What makes you happy? (contest on IndiaUnited)

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What makes you happy?

This is an attempt to revive the spirits of the people who are now burdened by the pandemic. I know, it is too early to start talking of a world without the pandemic, and although attempts are being made by all countries to vaccinate the people, it is a huge task and it will take time.

Meanwhile, being locked down has made the human population both uneasy and feel weird.

(a photo I took a while ago)

Steps to make you happier

  • listen to music
  • develop a hobby
  • do some gardening
  • try to blog if you love writing
  • learn a new language
  • help around the house
  • photograph

The above are a few steps that you can do to spend the time instead of trying to laze all day and be sadder. Avoid the news for heaven's sake.


Write a post on what makes you happy.
If it is a drawing, write about how you did it.
If it is a toy you made, write about it.
If it is a video you made, post it.
If it is a photo you took, post it but write a post about it
If it is a seed you planted, photograph the sapling and post about it.
Psst - it can also be a story you wrote, that's for @inuke too

In short, write about anything you did that made you happy.


  • The post can be in any language provided you do a translation in English.
  • Please include original photos only
  • Please share and upvote this post
  • Submission date is before this post payout
  • Include the tag - india and indiaunitedcontest
  • Include your entry in the comments below


First prize - 2 HBD + 3 HBD from @bhattg
Second prize - 3 Hive + 3 HBD from Bhatg
Third prize - 1 Hive + 3 HBD from Bhatg

Every participant will get 25 Neoxag.


click image to join, please


That is really great, it good to see indiaunited contest like the old days.
Thanks for the idea didi 😄⁦🙏🏻⁩

Thanks to yu dear for sponsoring the pprizes

Mam, Nowadays I even dream about myself in crowd without wearing a mask and in that dream I get panic attacks 🤣 I run to find a medical shop to buy a mask, in those dreams 🤪

haha, that was really funny but also a reminder of our situation.

Don't worry be happy, even when trouble surround you. Be happy.

Thanks and wishing you also happiness. :)

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this is my entry thanks for the contest didi

नमस्कार दी🙏🙏 यह मेरा प्रवेश