Introducing "Blaster" the Gamer that will attempt breaking the Guinness Record in World of Warcraft for Hive | Interview

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Hello Hivers and gamers everywhere

As we informed you in our previous posts, our first project in the Hive-Voice community is already ongoing. On the 30th of October, we will try to break a Guinness world record in the most popular MMORPG in the World. The Game is WOW (World of Warcraft).

Hive will be our main objective to promote, and its logo and links will be everywhere.
At the day of the record we will have an individual explaining how Hive works and how to create an account and log in and generally explaining all the benefits of our community!

In this post, we will introduce you to the player that will participate in the record.
Let us remind you that the record is about the Largest Gaming Marathon in WoW and the current record is 32 hours.

For more information About the record check our previous posts:




Today we introduce "Blaster", the player that will try to break the Guinness World Record for the Largest WOW marathon.
Michalis Iliopoulos AKA Blaster is a 31 years old Gamer from Messinia Greece.
He is popular in the Greek Gaming community.


He has a big gaming experience in several Games :
League of Legends,Overwatch,DOTA,CS,COD,PUBG,Paladins are some of his favorites.
Blaster is also a huge fan of the Cosplay Community and anime.


He is into World of Warcraft since 2007 and he played both Horde and Alliance.
His big Love is The Horde though, and some times he gets psyched about the horde honor code, etc.


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His Hive profile (just created) is @blastermike
His Introduction post is coming soon!

Give him a warm welcome in our community
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Blaster announced that his largest "off the record" marathon is 64 hours of gameplay and he promises that he will try to CRUSH the current record for the sake of the Greek Gaming Community! We did an interview with the Greek Player


HV: What is your favorite Alliance Character
Blaster : Graymane & Varian

HV: What is your favorite Horde Character
Blaster: Durotan

HV: What is your favorite version of World of Warcraft
Blaster: Wrath of the Lich King

HV: What character will you play while trying for the World Record
Blaster: Demon Hunter

HV: From the scale of 1-10 how much of a PVE player are you
Blaster: 8

HV: From the scale of 1-10 how much of a PVE player are you
Blaster: 6 I feel kinda rusty at this point



The timetable regarding the tryouts and the Live event

  • Sunday 27/9 - First Try
    Time : 12:00 GMT+2
    Duration:24 hours
    Location:InSpot Kalamata/Greece

  • Friday 16/10 - Second Try
    Time : 12:00 GMT+2
    Duration:30 hours
    Location:InSpot Kalamata/Greece

  • Friday 30/10 - Record Attempt
    Time : 12:00 GMT+2
    Duration:34+ hours
    Location:InSpot Patras/Greece

All Trials will be broadcasted in our Twitch channel

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