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This is my entry into this month’s Top 3 contest.

This months topic is Favourite Travel Destinations

Travel Wishes

So, I could write so much on this topic and narrowing it down is very difficult. As you probably know from our lifestyle, travel is a very important part of it. So I notice that @cheese4ead has gone down the memory route, I on the other hand will go down the forward thinking route and write this as we left off back in March, when the world of travel seemed to change forever!

When they closed our school in mid March and informed us that we would be working from home and must not leave Bucharest until at least 21st April, the shock on our faces was very real. All of us teachers had plans for the Easter holidays. What did they mean, we couldn’t go anywhere! Little did we know that a few weeks later, the thoughts of going anywhere turned to trying to get refunds for the travel that we had booked.

Cyprus - our Easter destination

The Easter before last we had gone to Cyprus, myself @cheese4ead, @mono rosado and Cheese’s mother. We managed to get a cheap break and we just had a wonderful relaxing week. This Easter we were supposed to be going to Paphos, rather than Larnaca for each of us to “do our thing!” @cheese4ead to cycle, @momo-rosado to do some practical marine biology and me to sit in the sun with a good book.

We would all enjoy the sunshine and wonderful food. Let’s just say, it never happened, it has been rebooked for October, but it probably isn’t going to happen, so it is therefore my first destination of choice.

Disney World Florida

2021 should be a big year - I turn 50 and @mono-rosado turns 18. A massive cause for celebration. We promised ourselves a trip to Disney to celebrate in April next year. Yes, Disney World is open, but so many things about it aren’t happening - character dining, parades etc.

If this doesn’t change, I doubt if the 18th birthday will be spent in Florida after all, so we may have to go back to the drawing board, a bit closer to the time, to find a suitable replacement - anyone say Red Sea, or Maldives?????


So if things stay as they are - I have a 50th birthday to celebrate over New Year. Everyone thinks that having a new year birthday is amazing. Believe me it isn’t. I always have a hangover, everything I want to do on my actual birthday I can’t because it is closed, and everything is so blooming expensive!

So I have been doing a bit of research, to consider what might be a possibility. I think that Italy is probably the best option. At the moment it is quite cheap to fly there, various places have different events over the new year, I am sure that they will be crying out for tourism, so we might be treated to a nice place to stay at a reasonable price. Who knows where in Italy though? Venice - one of the main places I have always wanted to go. Rome is obviously an option, but I have also heard that Bologna is a great place to go for the new year.

I have visited the Amalfi Coast, but @cheese4ead and @mono-rosado haven’t. But let’s face it, a big reason to go to Italy is the amazing food. Italian food is my absolute favourite, so if I can’t get home for Christmas and New Year, to see my family and friends, maybe this is the next best alternative.

Thanks for coming on my little journey with me. I hope you enjoyed it.


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Reading this makes me so sad. This thing has robbed so many people of so much, and travel is just one small part of it. It's the separation, the dashed dreams and the milestone celebrations that should not be missed. Those 18th and 50th milestones are cases in point. Like you,I really don't have a sense of when things will open up. South Africa's borders were closed to international travel nearly six months ago. There is talk of them opening by November but, given the very real likelihood of a second wave, for how long?

All of that said, anywhere on the Med is on my list and, who would turn down an opportunity to go to Disney world?

I don't travel much, but even for me the staying put started to drive me crazy, so I can only imagine how much this year has impacted your clan with your zest for adventure! My sister had her 40th birthday this year just as everything was shutting down, which meant she missed out on any big celebration for the milestone. I hope by your big ones for you and Jaime next year things are a bit easier to navigate to celebrate as you like. Cyprus looks and sounds fantastic, though I would be quite happy with a visit to Italy, as well. I'm really not too far from Disney (maybe a 6 hour drive or so?), but would you believe I've never been? My mom has said she'd take my niece when she turns 6 in a few years, so perhaps I'll crash that trip myself, haha. Here's hoping things can settle down for many more memorable trips in the near future!

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