Minthagg NFT Minted - Airdrops!

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Minthagg NFT

Artwork Designed by @japex1226 | Minted on

Minthagg is the embodiment of our mining token $MINTHAGG which you can read about here.

In order to create an instant use-case for our Minthagg NFT on @nftshowroom, we will be offering holders of the NFT a chance to trade the NFT for our Mining Token. All NFTs received will be burnt, increasing the NFT's rarity and giving it an automatic price of 2.5 $HIVE, the cost of our mining tokens on Tribaldex. It will be up to all NFT holders to join our Discord and let us know if you'd like to trade for a $MINTHAGG Miner.

This 'trade opportunity' will only last for 1 month after this post is published.

Minthagg NFT Holders will also be given access to a private channel within our Discord, however you'll need to prove that you own at least 1 NFT via a screengrab or NFT Showroom address. Members of this channel will be automatically whitelisted for future mints and gaming opportunities.

We are in talks with a number of games to give Minthagg NFT's a gaming use-case, which will be announced in due time.

Airdrop Details

How we calculated the Minthagg NFT Airdrops:
Presale (2022) every 10 purchased = 1 Minthagg NFT
October (2022) 10+ $MINTHAGG Staked = 1 Minthagg NFT

The accounts below will also receive @psyberx NFT's, as per this post, but we'll need your MetaMask wallet addresses in order to complete the handovers. Please join the THGaming Discord and ask for access into the Minthagg NFT Holder Private channel, or you can simply respond to this post (in the comments).

Be sure to tag @entrepidus in the comment (which MUST include your Metamask wallet address).

@dynaxius Minthagg NFT's - 10 + 1
@hhguild Minthagg NFT's - 10 + 1
@leosoph Minthagg NFT's - 10 + 1
@tunnelmotions Minthagg NFT's - 10 + 1
@british-bulldog Minthagg NFT's - 10 + 1
@enginewitty Minthagg NFT's - 10 + 1
@tokenpimp Minthagg NFT's - 10 + 1
@cryptounicorn420 Minthagg NFT's - 7 + 1
@lolztoken Minthagg NFT's - 5 + 1
@entrepidus Minthagg NFT's - 5 + 1
@beffeater Minthagg NFT's - 5 + 1
@dynamicrypto Minthagg NFT's - 5 + 1
@dadspardan Minthagg NFT's - 5 + 1
@rhiaji Minthagg NFT's - 5 + 1
@titoraffles Minthagg NFT's - 5 + 1
@lofone Minthagg NFT's - 3 + 1
@jim-crypto Minthagg NFT's - 2 + 1
@bobthebuilder2 Minthagg NFT's - 2 + 1
@mickvir Minthagg NFT's - 2 + 1
@chireerocks Minthagg NFT's - 1 + 1
@spiritsurge Minthagg NFT's - 1 + 1
@atbui89 Minthagg NFT's - 1 + 1
@japex1226 Minthagg NFT's - 1 + 1
@jeffqt Minthagg NFT's - 1 + 1
@imno Minthagg NFT's - 1 + 1
@shiftrox Minthagg NFT's - 1 + 1
@cryptoniusrex Minthagg NFT's - 1 + 1
@dbooster Minthagg NFT's - 1 + 1
@oneup-cartel Minthagg NFT's - 1
@solymi Minthagg NFT's - 1
@plicc8 Minthagg NFT's - 1
@arkasz Minthagg NFT's - 1
@rachaeldwatson Minthagg NFT's - 1
@definethedollar Minthagg NFT's - 1
@myothuzar Minthagg NFT's - 1
@cantfoldaces Minthagg NFT's - 1
@valdiva Minthagg NFT's - 1
@hatke Minthagg NFT's - 1

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One of the main missions of @THGaming Guild is to create use cases for $THGAMING within gaming ecosystems. Right now, we have use cases within @splinterlands, @cryptoshots.nft, @kingofduels and soon @muterra. We are also in talks with @cryptocompany about expanding into their game when their beta is officially released.

As the Guild economy expands, so too will the level of decentralization, as $THGAMING already distributes itself through a Curation Rewards Contract on Hive, and through our newly released $MINTHAGG Mining Tokens.

For more information about $THGAMING tokenization, please read our Whitepaper.


Wrap Up

As always, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, do not spend any money / crypto you can't afford to lose! The global crypto market is undergoing what could be a long term bear cycle (more sellers than buyers) and everyone should be preparing for a long haul.

During the current bear market, Threshold Guardian Gaming will continue to innovate and collaborate, rigorously developing our token, guild and economy.

If you would like to join THGaming and explore the #metaverse with us, our Social Media links are below.

Trade safely, Game hard!


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I would like to trade my nft for a miner please. @rachaeldwatson thanks🤗

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Hi everyone, great news and updates, the project is going full steam ahead!

The address of my metamask => 0x41f14C6c0f2761Dffa15C466199dB0cCe359931b

Tagging @entrepidus

Good one, you are developing nicely!