Adventure? Alpaca My Bags!



All Packed For Las Vegas

I have about 99% of my belongs packed for Las Vegas. Work tools, clothing, clothing, clothing, vitamins and more. My flight is scheduled to leave Eugene around noon tomorrow.


Using My Phone For Hive Blogging

It has been a while since using my phone to post on to The Hive Blockchain, maybe one and a half years. Tonight, I channel my inner @dandays and make a post from my phone. It is not the easiest but perhaps will encourage me to post more now that I will be away from my computer.


I Got A Signed Hive Fest HiQs Magazine from @quekery, @mary-me and @smooms!

Thank you!

I am not sure which is cooler, this signed Hivefest mag or these Splinterlands laser wood carved cards...


Sexy and Sleek @roelandp




Life Is A Trip!


After making bold and absolute statements about not going back to Las Vegas after moving away, I am going to be there in less than 24 hours for work🤔🧐🤣. I can be such a whore sometimes.



New Banner From @empath

Pretty Cool Huh?


where is your hive hoody 😄, you should promote hive.

Oh it is packed my friend but the logo is nearly gone! But I do have the beanie still.

ohoo that is not good you should paint the logo sir 😅

I never tried using my phone to blog coz it is easier for me when I use my computer.

Ahhh~ those Splinterlands cards are freaking sick! 🔥

Safe flight!

Thanks JiJi!

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😻 A Print HiQ in the wild! Sooo cool! I am glad that it has found its way from Europe to the USA 😄

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This one came opened and not in the best shape but I did have to sign for it. The other one came with mint packaging, so I will leave that unopened and frame this other signed one!


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Why the hell's the shop stew got a 909 phone⁉️ I can hardly finish this comment without knowing the answer to that. Luckett already sounds suspect. Vegas.. Steward.. Riverside phone?? WTF!

Have a safe trip man. The shit we do for money, right? Stay safe and all that.

PS—If not for this phone, this comment isn't.

You have a very keen eye sir. There are a few Damiens from So Cal in my Union, I barely know this one BUT yeah they are all a lil sus but way chill... who isnt when my union hires from the local county jail or hires people from Riverside to manage contracts... JK I love the stories from the So Cal peeps esp the ones about baby snoop and Don "Magic" Juan. Funny enough I love working with so cal gangsters but not living next to LA normies.

New Year Fireworks GIF