Way to Hustle #1 | Some of this weeks best HiveHustlers content

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Authored by @thatsweeneyguy


Welcome to the first edition of our new weekly curation series showcasing quality content for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs!

Hey everyone! @thatsweeneyguy here. I've recently joined the @hivehustlers team as a manual curator for the growing community and I'm honored to be the one who gets to bring you a weekly dose of entrepreneurial hustles, motivation, opportunity, and updates. I've got some amazing posts to tell you about in the pilot of this series, and it's great to start showcasing some of the work our community members are putting in to make their dreams come true!

Without further ado, let's dive into this!


2020 has been really crazy to say the least...

What's an entrepreneur to do with the current state of the world? With the Covid-19 pandemic causing millions of people to lose their jobs, and a global economy teetering on the brink of collapse, how can we ensure that we don't get burnt in a world seemingly on fire?

@michaelruiz writes that times like this actually offer numerous opportunities for those bold enough to reach out and take advantage of them, and that's absolutely right!

"There’s a old saying that the best time to make millions is during a recession, and I intend to highlight them to anyone that is willing to listen and take action in order to bring themselves into a better place than before." - michaelruiz


You'll need to be a problem solver to succeed!

All too often we can get an idea about our business that may not connect with what our customer base wants or needs. Business is all about providing a solution to a problem, but it's key that the problem you're solving is one that your potential customers actually have.

@jangle explains that
"You can have all the thought out designs, blueprints, concepts, and graphs you want. You can have the most expensive beautiful, professionally designed website on the inter-webs. Guess what?…..
….it all means NOTHING if your business is not meeting the needs of its customers. They simply will have no reason to stick around."


A good hustle and hard work can overcome any economy!

@knowhow92 is from Greece, which has seen an overwhelming amount of economic turmoil. Situations like this put a lot of stress on the everyday worker and might leave some feeling hopeless and without options. It's exactly that sort of pressure, though, that can trigger the right sort of people to think outside the box, and create opportunity where others see none.

"As soon as I understood Hive's full potential, I quit my job, started hustling with my content and building my own "business" on-chain."

SkateHive is THE Hive community for everything skateboarding, and they're already creating opportunities for skateboarders to get new gear by hustling their skate clips, photos, blogs and more!

This is something I can personally get behind, as I've spent nearly two and a half decades pushing the wood myself! I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this community, and if you're a skater or just enjoy watching others skate, I encourage you to do the same!


Not sure how to start your hustle? Unsure what you'd do?

Entrepreneurship is a balance of so many things. You have to provide a solution to a problem, but in order to keep up the motivation to succeed, you'll probably want to choose a problem you're interested in solving.

@hivelist gave some amazing advice about how to start your search for the perfect side hustle!

"Ideally, what you want to do is to choose a side hustle that you’re passionate about (preferably a hobby), is relatively easy for you to do, and is something you’re deeply interested in."

Motivation and interest are very important tools in the entrepreneur's repertoire. If you choose a side hustle simply because you think you could make money doing it, but you're not really interested in the subject matter or the work, it's very likely you'll get bored, and your motivation to keep going will slide. A wise man I once knew used to tell people 'Find something you love to do, and you'll never have to work a day in your life!'


Entrepreneurship doesn't always mean running a "formal" business.

@tukes-mtn-ent ("Bill") knows how to hustle up some money! He's been selling classic sports cards on E-Bay and raking it in!

"I had these both since I took them out of the pack nearly 50 years ago as a kid."

Some might be surprised just how important taking care of something over time can be. Bill has had these cards his whole life, and they're still in great condition! Even if they just sat in storage, this just goes to show the care he put into making sure they were safe for fifty years!!

That's the same level of care you're going to need to put into your hustle if you want to succeed. Dedication and persistence will take you far all on its own no matter what you do!

By the way, if you've never seen a 50-year-old Wilt Chamberlain basketball card, @tukes-mnt-ent has immortalized it on the blockchain!


There is so much more great entrepreneurial content over at HiveHustlers!!

We would like to take just a second to remind everyone that posting to the #hivehustlers tag and especially the Community page should be reserved for content related to business, entrepreneurship, incubation, startups, etc. We're making connections with much larger curation groups in an effort to reward those who deserve it, and we would like people interested in our niche to be able to readily find the content they're looking for.


Come join the hustle!

Our community is growing by the day, and we invite you to join us as well! If you're an entrepreneur yourself, our community is all about mutual leverage of knowledge to help everyone propel their businesses to succeed in an ever-changing world. If you're just a fan of the ecosystem and want to watch and support new HIVE projects as they spring to life before your eyes, this will be the place to be! Join our discord and come chat with us!


Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this post, share it to spread awareness of our humble community, and the amazing people who make it all possible!

Well-written and excellently formatted post, @thatsweeneyguy - there's some really gold content in this post.

I am so excited about these new weekly curation posts - it's something we should've been doing a while ago, I just personally have a really hard time curating myself, so it never happened - until now.

Congratulations to everyone that was curated here - we'll be dropping 100% votes on you as a little incentive!

Another gem of a post! A great mix of knowledge from different Hive Hustlers.

This a great start. Congrats! Proud Hustler here.

This article gave me inspiration and courage to start my well waiting project on HIVE as well. I didn't do it so far due to the initial investment...do you know how I could get any delegation or support for my project?

I can write also a white paper for it, but I don't know how to get the word to the right people to start with the right foot.

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 4 years ago  

Join the community, get in our Discord, and start engaging with people. You'll find people are willing to give advice and help you out :)

Engagement and reaching out is the best way to get started with something.

I am always here to listen to things I can help with. =)

YOO, thanks for mentioning my article! I think is a great way to help support the community and to help promote great content 💪.

I really appreciate the shout out! Thanks so much. It's exciting to be part of such an engaged, active community. There seems to be many of those here on Hive! I love it.

Thank you for the mention and the rewards!

I keep looking for things I enjoy doing that will make me a little money. Such a different approach from most of my life where I got into the mindset that money was the top priority and soul crushing jobs were the only means to that end. 😀

Time to bring all the hustlers out of hiding, small business, big business, all business

Dear @hivehustlers, are we expecting a nitrous site for Hustler tokens soon? I wish to start investing in HUSTLER for curation purposes. How do I track the amount I can give per upvote of a certain stake of HUSTLER token?

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If we have the investment/interest in building a condenser, we will - we asked for feedback in a post about a month ago and didn't receive much interest. Doesn't make a lot of sense to build our own frontend when mostly everyone already uses LEO and may not switch.

We think our resources are better used towards developing more innovating utilities / etc for the community - however, if enough demand arises, we will build a front-end.

That being said, is there any need to "stake" HUSTLER? What are the ready usecases for a stake of the token? Please drop a link to an article to learn how to use the HUSTLER tokens. Forgive my questionning.

 4 years ago  

$HUSTLER comes staked automatically - you can unstake it in order to spend it/etc.

We are releasing a staking bot in the next month or so that will reward those that keep their $HUSTLER staked, as well.

Thanks for shout out Hustlers! Gonna take a look at each post tomorrow so I can learn a couple of things more ;)

Awesome, great to see this. I was not aware of hivehustler

Come join us! We'd love to have you become a member :)

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A good hustle and hard work can overcome any economy.

Love it