The Conspiracy Behind the Conspiracy

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As my mission to rediscover my authentic Self progresses I find myself in a series of awakenings. This reality tunnel is guiding me towards my inner-light which reconnects me with my passion for freedom and love for humanity.

Through this adventure I discovered that the ultimate truth is innate and not discovered by a rational dialectic but through a series of awakenings; a dynamic flow of events --and if we are honest with ourselves we discover this truth. Reality is a continual process of change which elucidates a deeper complexity as well as, paradoxically, a beautiful simplicity. To a point this is a cliche which actually fits the bill --however the critical aspect to remember is that reality is left to individuals to create as they imagine.

This is where the simplicity ends and the complexity begins: limiting beliefs, cultural conditioning, the amorphous collective unconscious as well as the anonymous influence of power-groups creates a hyper reality; more real and relevant than our localized reality. The conspiracy behind the conspiracy is that individual, localized reality is sacrificed for the convenience of an incorporated identity.

Life Under Siege

Our intimate reality is under Siege by widespread corruption in governments, banks, religions and more importantly in our own home. This is the Brave New World we created by believing in the "noble" lie sold to us. Whether by convenience, out of a need for survival or by stock-holm syndrome...this is our shared reality.

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History is replete with the perpetual struggles of people vying for freedom as well as acquiescence to power; to a great extent we assimilate as a survival mechanism. The perennial conspiracy of the matrix of control is not a new world order, but a constant restructuring of the deck of cards. We are confronted by a contingent of powerful anonymous forces. Unfortunately, this is not the only major obstacle --this unseen & hidden firewall is based on our collective unconscious.

My recent spontaneous adventures from Texas to New York opened my eyes to the continuum of corruption. The scale is intensifying and its eerie normalcy is awakening the sleeping public. There's a growing number of Man & Woman who refuse to live a miserable life devoid of meaning or purpose. Those who seek these meaningful ideals within the system are brutalized by the reality of the true nature of power: coercion, fraud and violence.

The technocratic managers of the trans-human super class call themselves History's Actors. Because they act upon our imagination, our physical body and maneuver millions of life to a destiny of docile & placid servitude. Some of us are content to incorporate our identity into the machinery, into the industry and into the Hollyweird for a promise of security, of fame and salvation.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

If we are honest with ourselves we will recognize our creative power through a "series of awakenings." However, before we ascend to this reality one must come to terms with the uncomfortable truth of responsibility.

Reality is a process of self-initiation into the deeper complexities of change, balance and universal existence; however experience is limited by the unexamined shadow we project unto reality. Ultimately, people do not lack power to create reality but lack the ability to recognize their personal authority & power.

The perpetual dynamic changes of reality are an affront to the conditioned mind. Because we are too afraid to live life according to our principles. We are afraid to be honest, to be be real.


As individuals we exist in between worlds, in between dimensions --the outer world and the inner world. Through direct engagement of the inner world the self discovers the proverbial manual to navigate reality, even to the point of creating ideal experiences in the now. Behind the curtains of the Spectacle we will find a mirror which reflects our consciousness; reminding us yet again that we create reality.

The powers that shouldn't be recognize this inconvenient truth. They need us to build their world. They need our energy, our imagination and our power to reshape the world in their own distorted images.

We change reality, the self creates reality by confronting the discomfort which comes from the uncertainty of the future. Being fully present in the now takes courage, takes faith & discipline to who you really are. To project this unto the Other, the government or a shadowy group is to betray our own reality.