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I think it is safe to say that Bob Marley inspired many of us throughout our lives. singing for freedom and equality, his messages were always powerful. Most of his children continue to spread that awareness through their art and music.

Today I want to focus on Damian Marley, the youngest of his sons, who was born in 1978. I imagine most people have heard of him, I certainly am a huge fan, especially after seeing him perform live over 12 years ago. His energy was on fire and he certainly has a presence that demands your attention, whilst also being humble and extremely grateful.

It is the messages that he spreads within his music that really moves me, that inspires me, he speaks his truth and it resonates a lot, with me!

Damian is so on point with the lyrics that he writes, addressing so many problems within society, whilst also including a message of hope within his creations. Reminding us of our responsibilities, our identity and our power.

I really love this tiny desk concert that I have shared,where he performs 3 songs from his Stony Hill album, in a more intimate and down beat way, but each song with such a powerful message.

Slave Mill - how society continues to have many people in shackles. Tied into the system, working for it and not for themselves. How many are not even aware that they are enslaved! Such a powerful song!

What you won't and what you will
Working for your dollar bill
Sad to see the old slave mill
Is grinding slow, but grinding still

Most of us think we're too good
Just because material gain
If we were living as we should
Then less of us would be in pain
Those who are misunderstood
Still deserve a voice to claim
The things that are still meaningful
To each and all of us the same

So A Child May Follow - Recognizing the troubles that children and young people face, how the system tries so hard to change them, make them conform. This song also continues some amazing pieces of advice/wisdom, to stay true to who you are!

There's nothing wrong with having fun
Don't let the system tame you
It's just a part of being young
And even though they're quick to blame you
Picking on you like a plum
Because your dream became true
Now look what they've become
An open sight in plain view
They've already had a run
So meanwhile they try to change you
It's not over till it's done
So please remain the same you

Speak Life - reminding us to be humble, to be present and to live. To focus on what is important, to take responsibility for our own lives and to be grateful. To embrace how sacred life is. This is one song that I listen to often, to remind me to speak life!

It's a mystery
How we can keep repeating our history
Making the same mistakes as our ancestry
Seem like all of life lessons missed with
It's risky

So give praises
One day you may find your oasis
Rise up to the challenge you're faced with
Be a pool and creative
You'll make it

In a world, where so much popular music is based around sex and money,messages that are more about disempowering us, Damian Marley and those like him who choose to use music as a way to spread their message of self awareness and self empowerment are a breath of fresh air.

This is the music I listen to, the music I want my children to hear playing in their home. I often catch them singing along to his lyrics as I play his songs, to hear them sing about personal awareness and injustice, that in itself is very powerful. Never underestimate the power of music!

There are so many other creations of his, that I could write about, all of which share a powerful message. But this one concert, even though it is short, to me it is a perfect example of how inspiring he is and also how real he is. His music, is about life, real and raw life, that affects us all. It also inspires hope, full of so many powerful statements that really hit home. Full of questions, inviting us to dive deep!

This is exactly what music should do!






It really is wonderful stuff. I am unfamiliar with his music. Thank you for introducing him to me.

Yeah, so happy to be the one to introduce him to you, enjoy xxx

Those were some good lyrics. My good friend's sister just married one of the band mates last year. I hear they are amazing people!

I love his lyrics, I can imagine, they certainly create a great vibe xxxx

You know to be honest I just heard about it. My friend lives in Germany now maybe Africa and no longer speaking. But they are Ethiopian in Las Vegas. Super cool people overall.

I love Damien Marley's stuff and Bobs of course. Ziggy is pretty good too, but Damien Marley's album "Welcome to Jamrock" is class

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Good vibes and powerful message indeed.

I haven't heard this tune before, but I then again I don't listen to much Marley music anymore. This song is a bit in contrast with much of his much, definitely like this more than most of what I've heard. Is this a special acoustic version, or is the album also acoustic? Thanks for sharing with us my friend.

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