Wild flowers in brilliant purple colour

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wild flowers grow naturally in the forest

You will all see again, the types of flowering plants that are in the forest, forests that have a tropical climate. by having beautiful colors and full of fine hairs, around this flower plant, so I, tried to take some photos today, to show you all, in the steem community.

About Types of Flowers

This flower lives and grows around large and tall trees, with a height of about 30cm from the ground. because this species is covered with bushes, this type of flower is rare, I get it in several colors, which often grow and develop, naturally, on the edge or in the middle of the forest.

This type of flower, including the type of wild flower that grows by itself, without any special care, this flower you see, can never last long, because this type of flower, often being, sought after by insects, is used for laying eggs, for example:

  • ant
  • bug

then, this type of flower, wilts quickly and dries on its own.

What type of Wildflowers I found, let's look at it below :


The picture above is, I photograph, with a sideways image display, the type of flower that I found, is on the edge of the forest, because it has a beautiful color, then ... this type of flower has been my target too, because I haven't seen it around the forest for a long time, caused by .... the rainy season a few months ago, in my area of residence.


Explanation in pictures

Now I will explain, while we look at the picture, which is above it, so that you understand, when I explain about this type of flower.

as you see above, this type of flower, has 4 (four) small flower branches in one large branch, because of this uniqueness, so I, looking for the existence of this type of flower to grow.

each flower that grows in one branch, has four petals, small in length, that surround, the whole in a flower. You can see it in the picture above and below.


this type of flower, if we want to see it grow and develop, its existence, around thorny plants, so ... before I photograph this flower, I have to do the cleaning first, on the type of thorny flower, which I mentioned earlier, to avoid, if punctured by the eyes, hands or other body parts.


Color This type of wild flower

This type of wildflower color, which you see, exudes a very brilliant color, with the main purple color being seen. although there is a white color, which is above the small flower buds. the light that I get when taking pictures of this flower, is very supportive, with the camera settings, which I photograph.


even though I took pictures with a distance, which is a little further, like the picture above, I still get the impression of color and a good picture. like the picture above.


after you see the picture and my explanation, which is under the picture, below you can see, the whole picture of wild flowers, which grow and develop by themselves.


the image that you will see below, is included in the same type, with the type of flower above, which I photographed using photo macrophotography techniques, plus the Fix 18-55mm lens, which I modified.


in the gallery that I have prepared below, is a picture of a flower, which I photographed, from sharing the display image, from the overall appearance, in one branch of this wild flower.

let us see it below, in the gallery.



Purple wildflowers


Purple wildflowers


Purple wildflowers


Purple wildflowers


Purple wildflowers


Purple wildflowersv

after you see, the whole picture from the gallery that I prepared above, then, thus, I hope to all of you, hopefully happy to see it.

The benefits of wildflowers in the forest for photographers

In the picture above, I have proven that ... not the type of flower, which only exists in only the garden, which we can show its beauty in photography or macrophotography, but ... the types of wild flowers, it seems ... there are still many, has a nice color and shape, for all of us, who like to do photography, in choosing the object of the flower plant. which we will show in the steem community

that is what I can say, I end with the words, greetings @sultan-aceh

Information and Community Steem

Plant typebrilliant purple colour
LocationSp. Kramat Forest
Camera usedCanon EOS 600D
Lens CameraFix 18-55mm
Photography by@sultan-aceh


beautiful wildflower, I do not think it exists in Norway


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Like a young man seeing a beautiful and beautiful woman
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Looking so beautiful view
Flowers is always beautiful and your posting is always beautiful.
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