Capturing the Photography Pursuits of Beachgoers in Da Nang

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Capturing the Photography Pursuits of Beachgoers in Da Nang

The perfect Day

Hey Friends,

Today brought sunny blue skies and chilled breezes, perfect beach weather in Da Nang, Vietnam. Heading out to enjoy the waves and working on my tan (*I am a pasty white guy), I noticed the shore dotted with photo-snapping tourists and locals. Inspiration struck - rather than landscapes, I would focus my own lens on the photographers themselves. These images aim to provide a meta perspective on the pursuit of capturing tropical vistas.


Arriving at the beach, the first thing that caught my eye was people in poses. Wherever I looked, enthusiastic photographers were angling for their ideal shots. Some framed themselves in yoga-like balance poses to get both toes in the frame with the sea.


Others stood stoically gazing out into the horizon. Families orchestrated complex multi-generational arrangements, navigating around selfie sticks and wandering toddlers.


The photographers took their work seriously, adjusting positions incrementally and reviewing endless outtakes that likely look near identical to an onlooker like myself. But the quest for digital perfection was admirable. Watching their creative determination through the viewfinder made me smile.


I too felt the frustration of battling harsh sunlight and attempting to artfully capture the brilliant shades of aquamarine seawater. The life of a travel photographer is more perilous than it appears on Instagram! My images highlighting their plight are a tribute.

As I snapped away, I imagined how photographers might feel suddenly finding themselves on the other end of a lens without warning. But that's the irony of public spaces - you, too, may inadvertently become a subject someday. All I can do is hope to portray them favorably, as I frame them in this behind-the-scenes role.


Have you ever spontaneously photographed people you witnessed taking photos? I welcome your shots in the comments! As we all strive to capture beauty in pixels, it helps to step back and appreciate the desire for preserving memories and art we collectively share. Here's to more meta-moments finding the poetry in one another's pursuits.



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