Awesome, looks very cool. Look forward to watching it!

good idea

This sounds like an awesome service! Please reach out to us in our Discord or contact @thelogicaldude to talk further about working together on helping each other grow!

Thank you. We will reach out, building a team around the foundation is important. As I just read your roadmap update while writing this comment I think there is several ways we can work together.
We could potentially become a subdao in your dao, I will reach out to you guys when I have time to dive deeper on the weekend. I will do some research on your project which looks super exciting. Love the website as well.

We will be happy to work with you guys. Thanks for the feedback on the site!

Thanks for the offer, that is very interesting! We will definitely get back to you.
I love drum and bass! I partied my youth on this tunes. I am super excited about HMVF

The heart beats at 174 BPM. Lol!

Excellent initiative. Let me know how the Cartel can support you. !1UP

Thanks Flauwy, the oneup triggering is already a great help. Maybe we do a chifibots soundtrack and music video?

Thanks so much! =) Support in any way is highly appreciated!

Awesome project! You folks have everything needed to make it a success!

Also, if you need a mercenary motion designer for hire give me a call ;D

Thanks Trashyomen! Certainly there will be a point where we need your skills.
If you have a place fro your portfolio please drop the link here.

Portifoliobox seems to be a paid service now so I need a new site to put my portfolio XD any suggestions other than YouTube?

In last case I can spam your discord with links and videos XD


Have you figured something out yet? I think Vimeo is a nice way and a lot of film makers use it. You could also just use 3speak :)

A 3speak demo reel is a great idea!

I sent some examples on Raven's discord channel for now while I finish the works I'm doing and make a new portfolio

Glad you found our post.

Glad you folks are doing this project!


Yes I would love to see your stuff!!

The site where I kept my portfolio decided to put a hefty price for use, so now I'm looking for another provider. In the meantime I can spam your DMs or a comment with some links

You could host your portfolio on an unstoppable domain and have a domain on the polygon network. Contact solymi for more details.

Yes please! Can you put your links in my discord server under #post-your-creative-posts ? Thank you! =)

Really great initiative. As a budding musician (see my most recent post) I support this! It's also great that you are taking advantage of the subscription tiers on liketu for some extra funding, i'd be a subscriber for sure when you hit your follower criteria.

Interestingly, we've been thinking about how we might introduce some short video features to liketu in the nearish future, I think this would help with the visual/audio nature of this initiative as well.

Oh yes that would be awesome! Similar to reels on IG
Happy you like the initiative.

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I loved hearing about this at the party glad you two got together to get this started I wish y'all the best on this. I really like how you guys can link with other videographers

I hoped that you will be on the party, would be nice to see some sort of collaboration.

Welcome hmvf!
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 9 months ago  



Amazing idea. So cool, I am excited to see everything that happens. Super cool stuff man !PIZZA

Thank you so much! Also thanks for the PIZZA we are hungry haha.

What a great idea. I will be excited to follow the process.

Thanks a lot. We are excited too.

Absolutely love this let's go


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Tap to help.

Thanks for sharing in PYPT really appreciate the extra publicity.

Great idea! Would love to support this in any way i can :)

I will send a DM on Discord to both you and Raven!


Thanks Eva! My discord is solymi#2979

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This is refreshing! What a cool project and awesome Listnerds read!
I bet the @stickupboys are already connected somehow or aware, but just tagging in case I'm wrong :)

Good luck with the project, I look forward to read about the updates!

No we had not heard of it but looks cool!

Thanks a lot, we actually have not contacted him yet but hope that he kind of gets wind of this :)
Thanks for your support and the tag. 🎼🎹

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Great project, sounds like a lot of hard work but I am sure you will succeed.

It sounds like terribly lot of work and we hope to grow a team that can tackle the weight. Listnerds will defo play a big part in bringing more people to our profile.
We will succeed I am as sure as you, for that we will need to grow. More about this in our next post. ;)

This is a very cool initiative. I will definitely try to do my part in supporting it!

We have something for our Listnerds that might be interesting. The idea is still in the works and only existing in @solymi 's head thats why I tag him here :)

Looks awesome!!

thank you, do you mean the logo?

Everything, the idea, the project in general looks great.

An excellent initiative, I hope I can be involved in it.

Whatever help you have to offer feel free to contact us. Love your cover of Miley Cyrus.
You can also just hop to discord and contact me solymi#2979
@solymi on hive.
@ravenmus1c we might find a Team after all.

Thank you so much, I have done just that.

Cool idea, I've never done a music video. Not really sure it would suit my video and seems the cost is high. However, people do really love them. Gotta think of some new ideas for my stuff I reckon. Good luck with your project I reckon it's a fantastic idea.

There is several ways to shoot one. We can do super cheap productions as well, but the goal would be to create real paid work leveraging the power of hive.
If you have the time and want to start a project you are most welcome to join the team. We left a comment on one of your posts.

Cool! I gotta look into it more. But yeah I'll leave you a follow. Will be interesting to see how to project grows. In principle it does sound good 🙏 Thank you

exciting times these are !!..