Hunting Goals in Far Cry 5.

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Hello Everyone.

This post is to share some of my hunting moments in Far Cry 5 recently. Hunting in this game is fun even though it's not a hunting game. You still need to do this cause it's kind of the easiest way to earn a lot of money to buy all your medical and tactical gear, especially med kits and ammo. It'd be impossible for me to win all those battles with an empty gun or even with an old model gun.

But, a player can just go into the forest or the mountain, kill some animals, and collect the skins to sell them in any store and gear up instantly. Also, the hunting process is amazing. The player also gets attacked by predator animals.

Green Blue Nature Waterfall Photo Collage (1).jpg

Here, you can see I've killed a Bison. Bison skin is almost as valuable as the American Black Bearskin. Normally bison are really hard to kill. I normally have to empty to full magazine of ammo to kill it even more if I use an SMG. But, with the help of the LMG that I had, it was easy to kill. And the easy way to kill a bison is to shoot at its neck. They take less damage if you shoot at their head for some reason.

Screenshot (819).png

There were three Deers there. Once I killed one the other two started running and I was able to barely kill the 2nd one. I was quite far away and it was tough to make the shot hit. Cause, FC5 is quite realistic and you'll need to face the real-life sniping issues. Such as holding your breath, wind, bullet flight time, etc. This makes it tough but what's the fun of adventure without challenges to face?

Screenshot (811).png

This time the Bear was too close to me and I didn't have enough time to kill it and I was attacked by it. It bit my hand badly.

This picture below is quite special. FC5 is the first game where I was able to get the most realistic fishing experience. You need to put the right bait and pull the string slowly to attract the fish to the bait. Pull and release the string at a certain point to not let it break and always pull in the opposite side of the fish and then pull. All the experience makes me remember the time when I used to live at my village home and had all these amazing experiences with my father.

Screenshot (793).png

Shot the Deer in it's ASS🤣

Screenshot (788).png

I hope you liked my shots. I take screenshots from the recording I make cause when I'm focused on playing, I forget to take an SS most of the time. But, taking the screenshot from the recording is also tough, cause I just play the whole time and do not specifically plan any moment to take a shot of it. So, I need to rewatch and search the video to find the scenes to take a shot. So, please let me in the comment if you like it or not.

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Thrilling Far Cry 5 hunting adventures! From taking down a Bison with an LMG to unexpected bear encounters and nostalgic fishing, each shot tells a story. Loving the adventurous gameplay! Many of you are playing Far Cry, and I'm enjoying the game too. Share your favorite gaming moments!

Thanks and good to know that you're playing it too.

I didn't know Far Cry 5 allows you to hunt wild animals and fishes as well. I thought its just like a Call of Duty game where you need to follow the objectives only. Nice takes, btw.

No, No. It was the first two versions of the game that didn't have all the facilities. And none of them were like COD. Far Cry 2 was also pretty adventurous and realistic. They mainly started to add other details than missions from FC3. Which had an amazing storyline too. I know it cause I played them all except FC4.

Oh I see. Sounds like a great franchise.

Bro the evolution that the Far Cry saga has had has been remarkable, last year I played FC 1 and then Far Cry 4 and they are very different, Far Cry 5 looks great, want to play it sometime.

Yes, they are developing as much as they can. I'll suggest you play FC3. It has the most amazing storyline of this whole SAGA.

Hey, welcome back. I see you took your time after publishing here for the first time and its nice to see you're back.

Like @bong1011 mentioned, I also didn't think this game allows you to do hunting in this way. Is this a total open-world game? like can you go and do anything you wish to?

Great screenshots and hunts, btw. That fish looks so fresh and can go directly to the BBQ stove.

No No, the idea is wrong. Even FC2 had open-world experiences. Now that they are developing from time to time. They are adding more and more features. I've been uploading FC5 videos like a series for the last 6 months. So, you can just go to my YouTube channel and check out the whole gameplay. Abd the reason behind I'm posting late after my first post is the same reason as why it's taking me so long to finish the game. I'm always on a busy schedule.

And to check out the specific scenes I shared here. Check this video:

Hey, thanks for your response. It sound great, I might give it a try someday soon. The graphics of this game looks insanely good (I watched parts of the video you left here).