Academic in Chinese University quotes my Work — in a study of wisdom literature 😇

Fascinating to see my work cited in an academic study about aphorisms, by a professor from Beijing University, China.

Particularly interesting to me is the notion of philosophy as poetry and the ethical dimension that informs writing.

Here’s a peek into this intriguing work:

I have had a deep hunger for wisdom literature, found in aphoristic sayings, since my teens, when I used to collect proverbs or witty-wise sayings.

Here's a profound meditation from this paper, on the relation between ethics and style :

Wittgenstein believes that ‘the greatness of what a man writes depends on everything else he writes and does’ (Wittgenstein, 1980: 65e). There is a close link between ethics and style for the mark of great style is originality, and originality is a moral attribute. Speaking or expressing the truth is not a matter of cleverness:

‘No one can speak the truth; if he has still not mastered himself…The truth can be spoken only by someone who is already at home in it…’ (Wittgenstein, 1980: 35e).

So, I feel, doubly honored to appear in this academic article:

  1. to be cited in a study of master aphorists: Heraclitus, Lichtenberg, Nietzsche, Wittgenstein & yes, to reach a new audience 🙏🏼✨

I maintain, ideas/words, have a life of their own & go out into the world (independent of the author) to make their own aquaintances…