List of Recommended Splinterlands Blogging Tools!

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Are you a newbie Splinterlands Blogger? Take a look at this list of Recommended Tools in order to improve your posts!

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Splinterlands Blogging Tools

Creating a good post on Hive isn't just having the willingness to write a lot or the creativity of thinking about a good subject to write: if you have the right tools at hand, you'll be able to create better and more interesting content!

1) All Splinterlands Card Images

If you go to and copy the image of a card, it comes like this: without name, without level, and without stats (attack, health, speed, etc.)!


Well, this isn't very helpful if you're trying to show cards in your post, am I right? What's the name of this card with the weird goblin driving a huge robot? Who knows! It's a mystery!

You can also take a printscreen of your screen and then cut the image of the card, but it's going to take a lot of time, and it's probably going to look not-so-great (unless you're skillful enough to perfectly cut the image).

But there's an easier way: by accessing this link, you can access the image of ANY card of the game:[edition]/[card_name]_lv[level][_gold].png

You have to edit this link and add these 4 Parameters in order to receive the card image:

  • Edition - alpha, beta, promo, reward, untamed, chaos
  • Card Name - The full name of the card (e.g Goblin Mech)
  • Level - Level of the card
  • Gold - If you write "_gold" before the .png, you'll see the golden-foiled version

For example, if I want a Goblin Mech, a card from the Reward Edition, level 2, regular (non-gold foiled) card, I have to enter this URL: Mech_lv2.png


Let's try another example: a Level 4 Gold-Foiled Mylor Crowling, from the Dice edition: Crowling_lv4_gold.png


Nice and easy, isn't it?

2) Automatic Season Report Card

Lots of players like to publish Seasonal Reports, in which they analyze their Season Statistics (wins, losses, DEC income, Rental income, etc.)

@Splinterstats, created by @Kiokizz, is a wonderful (and free!) tool that collects and auto-generates these Reports, allowing you, the content creator, to focus on writing your comments and ideas, without having to manually collect the boring data.

The tool can be accessed through this link:


This is an example of the statistics that the tool generates: which cards you've earned, how many loot chests you've opened, how much DEC you earned, etc.

If you want to read a tutorial on how to use the tool and generate the Report Card, you can read it here.

3) Improving the Design of your Posts

There are dozens of great resources compilations that can help you writing great-looking posts on Hive, including high-quality and royalty-free images to coding tips to improve the overall layout of your articles.

  • Free Splinterlands Graphics: in this post, @Flauwy shares dozens of unique & free Splinterlands-focused graphics that you can use on your posts, including: Logos, Splinter Icons (Fire, Water, etc.), Dividers, Card Stats Icons, Emojis and more. If you're writing about Splinterlands, you have to use these!

  • Ultimate Markdown Tutorial: in this (HUGE!) tutorial, @CarrieAllen teaches how to use Markdown. Markdown is the text formatting syntax used on Hive, allowing you, the writer, to structure your content for the internet (for example, if you write something between two * (asterisks), the text will end up being in italic). Learning how to use Markdown is a necessity if you want to create better-looking posts!

  • Pixlr and Canva: those two tools are newbie-friendly, free-to-use, browser-based image editors, allowing you to create better Thumbnails for your posts, and to easily edit images that you want to use. I use both of them regularly, and I'm definitely not a professional web designer!

  • Splinterlands Assets: this Google Drive Folder has all Splinterlands Assets that were already created, including the transparent PNG of all Monsters and Summoners (perfect for creating great thumbnails!)

4) Loot Chest Value Calculator

If you like to write about Splinterlands through an investment-driven lens (analyzing Returns, Profits and all that jazz), this tool by will be very handy to you!

The "Loot Chest Value Calculator" gives to you the Average Chest Value for each League (Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.) considering the drop percentages and the current value of cards, DEC, potions and packs!

Here's the link to the tool:


The tool also estimates how much a player on each League will earn on Daily and End-of-Season Chest Rewards. Very handy if you're writing about Splinterlands Investments!

5) Remaining Rewards Cards

This is another tool created by @Kiokizz: this one allows you to see which Cards can be won by opening Chests, their current prices, and how many of them can still be printed.



Right now, around 30% of the Rewards Cards have already been printed, so there's still several millions Rewards cards that can still be earned. But this kind of statistics is still very interesting if you're into analyzing and writing about market data and such.

Extra: Using the Correct Tags

I know this isn't exactly a "tool", but I've decided to insert this extra resource in my post due this SUPERB article from @cantfoldaces!

I won't repeat everything that he already said there, so go read his post if you want to actually understand this subject in-depth, including what Hive Tribes are and how Tags work.

The short version is that, if you're writing about Splinterlands, you can safely tag your posts with all these tags: #oneup, #spt, #thgaming, #opg, #pgm, #pimp #pob, #vyb and #neoxian.

The usage of these tags will allow you to receive extra token rewards for your posts, and can also increase the reach of your posts as they'll be shown to more potential readers across more Tribes on the Hive Blockchain!

BE CAREFUL: If you're going to write about anything else but Splinterlands, you WILL NOT be able to use all these tags. If you use them, you WILL be penalized (muted from tribes, etc.) and we definitely don't want this. To understand which tags you can use on posts about anything else (other games, travel, food, etc.), don't be lazy and read @cantfoldaces post: it's worth the time.

New Player Bonus Offer

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I'll send you some cards for free to use on your first weeks in the game to help you progress faster through the Bronze League! Using my Referral link doesn't cost you anything extra and will make both of us stronger 💪!

Thanks for reading this post, and until next time!

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If you want to play fun NFT Games, I do strongly recommend Splinterlands, RisingStar, Rabona and dCrops. Send me a message if you need help starting out!

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