Floating The Jacks Fork River In May

in TravelFeed5 months ago (edited)

We just recently splurged and got ourselves a brand spankin' new GoPro Hero9. This was our first opportunity to really test it out!



Check out the video I put together of 3 clips from the last half of our float trip last month.

The 'Hyper Smooth' on this thing is pretty amazing!

(24 minutes)

Thanks for checkin' it out!


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Hey Jason! I was checking out your blog and you have some seriosuly stunning portrait shots. I am really enjoying the contrast in these images between the water and the trees vs the dry land.

I am wondering what do you think about Go Pro Hero 9? Was it a worth it investment for you?

Well thanks so much! I'm really liking the new gopro! It's a major upgrade from the 3+ we had before! It's hypersmooth feature is pretty amazing!

Glad to hear that you are liking it! Solid investment.
I have always wanted to get one. I will start looking into them this weekend. Thanks for the review