Mission: "Agua-Possible" you can help support the project before it will be completely closed. Hope you read more to understand this project that @drutter has been running for 1.5 years

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@drutter has posted the 78th weekly post for Mission: Agua-Possible. where he updates us on the progress of the $ 1300 goal (in STEEM) for a well pump to bring water to the @EdgarGonzalez family farm.


A little about the project and why @EdgarGonzalez needs a water pump:

Read what @drutter writes

Severe economic and political crisis over the past few years in the South American country of Venezuela intensified in 2019, as president Maduro doubled down on his currency manipulation, price-fixing, propaganda, and suppressing resistance. You've heard about the country's recent turmoil, but the world's media isn't showing us even half the reality!

I began to see more and more Steem users from Venezuela, I started to hear their interesting stories - and ask questions. I discovered some dark truths about the economic and political situation there. Most shops are empty, the currency is collapsing, people are hungry - the economy is at a standstill. Theft, corruption, and violence escalate as society breaks down. Those who can are fleeing on foot - 8 million already. The harsh socialist government attempts to control/fix the economy, and blames problems on the people. Most government services (like running water) work only in certain areas - or not at all.

The people are desperate for any change and protests sometimes fill the streets for miles. Maduro announced that Venezuela will no longer accept US Dollars for oil exports, then tried to get his country's gold back from Bank of England, who refused. The Russian military has become involved, supporting Maduro. The Americans back a man called Guaidó, who also has little public support. Electrical and internet blackouts happen regularly. Stability for the people appears out of reach

photo credit @EdgarGonzalez

In mid-2018 I found @edgargonzalez, the blog of Edgar, a Venezuelan man about my age. He's a father of young children, and a professional whose job disappeared because of the crisis. He feeds his family by fishing, harvesting fruits, and growing cassava on his late-father's plantation. He uses the Steem blockchain to share his stories and earn cryptocurrency to buy food. Shortly after I met Edgar, a power outage caused a failure of the pump used to bring water up to the farm. A repairman confirmed the pump is beyond fixing. Edgar had been using his well to water his crops, and to provide drinking water to his children and nearby families. Without a pump to bring water up from the aquifer, his harvests are reduced - and the neighborhood must forage for water elsewhere.

read more from @drutter's post

But what can we do to reach that goal with @drutter?
I'll get to that, but let's first look at the math below the image here

The goal is (of $ 1300) for the purchase of a water pump

Week 78
week 77 funds: 4313.540 STEEM

new funds:

x 0.133 USD/STEEM = $581.19 USD (of $1300)

Current progress: 44.7%

Can we all join to achieve this goal?

yes, I mean it is possible with help from all of you.

Not everyone can make a direct donation, but can write more posts about Mission: Agua-Possible to reach out with the project.

Anyone who posts a post about Mission: Agua-Possible will receive a 100% upvote from Team @xpilar to Mission: Agua-Possible post if you donate 50% or more of the profits to the project from the post.

Be sure to leave a link and write "I'm on the project" so I can find your post on Mission: Agua-Possible, I would also appreciate you posting the post to our community WORLD OF XPILAR


With the help of you all, We were going to show the world how blockchain can save and improve lives!

Join us to complete the noble Mission: "Agua-Possible" that @drutter has been running for 78 weeks, let's show that it's really possible

To those who have the opportunity to donate directly to the project.
send to @drutter donation "Mission: Agua-Possible"

Upvoting this post is MUCH appreciated and 100% goes to the project.

Don't forget to Re-Steemed this post so we can reach out to many

After I made the post I got this message from @sultan-aceh

Transfer 100,000 STEEM to xpilar Support for Mission: "Agua-Possible" in venezuela from @sultan-aceh steem community and people of Aceh - Greetings @sultan-aceh

Thank you very much @sultan-aceh, I transfer them to @drutter and Mission: "Agua-Possible"

thank you @mariita52 for supporting Mission: "Agua-Possible" with 60% of your profits on your post.
here is the link to @mariita52


I am filled with gratitude to you, @Xpilar, for this post - and for all your previous contributions and support for Mission Agua-Possible!

Thank you so much! And to all your friends and followers: thank you, too.

I have resteemed this excellent post in the hopes of bringing in more [MAP] supporters! We have 12 days until the deadline, and this post will go a long way toward making something amazing happen for Edgar and his family.

Thank you also to @Sultan-Aceh for his 100.0 STEEM direct donation! It (and any others) will be mentioned on this Saturday's update post.

bows with gratitude

Thank you, my friends, thank you. Steem has incredible people here.

You are with Steem News latest issue from @pennsif
hope it can give some extra pressure

Thanks very much for the link! Pennsif has been a supporter of the project and it's excellent to see him stepping up again! That will surely help. I'm warmed by all the actions of the community. I can't help but hope that this last boost (combined with a favourable Steem price) lets us afford a pump for Edgar.

@xpilar it is nice to here about the project. Upvote the post with 100% upvote. And will try to send some steem also , will update you on that's when done.

Nice to hear, thanks @adityajainxds

Nice to hear, thanks @adityajainxds

Hi @mariita52

thank you for the story and thank you for supporting Mission: "Agua-Possible" with 60% of your profits on this post
Upvote from team @xpilar coming soon with 100%


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Thank you for everything you do for the Mission Agua Possible project for @edgargonzalez.

We were going to show the world how blockchain can save and improve lives!

I am touched and grateful for this gesture so noble!

Nice to hear, thanks @marcybetancourt


Thank you for resteemed the post

It's a pleasure to help @xpilar

Hi @mariita52

Thank you for resteemed the post

regards @xpilar
Thanks to you for your support to us Venezuelans.

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