CCC's Street Art Contest #169 | 🎁 : 100% Liquid Payout and Ecency points as Prize Pool & Winners of #168

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Happy hello everyone and welcome!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ With 15 participants here are the winners of edition 168. And thank you very much for joining everyone, and welcome to the next edition! And thanks to @melinda010100 and @ervin-lemark for contributing with @ecency points, atm 600 in reward pool. And thank you to our supporters @trincowski, @heroldius, @tobetada, @arcange, and everyone else ofc! Thank you all for making it so fun!πŸ˜ƒ And as always, to involve the community, we would like to invite participants to guest judge in periods, leave a comment if you want to judge or know some who would. So, lets do it again! So calling for all previous participants and winners to join! @psyshock, @hadrianwild, @jordy0827, @jane1289, @cetb2008, @hjrrodriguez, @dawnoner, @vickoly, @joetunex, @haastrecht, @melyxaluna, @socbes1, @iscrak, @alex2alex, @sam9999, @lanoican, @fonestreet, @mellanna, @zhanavic69, @jishan5, @stdd, @pearlie123, @xrayman, @teukuadam, @jcchelme, @luchyl, @fokusnow, @jadeaca, @hoosie, @yorgar, @doriangel, @irvet, @jacoalberts, @missagora, @redvertigo, @ganya.grak, @moretea, @ygoob, @eddwood, @umirais, @tatdt, @pravesh0, @lileisabel, @iqbalnindol, @baluvana-galia, @shohana1, @duvinca, @macoolette, @castri-ja, @deska89, @valentinaboroday, @borderline.babe, @nara61, @deliberate, @driptorchpress, @wanderingmoon, @raj808, @chacald.dcymt, @dayadam, @jlufer, @misslasvegas, @isabelpena, @ismaelgranados, @leeart, @irisworld, @oscarps, @nastena9, @katerinaramm, @dontcare89, @kattycrochet, @pumarte, @tengolotodo, @leaky20, @harveyword, @awalinayva, @petrolinivideo, @jorgemarinnieto, @victa1, @lifeskills-tv, @lukasbachofner, @silvia1973, @street-ar, @akida, @chocolatescorpi, @melinda010100, @bytzz, @adalger, @akukamaruzzaman, @lightcaptured, @tropicarlos, @feiderman, @strawberrry, @toffygraphy, @unuma, @ifarmgirl, @yhuddee111, @blind-spot, @zirochka, @littlebee4, @wazza84, @photohaus, @ipul27,, @parissousa, @marc-allaria, @ormembar, @coquicoin, @alt3r, @septymahija, @miriannalis, @nesmeliy, @eto-ka, @gems.and.cookies, @agreste, @suezoe, @latinocaracas, @ellenripley, @carolinacardoza, @leifasaur, @tommyl33, @marshmellowman, @olesia, @karbea, @brittandjosie, @may2015, @belkisa758, @trippymane, @karma-panorama, @crisalayon, @tinman88, @street-art, @failingforwards, @chaodietas, @adinapoli, @friendlymoose, @sharker, @qwerrie, @scubahead, @carlagonz, @victorbz, @ervin-lemark, @dandays, @nenio, @femcy-willy, @numasi, @pegarissimo, @happyfrog420-new, @kingaddz, @maestroali, @escriptora, @tali72, @oleg1119, @diosarich168, @grindle, @neshk, @hivesuperman, @karinxxl, @itsfall173, @tjoe123, @lalakhes, @betterthanhome, @defolumal, @justinparke, @cryptosimplify, @kaptnkalle, @myfreshes, @stortebeker, @jurich60, @phoenixwren, @heroldius, @curart38, @trincowski

Winners of #168









Welcome all Street Art fans for #169

We have seen a lot of great street art post on Hive and want to make a contest for everyone who loves street art. Share some of your coolest, beautiful or powerful finds from any place in the world.


  • Competition open to all.
  • Photo must be your original work and no reuse of previous photos
  • Upvotes and reblogs are appreciated to boost post payout for the winners but not a claim.
  • Only street art-related posts and remember to tell us where you found it.
  • It's not about posting a picture of the largest mural or done by one of the most famous artists. The winners will be judged based on art that has an appeal to us. (visuel, message etc.)
  • Mention the CCC's Street Art Contest in your post title or somewhere in your post.
  • Post your Street art picture and link as a comment in this post to officially enter.
  • Posts cannot be older than this post.
  • Only the first photo in your post will be evaluated for the competition.
  • Only one entry per week.
  • Deadline: 2 hours before this post reaches payout.
  • Your entry will not count if you aren't following the above mentioned rules.

Prizes :

  • 100% of all liquid payout shared among 3 finalists!
  • 1st Prize 50% +100 ecency points | 2nd Prize 30% +50 EP | 3rd Prize 20% +50 EP
  • When payout is above 15HBD -> 1st Prize 40% | 2nd Prize 30% | 3rd Prize 20% | 10% for honorable mentions.

Please do follow if you want to keep up with our next contest. Any upvotes or reblogs are hugely appreciated!

Previous contest, check out :
CCC's Street Art Contest #168 | 🎁 : 100% Liquid Payout and Ecency points as Prize Pool & Winners of #167

😊Have a great day and looking forward to some great street art pieces!😊

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Hi guys here is my entry for this week

Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

Cool! Lovely choice when it come to colors. Thanks a lot for sharing with usπŸ™‚

You are most welcome
Thank you.

Β 3 months agoΒ Β 


Hello everyone!
@digi-me, here is my entry

Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

Lovely image. The cat seems so relaxed.Thanks a lot for sharing with usπŸ™‚

Absolute stunning finds. Had to look twice at the one from @stortebeker to see where the pieces was πŸ˜…
But the frog and cow from @curart38 was my favorite one. A great clean piece entered by @joetunex, great find! Also a thumbs up for the mentions @yorgar, @heroldius (great Escher inspired piece) @dayadam, and last but not least @littlebee4.
So here's my entry for this week, a manga piece done by SenpaiGraffiti

More artwork in the post here. Have a great week you all!

Thank you so much my friend

Ohh I love your find for today. Cheers and good luck...

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!

Thanks buddy
Cool art you have found for this week.

Have a great week too.

Β 3 months agoΒ Β 

Great piece you are presenting this week. Love the purple color... Thanks a lot for sharing with us 😊

@wazza84 Friend michas thank you for your words. Greetings and blessings this weekend!

Thanks, You too have a great week!

Thanx for the mention. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you so much @street-ar πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ˜Š

@street-ar! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @ littlebee4. (5/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want, plus you can win Hive Power (2x 50 HP) and Alive Power (2x 500 AP) delegations (4 weeks), and Ecency Points (4x 50 EP), in our chat every day.

Thank you kindly

Thank you kindly

Thanks man!

@street-ar Thank you very much my friend. Regards!

Congratulations to all! My personal favorites are the first place and the one from @littlebee4

Thank you kindly @iyanpol12 πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ˜Š have a beautiful week!

@digi-me Waooo it's great to be here again! Thank you very much for taking into account my publication and from here I send you all my congratulations, your work is really great!

Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

You are wellcomeπŸ™‚


Here my entry to CCC`s Street Art Contest 169.


Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

Stunning! We are lucky that you passed this mural. Thanks a lot for sharing with us πŸ™‚

Thank you for commenting. Best regards

Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

Have a great week :))

Great artwork πŸ‘Œ



My entry this week: CCC's Street Art Contest #169 ~ StreetArt in PORTLAND ~ MAINE USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Have an awesome new week all πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ˜Š

Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

Beautiful mural. Very appropriate to place at the harbour. The motif really is perfect here. Thanks a lot for sharing with us 😊

Yes, the location is awesome. It so belongs there.
Happy to share, always πŸ˜‰πŸ˜
Have a great Tuesday!

!PIZZA and !DHEDGE for the team. ☘️

Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

Thank you πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Those are some amazing pieces! Street art is my favorite visual art medium for sure!

Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

Thanks for visiting.πŸ‘ Agree, street art is so beautiful.πŸ˜ƒ

Congratulations to all winners and mentions!

Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

Thanks for the comment, indeed grats to all.😊

Thanks for the honorable mention πŸ™ Here my entry for this week :

More about this mural on my post CCC's Street Art Contest #168 Mc Baldassari, Montreal

All the success to all... always fun to discover new murals from all around the World.
Have a great day.

Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

Wonderful portrait! Thanks a lot for sharing with usπŸ™‚

Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

Wow! Impressive wall.Thanks a lot for sharing with us πŸ™‚

thank you

Hello, congratulations to the winners of the previous contest. This is my entry for this week.


Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

Beautiful portrait. Look great. Thanks a lot for sharing with usπŸ™‚

Congratulations to the winners @stortebeker @curart38 @joetunex πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³
Congrats to the other honourable mentions @yorgar @heroldius @dayadam @wazza84 πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³

Thanks a lot for my honourable mention @digi-me 😎 much appreciated!
Happy new week everybody πŸ‘‹πŸ»


Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

You are welcome! Cya in the new week, have a good night :)

Thanks a lot… happy new week πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ˜

Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

Lets do it 😊

On it 😎

Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

Nice to hear ;)

Happy new week Jackie πŸ™‚

Thanks Joe, happy new week to you πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ˜Š

You are welcome Jackie

Enjoy your evening πŸ‘‹πŸ»

Thanks and you too

Night night 😴😴😴😴

@littlebee4 Hello partner, thank you very much for your congratulations, from here I also send you my appreciation for sharing with me this honorable mention. Greetings and blessings!

Thanks a lot @yorgar πŸ˜‰ with pleasure…
Thank you kindly for the good wishes.
Have a lovely week, greetings and blessings πŸ’ƒπŸ»


Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

Thank you. 😊

@iyanpol12 sent you LUV. (3/4)

Made with by crrdlx

Greetings friends! Here is my entry for this week


Β 3 months agoΒ Β 

Very cute! An image that suits the park well. Thanks a lot for sharing with usπŸ™‚

Hello everyone!

Here is my entry for the Street Art Contest #169
This piece was painted by Mr Panik, in Entrecampos, Lisbon - Portugal.

I hope you all guy enjoy it!

bem Hajam πŸ€


Β 3 months agoΒ Β 

Cool! I didn't see the plane before the second time I look at it! Thanks a lot for sharing with us :)

Thank you so much for the win. Congrats to all the winners, and everyone who participated.
Cheers to all!

Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

You are wellcome. It's absolutely impressiveπŸ™‚


Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

Thank you :))

Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

Wow! this is impressive work! Thanks a lot for sharing with us 😊

This is an awesome artwork

That first place by @stortebeker is an absolute cool artwork
Congrats to the winners and mentions.

Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

So true πŸ‘

Wow! But what an impressive job you found @stortebeker, if it is so impressive in photography, I can't even imagine the magnitude of seeing it in person 😳 I think that if I saw something like that while walking on the street, my heart would suddenly race ha ha excellent work 😍 πŸ’š


Β 4 months agoΒ Β 


Hello dear friend @digi-me good morning
How beautiful the works that have been selected, my congratulations to all the featured authors of the week
This is the image and the link of my participation
I take this opportunity to wish you all a splendid day.

Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

Wow! The artist hΓ₯s done a great Jon here.when I checked your post, I found some out you have many really great murals. Thanks a lot for sharing with usπŸ™‚

Congratulations to the winners of the previous round, here is my entry for this week:


Β 3 months agoΒ Β 

Lovely image of books. Thanks a lot for sharing with usπŸ™‚.

Thank you very much!

Β 3 months agoΒ Β 

You are welcome, have a great weekend :))

Β 3 months agoΒ Β 

Cool image! Looks actually great with the choice of colors. Thanks Γ₯ lot for sharing with usπŸ™‚

Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

Congratulations to all!πŸ‘πŸ˜‚


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Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

Thanks :))

You are welcome @digi-me, that's with pleasure! We wish you a happy buzzy week πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ

Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

Im on it. Thank you have a good week :))

That one with the balcony got me, for a split second i didnt see it was graffiti😎

Β 4 months agoΒ Β 

Hehe..I didn't eirher... looks
so real!