Finally arrived at the perfect place for work, play and progress on a marvellous beach in Southern Albania | Diary


Finally I feel like I arrived somewhere! These past weeks of traveling have been quite the hurdle - not as much as last year but still: Uncertainties and many dissonances along the way. We found amazing places in Albania traveling the coast but I never really felt like I arrived somewhere. Meeting interesting travelers but none of them really came into full resonance with me so far - until yesterday!

We arrived in a beautiful location down Southern Albania near the place where a Rainbow Gathering will be held for the next two weeks or so still. And ever since my lady and I arrived in this little cove we met amazing people, have a beautiful beach right in front of our van doors and everything is just right. The picture above is hopelessly twisted so you cann see the laptop and the beach just outside the van doors ;)

I feel I'm really not picky, but traveling in a van does bring with it certain requirements for a place to feel welcoming and to qualify for a stay longer than one or two days:

"unbusy" environment without much noise, construction work and passing cars - Check!

sunshine onto the solar roof for power needs of the laptop + cooling winds that keep the car from turning into an oven - Check!

peeing options available (nature places away but near the parking spot) - Check!

INTERNET SIGNAL from a nearby cell tower - Check!

beach with crystal clear waters and lots of open space to not feel crammed in with other van crews - optional but still - Check!

I couldn't ask for more.

Bringing all these things in line can be challenging but we finally found that place and my soul is rejoycing! I feel like I want to sleep these past weeks off and then get back into full work mode. Sure I want to visit the rainbow gathering, amazng people pass by our camping spot every day on the way to the gathering, people I really only know from rainbows and psy festivals. I miss the music, the main floor and the festivals, but these people are just as kind and heartwarming.

And so, I feel this is the perfect spot to go catch up on some much needed Hive care, getting back into the crypto charts, preparing the next projects and most of all: MAKE SOME MUSIC ON THE LAPTOP! It's been ages and I really long for some days of uninterrupted free-flowing devotion to making a new track I enjoy. I have everything with me and the scenery couldn't be more inspiring.

Then take a few days off again and go meet the rainbows at the gathering before we head back North to Tirana to meet some psy crews and prepare for the psy party that will happen here mid october.

All in all: I feel really grateful! Thank you universe for allowing me this breather and for giving us this place that already feels like a breath of fresh air with a cozy quality of peace and spiritual resonance.

It's just priceless when the sometimes tedious travel van-life turns turns into a beautiful culmination of all the right factors. It's a lifestyle really worth the downs that come up along the way! <3


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Thanks for stopping by <3


Hola. Cómo describes el lugar es muy interesante, me dan ganas de conocer esa gente y la tranquilidad del sitio, seria feliz en un lugar como ese para leer un par de libros. Gracias por compartir tus experiencias. Un abrazo desde Colombia.

Hi there. How you describe the place is very interesting, it makes me want to meet those people and the tranquility of the place, I would be happy in a place like that to read a couple of books. Thank you for sharing your experiences. A hug from Colombia.

It sounds like you're having an amazing time in a beautiful place and your right, it does sound inspiring. The only thing that could make it better would be some psychedelics to make those colors pop and get the creative juices flowing lol.

well thanks for the reminder brother, it would actually be a possibility, feeling for the right timing.
for now the sun is somewhat absent for power needs but i feel it will come back the next days and I am stoked I can get to creatin.

Hope you're well man, blessings to ya!

Timing is as important as set and setting I think. I've recently began tripping tripping regularly again. Most have been beautiful. In one I accidently consumed significantly more mushrooms than I had thought (it had to be somewhere in the order of 8 grams), had an out of body experience, and experienced complete ego death. That was fun though. Last night on the other hand, turned weirdly dark and I think bad timing contributed to it, although the weird all music youtube chose to auto-play for me after it went off the rails may have played a roll too lol.

dude you are so hardcore ahahaha. i never let youtube autoplay on those occassions because i am just too weak and fragile. lol.
i would always vote for the conscious music series i featured. there is so much good deep music out there that - even if it makes you walk through a thorny valley - will always land you back safely with a smile in the end.
trips are too important to leave their direction to the gang and their pr department <3

Now I'm thinking to create a playlist of all of them, but the above link contains all the previous ones.

hope you're doing well man! blessings to ya

I am doing well. i got a little promotion at work so I have a set schedule, guaranteed hours (that allows me to have a life) and now I can say no to overtime so I can't complain there. Some relationship drama but that happens to the best of us. I've actually written about that and the notable trips over the last couple of months.

I've had the auto play go both ways. The night of the accidental big trip, after I was out of body unaware of who I was, visiting some kind of entity or god or alien (it felt pretty real to me), I awoke with some band called Heilung playing. I had never heard of them before and I don't know why youtube decided to play their live show but I found it dark and strange but enjoyable and kind of fun to trip to. The other night, it came up with this:

I find it strangely beautiful but it was profoundly sad at the same time and that is where the trip turned. Oddly, I couldn't stop listening to them. It was disturbingly entrancing. That being said, the poly-tonal singing that they do did make the visuals dance in an odd way I have never experienced before. However that could be the additives I've been experimenting with in my mushroom tea too(cocoa powder, green tea, and cbd oil).

I'll have to check out that music and I'd like to hear that playlist.

I hope you're well as well.

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