Wenford Dries. Bodmin. Cornwall

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Join me in the pointy bit of England as we wander around the Wenford Dries


Clay has been mined on Bodmin Moors since the beginning of the 20th century with the Dries at Wenford opening shortly after. Its function was to dry china clay slurry, pumped by pipeline from the quarry some miles away

The slurry was then poured in to drying baths above long furnaces to dry. For the men working here it was probably very unpleasant, dusty and hot; working on the under-floor furnaces the heat was of such of intensity that despite the heavy wooden clogs they wore they would find their socks burned and their feet blistered.


The dry china clay was then collected, stored and sent out by train to Padstow harbour.


The building was worked right up until 2002 when it finally closed. It has since stood abandoned, now a playground for artists, good, bad and very fucking bad!Unseen by the public, brought to you today. Feel the love.




Some nicely worn stuff outside as I try to find the way into the buildings.


Here we go



Alas, the first two I came across would have been exceptional pieces had it not been for the juvenile actions of others.



I guess the majority of the stuff in here was tagging, but some were better than others.













Cops, not well liked in these parts. The acronym ACAB, has been around for decades, back in the day a blue tattooed dot on each of the four fingers on a hand was common amongst tearaways. when asked wht it stands for the reply was
All Christians Are Believers. and NOT All Coppers Are Bastards

She who must be obeyed



Loving the detail in Mono


I think this was kind of clever, never seen similar before, inside the outline of the hand is pasted on newspapers.


Art within art, The "Be Happy" mural stands about 10 ft tall, can you see it ?


10 inches art within art







Surprised the juveniles haven't had a go at messing this parrot up.


Or the mermaid




Have to say this is my favourite. So the Dries done, now it's time for one of them yummy scrummy Cornish Pasties.

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Scary place with some interesting art. It's amazing how you always find these places 🙂

cheers @erikah this one was given to me by friends I was visiting on a short break

Nice art, I barely see any up here!

Yeah it was pretty cool. Decent too and not a cock in sight

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Interesting... mmmm, Stephen and his Nikon Z6 powerful gun. I'm not familiar with this camera, but it takes us to haunting places. Well, I fail to understand how there is Chinese clay in Bodmin Moors, England... 😐 (evidently there is a knowledge gap in me 😁)

All the graffiti are spectacular.


Kaolin, or 'china clay' 🙃 I get it!

Cheers @nanixxx , It is one of their mirrorless models, I upgraded about 18 months ago I wanted one that works well in low light so I didn't need to use flash. I was going to mansplain china clay, but you solved the definition, phew that's good.

Thanks for enjoying my little wander

Cool selection of StreetArt, always perfect canvas for artist the abandonned building. I love the rat 😀 Thanks for sharing these pics on The StreetArt Community.

you're welcome

History of the building interesting, to think that was still working not so long ago, then all manufacturing started grinding to a halt.

Some of the art within and outside stunning, pity some have been destroyed from former glory!


spot on, I guess it is pretty remote and without the rail line transport costs mean it is totally unviable.

Most probably had rail into the factory, removed after close down. Manufacturing simply died out with modern plastic or cheaper inventions, look at the rubbish dumps world wide.

yes, train track ripped up and it is now a touristic thing called The camel Trail, ( not the animal, the river). good for cyclists walkers etc etc.

Too much rail ripped up or stolen here, crazy with so many enthusiasts hankering for short steam train rides. Well the walk then would be next best I suppose....

here, it is thye copper they thieve, very risky breaking into live electrical substations, risk v reward and all that.

All cabling theft (no matter what or where) or getting into homes to remove copper piping highly talented gangs roam daily... Pity they don't use their 'talents' on doing a days work without stealing.

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Wow - what a stunning find. The processing of china clay sounds brutal. Thanks to them there was shiny porecelain. Pity about those juveniles - I love those too and the parrot. I also liked the colossal art within art. Spectaular. Thanks for find this and sharing with us.

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