Hive Meetup #5

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Flyer by @baqabond


Citizens of the Hive!

In a place where ownership, self sovereignty and liberty plays and important role, Switzerland really stands out when it comes to crypto regulations. It is and has been test ground for new ideas like basic income, various trials and could possibly become a hot spot for the adoption of payments like HBD for goods and services.

True value is shaped within people defined by communities and not through being subjects of dept fuelled economic conditioning through central or corporate planing.

After the 4th monthly Swiss Hive Meetup, we now have our next date scheduled for Thursday the 24th of February 2022. We're excited to announce that the home for Digitale Gesellschaft/Digital Society, Linux User Group / ", Chaos, Computer Club / ", Verein für Mechatronische Kunst / Association for Mechatronic Art aka the Bitwäscherei gave us another slot for our monthly Swiss Hive Meetup at their space.

@baqabond just made the above new flyer, for which we are all really grateful. 20% beneficiary rewards from this post go to him.

Our previous event n the 25th of January was attended by @leosoph and @blue.rabbit all the way from Bodensee, @lucynch all the way from Lucerne, @lmn-manna all the way from Bern, @sickjamez , @leladrowl , @majinmeph ,@baqabond, @mangodjango , @option2-e , @b4phom3t , @clau-de-sign, @miraicastel and @macaaron, who manages a repair lab on the first floor and someone I really like to engage with a lot lately. Everyone received a Swissness and Zürich Badge for attending this live physical meeting.

Others who attended previous meetings, whom we'd love to see again are @bakro44, @bamiadeleke, @acroamanic, @amadeusthiemann, @smoothoperating, @bensworld and @janaliana at our next one.

For a more elaborated review on our previous meeting check out Fourth Round of Swissness.

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Next Meeting

During our last meetup, we had covered a few points, but didn't get the opportunity for practical application. The on boarding took some space and we plan to make groups for newbies and execute a sequence with breaks and comfortable and engaging segments. This time, a program with sections that will leave enough time for exciting conversations. One that really shows new comers what the hive blockchain is actually all about. We will also give people a visual idea of how intuitive and practical hive is. Conversations that tend to take rather abstract technical directions will be left for discussions at the end.

For our next meeting we will try to cover how to manage your keys and take a look at the Hive Keychain. We will go through various front ends, then look at mainly peakd, show formatting options and discuss a mark up format using a projector. It is advisable to bring your laptop. Even if you just have your phone, that's fine.

The idea is that everyone should be able to easily create a post by themselves after we went through all the details.

Possible one on one sessions will be provided on other days in an open space on demand.

In case you have trouble finding the location, just call or text me @yangyanje on Telegram.

@achim03, @zuerich, @almi, @carolineschell, @hivelander, @baqabond, @ivansnz, @neece, @needapencil, @felander are as always welcome to join as well.

Zürich Badge

For being physically present, we award Badges on peakd, namely the Zürich Badge
and the Swissness Badge . Our vision is to expand this to other Swiss cities. Our community is open to anyone for participation. You can just reach out to us on Discord at the Swiss Hive Community, or get in touch with us on the Swiss Hive Community on Telegram. We also created a Swiss Honours Badge and are excited to possibly further continue at the ZWZ building. We are looking forward to creating an open space in Zürich for everyone from the hive, from anywhere in the world. Welcoming web3 technologies and their philosophy, we'd like to invite you to experience the countless use cases it already provides and experience it's potential.

Swiss Hive Community

The Swiss Hive Community is an initiative that started with all the above mentioned hive users as a common effort. It's an endeavour to further gatherings, exchange and promote fun meetings amongst users of the hive blockchain in Switzerland. This community is open to anyone and should serve as a space for a local hive community in Switzerland to meet and plan more future events. Anyone in the world is highly welcome. For newcomers to the hive blockchain, it could guide as an introduction and assist in growing the Swiss Hive Community and fostering camaraderie. We aspire to create a space and accompany new users on their journey as responsible actors on our blockchain. Hive is an open source blockchain run by a community of exceptional developers, creators and publishers of original content with it's own payment gateway and two cryptocurrencies. Hive and Hive Backed Dollar. Everyone on hive is self sovereign owner of private keys to their own cryptocurrency account. With core values, such as freedom, liberty, censorship resistant, borderless, permissionless, hive has a specialised use case, offering excellent tokenomics built by people, for people.

If you are sick of being a product of facebook and you care about data ownership, free speech and the core original values of decentralisation and community governance, then hive might be a solution for you.

If you believe in a future where corporations don't penetrate in every aspect of our lives, then here is your opportunity to experience an alternative.

Event Details

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Name: Swiss Hive Meeting #5
Date Thursday 24th February 2022
Location Bitwäscherei, ZWZ Neue Hard 12, 8005 Zürich, 3rd Floor
CarryLaptop or Phone (optional)
Organisers@sandymeyer, @yangyanje, @miraicastel, @baqabond

Feel free to use the Swiss Hive Community banner below as your footer if you have already received the Swissness or Swiss Hive Badge.

I also started a Group called Hive Rocks for artists, rock art collectors and treasure hunters.

Thank you for Reading

Best Wishes

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Dong Chang 东厂
aka Rane

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None of the three

"Nothing is wrong, it's nobody's fault; only you can save yourself" - @yangyanje

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... you wrote 24th „January“ instead February 😉

Thank you @clau-de-sign . I just corrected it and updated the post.

Really cool and ( will change now to German! Really awesome and I think I have to come to one of your Meet Ups.

Wirklich genial und top, was ihr hier auf die Beine gestellt habt. Ich weiß nicht ob ihr schon mit der @HiQ zusammen arbeitet. Jedoch sollten Eure Meet Ups dort erwähnt werden. Sehr genial und professioneller Auftritt ;-)

Wir sehen uns in der Schweiz ...

Ganz liebe Grüße aus Wien

@schmidi Vielen dank für Deinen netten Kommentar.

Wir würden uns natürlich sehr freuen Dich jederzeit bei uns begrüssen zu dürfen. Wir würden und sehr gerne mit hiq und anderen tollen initiativen zusammenschliessen. Wir balancieren uns gerade etwas mit dem Zeitaufwand. Freuen uns definitiv auf weiteres un vor allem auf gemeinsame Projekte.

Ich entschuldige mich erstmals für meine schreckliche Ausdrucksweise auf Deutsch. Ich würde diese Invites und Berichte gerne auch mal auf Deutsch schreiben.

Danke danke das Ehrt und kein Stress. Wir sehen uns ja vielleicht auch einmal in Wien auf einem @meetup. Deutsch wäre wünschenswert, da wir ja doch immerhin auch in der DACH Region sind und es viele "deutsche" Blogger gibt ;-)

HIVE on!

Really exciting to see how the Swiss community of Hive has been growing and increasingly active :) Oh and very good point about Switzerland being so open to new ideas, technologies etc. If I was to guess what would be the first western, advanced and rich country to follow the example of Salvador and accept crypto as a legal tender, my guess would be Switzerland ;)

@tipu curate

@phortun Thanks a lot for your comment. It really lit me up. Actually you have made a really good point here. I do think that Switzerland will adopt some kind of CBDC for it's citizens pretty soon. Recently read an article on the SNB(Swiss National Bank). After all, most financial institutions are going the custodian way, offering custody for crypto and decentralised digital assets too. In other words, they will hold it for you, in case you loos your keys. The truth is no one new to crypto is being asked or made aware that self sovereign custody even exists. In el salvador the citizens of el salvador don't own any private keys to the BTC they exchange through strike. The government/or strike owns these private keys. Truly an irony, because it sort of defeats the purpose of holding decentralised digital assets?

I think Hive has so much more potential if everyone would just start accepting is as payment. Specially HDB. What could really happen is that small communities could start forming. Hive really has the potential. Before November it was super easy to get hive on ramp. Every Swiss trian ticket machine still sells BTC.

Really good post! Thanks for sharing. I am with you. I think HIVE is BOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM :-) There is a lot of more potential and so it will be fine if we work together to crow and build a community around the world. Also in the DACH space. Today we have the DACH Meet Up at discord.

Been seeing the activity on dach, and its really inspiring. The past few days it feels as if a lot of people around me are hearing about it. Like a movement in zurich is literally starting to build up. More demand.

Very good points here. I really hope that your SNB will be a "crypto trend setter" :) Switzerland has always had the reputation of being the greatest and smartest "financial manager" and it will be so cool when you guys adopt crypto. I can imagine that many more renowned European countries like Germany, UK, France etc. will follow the example soon after that.

Oh and yeah, Hive has tremendous potential, no doubts about it at all ;)

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