#APART A Picture & A Reggae Tune

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Welcome to the APART initiative. APART stands for “ A picture and a Reggae Tune”.
This is a simple initiative to get more people involved in the Reggaejahm community. If you like photography and want to explore some Reggae tunes, this is a fun and easy way to do it.

How to take part

All you have to do is post an original photo and tell us a little about it and then embed a Reggae song that the picture reminds you of or one that relates to the picture in some way. Here are three examples : The first one is by @trincowski, see how the song relates perfectly to the rain drops on the window? The song literally says “rain drops are falling on my head”. The second one is by @dmilliz, in this post he links the photo of the ducks to a popular Dancehall song called “Duck Dance”. In the third example by @josevas217 he links a palm tree photo to the reality that he isn’t on a beach and is in fact in the midst of a pandemic with a song called “True to Myself” by Ziggy Marley.

See how they linked the picture to the tune? That’s all you have to do.

At first the plan was to turn APART into a contest, but then I thought, I'd rather make it an ongoing tag all could get involved in and also to give more people a chance to post in the Reggaejahm community, especially photographers. Individuals have been using APART on their own will already and enjoying. APART is a really fun and simple type of content because you get to blend Photography with music, and the magic happens when you make the connection and it becomes a meaningful post.

You can take part in #APART anytime.

  • Be sure to use #APART
  • Post your APART content in the Reggaejahm community or on Reggaestem.io.
  • Tell your friends who love photography and Reggae Music about it.
  • Have fun and let's get JAHMIN.


Feel free to use the banner above in your APART posts. Looking Forward to your first #APART. Blessings🙏.



"APART is a simple concept we came up with to use a pic (any pic) and relate it to a Reggae tune. Music is life and our experiences bring out memories & the melodies." - @dmilliz

Subscribers to the Reggaejahm community have been tagged below. Please don't see this as spam but as someone asking for support for an initiative to help build up this little community . Any support would be much appreciated, especially a reblog;). Thanks in advance.


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Great, this initiative allows many to participate, it's a good time to relax with good music, think positively and leave aside, even for a moment, the somewhat complicated reality. This is what this initiative allows us to do.
Congratulations @reggaejahm for taking it up again, hopefully many will join in.

Music is life and our experiences bring out memories & the melodies.

I like this phrase, it's totally true. A song can take you to many spaces and times.

Thanks for the mention.
My support with upvote and reblog.

 4 years ago  

Thanks @josevas217. It is indeed a relaxing type of content, thanks for helping to roll out the initiative with your great APART posts and support. It is much appreciated.

Happy to see initiative like this team.

I’m currently creating HIVE Family list and planing release it on 1st September as a part of Hello Hive.

Please feel free to use the list to bring more attention from our fellow $HIVE owners for APART initiative


 4 years ago (edited) 

Respect Nathan. Appreciate it. But I’d rather not tag a bunch of people in a post like this. With your initiative it makes sense. But you did give me an idea. I’ll tag those already subscribed.

Bro so many things going on, on Hive it’s hard to keep up. September 1st. Cool 👍. I did see that initiative Witt the maps

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I'll see if I can't get @sreypov to participate in this one.

Bless up!