Why I Love HIVE? #LoveForHive

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In this quick video, I explain the number 1 reason why I (need) Hive and believe most people do as well: avoiding censorship.

This video was filmed yesterday evening by @julietree using an iPhone XR and edited with iMovie on my Mac. It was also harvesting time for one of our cannabis plants, which enabled me to really emphasize why censorship is a problem with traditional social media.

Coincidentally, Instagram censored a post by our @canjamretreat account (CannabisJamaica on IG) this morning and I was able to edit it in. Epic timing on their part ;)

Thanks for watching!

PS: We are inviting members of the LERN community to participate in this initiative and we will 95% upvote #LoveForHive posts uploaded on 3Speak.tv in the LERN Community!

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Hahah the realest !!!

😁 you already know!

I don't smoke weed, but top video!

@tipu curate

Sorry to hear 😅, but we also sell edibles and help many guests with cannabis- and entheogen-based therapeutic options at our Hotel/Retreat.

There's also the Bird, Flower, and Stoner's Sanctuary in the back yard where we took the video. Some people attend just to feed the birds and for the peaceful atmoshpere. There's something for everyone looking to retreat/relax/retire.

Thanks for the @tipu curation. 🙏

This sounds like Heaven to me. May I know what's the location of your hotel Donald? Would love to pay a visit one day!!!

Thanks, we provide discounts if you pay with HIVE (or Bitcoin) 😉😉

We're located in West End, Negril, Jamaica about 5mins walk from Rick's Café.

Check out our website at CanJamRetreat.com for online booking and/or give us a call (or Signal) 1(876)802-2703 and we can help book your Bakecation 🙂

Weed heaven... Unfortunate I had a bad experience when I had edibles and I don't think I will come close to it again. 🤭 Barely escaped with my life the last time.

Gotta be careful with the dosage bro.

@tipu curate

I love Hive for the same reasons as you. I need Hive because it keeps me on my toes. Back in the day I had a tendency to brush things off. But with my blog I make sure I keep things going, so that way I can always have something to post

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I know what you mean, it definitely has that effect once you start engaging. Most of the time if I take a break or miss a couple of days it's hard to get back in the groove. But once I do, it motivates me to keep going, keep coming up with new ideas.

Hahahahahaha. This is one of the coolest videos I saw on the Hive yet. Watched it from start to finish bro. Love that posing with the Cannabis Plant & The ending credits. I read them too. :D

Facebook & Instagram can go fuck themselves. Centralized shits, they do not understand the meaning of fun or freedom. Keep doing what you do Donald.

Lol! Amazing video! And you said you did not feel confident on camera! Or was the MJ helping in that? Loved your video, so authentic. Thank you for sharing!

😂 Thanks, it was definitely the MJ...

tbh I haven't had that much fun making a video in years and I couldn't stop laughing while editing the bloopers this morning 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Fuck that bud rot bro! Yeah the fan leaves were starting to yellow that was a good time!

🤣... thanks, may cut the other one today!

Cheers tryna take pics of the trichs if u can

Awesome story. We need more stories like this one to hit trending.

Okay I am just seeing this video. Lol. It cracked me I won't lie. Hive is freedom...

No script, lol... I just rolled with it! 🤣

Lol jokes 😆 great video

Beautiful plants!!sucks about the rain. Bud rot is a bitch

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Thanks! It's a tough balance between harvesting early or just a bit late and with the natural outdoor grows and sporadic rain this time of year, I kinda prefer the bit late, if that makes sense. The plants in our garden are mostly for show/smell and personal consumption anyway, never for sale 🙂

brooooo!!!! look those plants

thanks for share your wisdom.

Hey @donald.porter, here is a little bit of BEER from @libertycrypto27 for you. Enjoy it!

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Beautiful plants!!sucks about the rain. Bud rot is a bitch

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Just saw this video embedded on Dan’s latest post. I love your vibe bro, had to come show you some love. Great work on this one!

I love this vídeo
Freedom of speach for everyone