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Greetings fellow Hivers. Life has been a bit hectic lately, but I wanted to sit down and provide an update concerning the crisis in Suriname, our immigration status, and more.

Already extremely inflated food prices have gone through the roof lately, plus the quality and diversity of produce is at an all-time low for us. Access to funds is also harder than ever, and the years of living like this is starting to wear on me, and I fear it is taking years off my lifespan.

We're boycotting as much as we can, supplementing our diet with as much foraging as possible while trying to avoid confrontations with local homeowners occasionally disapprove. It seems though we'll soon have an interview date for the US Embassy in Guyana, as I've secured an economic sponsor for my family's immigration.

The date could be two weeks from now or a year and a half, it's really hard to say, but at least it will provide us with a future destination/goal, something we haven't been able to ask for in far too long.

Thanks for letting me vent on you my fellow Hivers. I wouldn't dare speak my mind so freely with my family and friends on Zuckerbook as I do with you all.

Monkey B



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oh man, that sounds absolutely horrible. I feel so sorry for you guys. Actually hating myself now for complaining about my situation. But you guys will make it. Stay Strong 💪

Very generous of you my man. Not necessary but much apprecialoved. Even we give thanks because we know there are millions around the world in much worse situations than ourselves. It is bizarre though that in the last two years our Hive friends know more about our lives than anyone from our personal lives, and that's counting family too.

Hive has been a great therapy for us, and at times we feel the four of us are trapped on an isolated planet. Sharing our feelings and struggles with Hivers reminds us we are not alone. Bless up from Suriname!!

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When this nonsense ends, you and your family will be the strongest and toughest of all! Your girls will know how to fight back life when others are just all given. Please hanging there and don’t loose the hope. Things might be very close to the light!!!!

The end is nearly in sight, and when I land in the USA, I think I will need one week of hot showers, fresh veggies, and soft cozy furniture before I'm ready to deal with other human beings. Thanks for the positive vibes my friend.

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Oh that’s wonderful news!!!! Yes you guys deserve all of that and so so so much more!!!! Im so happy for you and your family! Once everything is confirmed good news I will be jumping up and down to cheer for you guys!!

My heart hurts. I send warm wishes. I know there is an end in sight.

Well, it's not as bad as it sounds, or well, it is but we've adapted after living like this for so long. It does suck, and I am surprised to feel for the first time ever after living abroad all these years, I'd rather be day-laboring in Indiana for minimum wage. We have a huge struggle ahead of us in the USA too, but I think we've both given up on our 40s, which will be spent overworking our bodies making up for the lack of funds we've saved.

I have a vision of us chilling on our land in Cambodia in our 50s, relaxing in hammocks and living a modest slightly early retirement on our crypto savings. I hope this manifests.

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I hope it manifests as well and much sooner than you expect.

What craziness! Sounds like you're in a zombie apocalypse - where the zombies are seemingly just living their 'lives' and not struggling much - while you guys can't find any food in whatever place you visit.

Rough times. On the flip side: whenever things are moving upwards again and you will get that abundance of food that you deserve, the contrast is gonna be huge.

Much love,


It is funny, we watch the locals come inside the shop, then they look at the veg and fruit prices, make a lot oohs and aahs, then buy eggs and meat. I guess the meat-eaters are doing better than us in these times, as they can just forego vegetables until the this food crisis is lessened. Soon the irony will be staggering, we'll be in the land oversized furniture and BIGGIE drinks.

Bless up knappe man!!

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Oh man, hearing that really shook me up. I just realized how good I actually have it. I wish you and your family, actually all of us, that times will get better soon and you can continue to live your dream. Stay strong.

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Well, it's all relative I guess, definitely many more folks worse off and better off than us, but it's certainly harder riding this crisis here because it's unfamiliar territory for both of us, and the country is so small that you need a tight-knit social network to survive.

Problem is the country is not really into social living like Southeast Asia, and combined with the pandemic, economic and food crisis, making new friends is not anyone's priority. We just feel shut out of society and any potential opportunities here, things astronomically expensive for our Cambodian savings that we came here with. Give thanks for the encouraging words.

Anyhow, change is coming soon, we can almost taste it now...

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Things can only get better. The whole world is caught in a depression right now. I really hope it all calms down soon and normality returns.
Here in our country, food prices have also risen, but not as much as in Suriname. Nevertheless, it has become difficult for many people to eat healthy. Fortunately, I have a garden where I can grow vegetables.

Hope y'all get to the states man let me know when y'all do

Will do, hopefully something's gonna happen within 4 months. Bless up and stay tuned....

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Brother, We've been exactly where you are right now, and all I can say is to hold on and stray strong ❤️. People don't understand that this "food crisis" will be everywhere soon, we are at war. You're smart, and making sensible decisions...

Sending all my love! Good luck for your interview in Guyana...Stay patient, and be mindful of staying positive, which is fucking difficult when not eating properly.

It's ironic that I grew up on a farm and yet I find myself stranded in an urban wasteland without land to cultivate during this time. Honestly though, with the nonstop flooding and soil made of nearly pure sand, we're quite happy to forage water-loving plants that we used to eat in Cambodia.

I think this problem can easily happen anywhere, it's just that Suriname is a tiny country with a tiny population, so things to happen and escalate faster here. What happened in Venezuela during the last 20 years could easily repeat itself here in the course of just three years, and it seems we are on that trajectory.

Even if Guyana is the same struggle, at least it'll be a new place we can see with fresh eyes. Besides, everyone says the Indian food is way better and more authentic here, so that carries a lot of sway. Definitely gonna send some vitamins and supplements on the next air freight package to make up for our lack of dietary diversity.

Bless up from Suriname my friend!

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we're quite happy to forage water-loving plants that we used to eat in Cambodia.

Finding anything to forage? I checked on a map where Suriname was because quite frankly, I had no idea!

Please keep us updated! take care bro

We forage a lot of morning glory and waterlilies after running into trouble collecting coconuts and mangos. People are protective of their trees here. Even if they let all the fruits fall off and rot, they still don't want anybody picking, but it's too humiliating for the locals to take food from the canals, so this is now our prime territory. Bless up my friend.

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Had my heart shattered into zillion pieces by listening to your rant. Good that I hear the kids were having fun at the background. Stick it to the man, we will try to get there, the better part.

Food is so important to us, but I don't need to tell you that because I think you have the same feelings. The local food here is bland and boring, so when we lose the ability to prepare the dishes we love it's a real morale killer. Just uploaded the last immigration documents this morning, so now we await an interview date in Guyana.

Thanks for the support, your humor-laced posts are a nice escape for me by the way.

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