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Music doesn't stop (fortunately), and every day there are very good creations, others not so good, but what is true is that there is something for everyone. In this case I bring a song that was released last September 25, by an artist from Jamaica whose stage name is Shane E, but his first name is Theophilus Edwards.

I'm really more of a reggae listener than a dance hall listener, or other styles of music, but I don't dislike them at all. In this opportunity I share a song that I am sure many people will be able to identify with... Why, because all of us at some point in our lives have lost a loved one.



Going through grief is something that is part of human nature, we are not only flesh, we also have an emotional component that determines our behavior, the ways to express this emotion or shock to lose someone can vary depending on culture, age, race, gender, education, experiences, in short, are inexhaustible ways in which we can express our grief.

In the case of music, it can serve as a reflection of what you feel, not only from the lyrics but from the music as such, which can transmit a particular feeling depending on the tones you use. Along with this we have that in a music video the images, the spaces used to set it up can give a greater impact on the listener.

There are styles that are not for everyone, there are those who surely do not agree with some manifestations at the time of living and expressing the pain of a loss, however, in my opinion, everything is valid, negative emotions can take hold of people in those specific moments, and not even the same person can know how they will react.

We all have The Desire to be able to see that person we have lost once again, even if it is only.

Here is the video of the song One Wish by Sahne E:

Shane E - One Wish (Official Video)

I also share with you some links to follow and make contact with this Jamaican artist:

youtube Channel

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Email: [email protected]
Serious enquiries only: +1 (876) 381-5042/668-6840

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Never heard of this artiste. Good tune for the theme of missing a lost friend or relative. I like how you always find the the songs from the less know artistes and showcase them. I need to start doing more of that. Nice find bro 👍

Hi @dmilliz, you never heard of this artist because he's actually quite new. There is little information about him on the internet, and he doesn't have many songs either, but he is making his way.
Thanks for the support.