons and get rid of any negative static energy.
Cold water therapy also has many other benefits including improving the immune system, reduces inflammation, releases endorphins, improves skin and hair, improves sleep quality and energy levels.. plus lots more.
I started this therapy last year as part of a healing journey after a traumatic event, I didn't continue over the summer as I didn't have access to cold water but now that the temperature has dropped here I can start again and I am super happy about it and after 1 week of going in the water I feel amazing!! I usually go inti the water up to my neck and I stay there for around 30 long slow deep breaths, then I go back to my cosy caravan and put warm clothes on. It's really important to make yourself warm after going in the water, when it gets colder I will light the fire in my caravan too! Today is 11 degrees Celsius to give you an idea of the temperature.. not sure what the water temperature is though!


Another practice I do daily to feel grounded is meditation.
I start with breathing exercises, a practice strong breathing then I practice more gentle breathing, then I sit and meditate for 20-30 minutes and I try to do this daily, some days its 10 minutes but I much prefer to do 20-30 minutes, I feel the longer the better and the deeper I can go to reach the subtler layers of my being.
I believe everyone can benefit from meditation, it has had such a profound affect on me and also helped me on my healing journey and now I have incorporated it into my daily life.
Through meditation we can tap into our source, our true selves, everything starts from within, all the answers are already inside of us. The subtle is the foundation of the gross, we try to change the gross but we first need to work on the subtler layers.
Everything is connected, our body, mind and nervous system all reflect each others state.
Through meditation we can access these subtler layers and feel more at peace.
Thank you @trucklife-family for asking this question, I think it's so important to be grounded and to pay attention to how we are really feeling.


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When I was a teenager and in my early twenties, I used to walk around with bare feet all the freaking time. Every opp I had, shoes off. I used to try to explain it to people - I just FELT the earth beneath my feet. Same way I used to ride bareback (horses). I didn't know how to articulate that connection or how I felt because no one called it earthing or grounding or whatever. I love that younger me did that though, that I just listened. Great answer. Love it.