A Charming Hidden Plant Cafe in Hoi An

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A Charming Hidden Plant Cafe in Hoi An


Hello Discovery friends,

One of my favorite travel experiences is stumbling upon charming local cafes that most tourists would never know about. Tucked down back alleys, concealed behind lush greenery, these hidden hangouts reveal themselves through happenstance and insider tips. Recently, a friend brought me to an enchanting tucked-away cafe in Hoi An's atmospheric old town that felt like discovering a secret garden.


Riding just outside the main tourist center, I never would have spotted the cafe's modest entrance obscured by overflowing plants if I was alone. A retro blue sign reading "Coffee & Tea" was the only hint something intriguing lay beyond the foliage. Brushing leaves aside, I stepped through the rustic teal door into the cozy courtyard within.


I was immediately charmed by the cafe's abundant plants, antique furnishings, and quirky decor.


Vibrant potted flowers adorned, weathered wooden tables illuminated by natural lighting.


A bookshelf offered free books and games left behind by previous patrons (*I think). The outdoor seating areas had an artsy, carefree vibe.


My friend and I picked a table beside the open-air counter where the staff prepared coffees using phin filters that dripped into miniature ceramic cups. The aromatic brews came beautifully presented on wooden trays amidst fresh blooms. Sipping the silky Vietnamese coffee, we got lost chatting for hours about life, philosophy, and solving the world's problems.


While a bit snug for working, this was an ideal spot for long catch-up conversations. By the time we reluctantly left, I felt creatively inspired. I capped off the trip driving through Hoi An's lush rice paddies , snapping photos of the spectacular layered fields and EPIC sky.



Have you discovered any hidden gem cafes to recommend? Share below! Places like this demonstrate the rewards of venturing off the main tourist trail.

Here's to many more serendipitous discoveries of low-key cafes where charm and community thrive.


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