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"Unless you stand for something, you'll fall for anything. " — Miss Grace Reavy, National Woman's Party, 1946

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What is LERN?

LERN is an acronym for:

Legalization viaEducationRegulation andNormalization

LERN Blogs by LERN-Herstory, a registered nonprofit in Zurich, Switzerland, is a new home for anyone interested in sharing and/or disseminating knowledge and awareness surrounding the movement to liberate plants, fungi, and entheogens as well as advancing women’s rights and human rights.

We believe in simplifying science and blockchain tech through storytelling. We also strongly believe in the liberation of plant medicines, including entheogens (i.e., psychedelic plants and fungi) as well as Cannabis. Our goal is to empower primarily women, though we're inclusive of all, through education, connection, and support.

Please read the LERN-Herstory Mission Statement

The LERN Community assists new users we attract to the HIVE blockchain and the overall cryptocurrency space. We focus our curation efforts primarily on women and interested individuals from the Cannabis and entheogen communities but are generally inclusive of everyone.

We host and sponsor STEM and Blockchain workshops, seminars, and events globally. We believe this information should be available to all and presented in a fun, easy to understand manner. Whether it's history or herstory, we created our HIVE Tribe to support members who feel the same way and to reward our best storytellers.

image.png @madidangerously @irietravels @shakti.magic @blackgold13 and @julietree at the first LERN Meetup in April

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Why Participate in the LERN Community?

Although we are a censorship-free community, we will focus our curation efforts on specific topics/themes listed below or within this post.

LERN is all about supporting each other. If you, a friend, a family member have been affected by the Substance Control Conventions, then this space is for you.

Post about your experiences with plants, fungi, substances; experiences concerning the divine feminine or related theme, and/or your experiences working in the STEM industry.

Post about your latest STEM-related endeavor, venture, or educational project.

Engage with fellow LERN Comunity members and get rewarded in LERN Tokens. LERN is our ultimate outlet where we come together to provide support and networking opportunities.

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Use hashtag #LERN from any HIVE interface to post to and start earning LERN today!

LERN Token Holder Benefits

We will be releasing the LERN Greenpaper and Roadmap within the coming weeks, however, below you will find our active and planned LERN benefits.

  • Manual Curation from @lernherstory and the LERN Blogs Team

  • Exlcusive LERN Contests and Bounties

  • STEM Event/Workshops/Seminars Sponsorships

  • Discounts at CJ Retreats

  • The LERN Indigenous Shop (Coming Soon)

  • LERN Staking (Coming soon)

  • LERN NFT Project (Coming soon)

  • LERN DAO (Coming soon)

LERN Blogs Tokenomics

Token Ticker: LERN

Token Type: Utility

Max Supply: 42,000,000.00000000

Precision: 8 Decimals

Rewards Pool: 16 LERN every 420 HIVE blocks (~104.88yrs before max)

Pool Reduction: ~10% per 10,512,000 HIVE blocks (~yearly)

Author Rewards: 65%

Initial LERN Distribution

For Marketing and Airdrops:

@lernherstory: 5,000 LERN (liquid)

For Curation Purposes:

@lernherstory: 12,000 LERN (of which all 12,000 Staked)
Team & Ambassadors: 15,000 LERN (of which 15,000 Staked)

Total Minted: 32,000 LERN (0.00076% of max tokens)

For more details on LERN Token and its distribution, visit

Scarcity by Design, No Gimmicks.

No ICO, no extravagant pre-mine, and no further LERN Token minting without a community vote. Shib- we won't even tell you to buy LERN token on hive-engine ;)

At 16 LERN per 420 HIVE blocks, the LERN Token Rewards Pool grows at about 1/4 the rate of most HIVE Tribes and will become increasingly scarce due to the yearly 10% reduction percentage.

The more you participate, the more you earn LERN.

LERN Blogs Team

The team behind LERN Blogs consists of well-connected industry professionals, each with vast experience in their respective fields.

LERN Ambassadors


GET INVOLVED - LERN Social Channels

Hive Community:

BEE Chat:



When and where is our next workshop?

Topic: Bitcoin to HIVE, a Kush & Crypto Workshop
Date: Friday, May 28th at 3pm EST
Location: CANJAM Retreat (@canjamretreat) in Negril, Jamaica


Give thanks to everyone for supporting our project thus far,

we look forward to growing our community with you on the HIVE Blockchain!

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awesome! I've been waiting for this to come.
@donald.porter thanks for the Dev part and your responsiveness on twitter.
I'd like to thank @regenerette for letting me know by having early access to LERN.
it looks promising what you wrote. nicely done!

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Waiting for your stories to shine in Lern, my friend!

Saw this introduction on @shaka's blog, and just stopped by to say, "Hello".

I have no talent for accumulating crypto. I earn coins by blogging. I do that mostly because it's fun, and because I have the sense that I sometimes achieve something when I share information. Also, I feel I'm achieving something when I help people who need crypto (to actually meet expenses) to accumulate coin. That being said, I love the idea and mission of this community.

To use an old-fashioned, much-maligned word, I am a feminist. I have been a feminist since before I knew what that word meant. It is impossible to believe in equality and not be a feminist.

I won't go on about how much the mission of this community aligns with my life interests, but it is a pleasure to find you. I will wait until I get a feel for the kind material that is welcome here before I attempt to write a post.

Hello to you too!

I have no talent for accumulating crypto. I earn coins by blogging. I do that mostly because it's fun, and because I have the sense that I sometimes achieve something when I share information.

This is what LERN is all about! You are welcome to join in whenever you feel comfy!

Thanks for the support

Welcome lernherstory
Its is awesome to see the new communities on hive which has a really word work to do.
Best of luck for the upcoming workshop.
Best of luck again...

Seems like a very cool community. I'm a woman, love cannabis, I'm all about the divine feminine and love education. You had me at the intro quote actually. I've heard it before and it's true. I love anyone and anything that empowers women, education and helping others.

Perhaps you might like @ryzeonline's newest post on learning and education? I'd love to know your thoughts on it. If not all good.

I think what you're doing is amazing. I will definitely check out the social links you shared. Wishing you much success with all you do ❤️

~love, Cyn

It's amazing to see this coming to reality as we create an avenue for people to learn in a legitimate way and rewards for their Engagement in a normal and regulated model.

It's your Understanding that determines your stand, I'm happy to be part of this movement. Let's make it grow as we connect many to our dear community.

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Thanks bro, you've been a part of our Hive community from day 1 🙌🏽 Making you an ambassador was a no-brainer.

lol @stemgeeks and @stemcuration upvoting your comment and not the actual post. We are not a competitive tribe, but clearly some things on Hive will never change 🤣

All the best!

The post is upvoted but crypto is not really our niche.

Neither is (crypto) their niche at @lernherstory 🧏🏽‍♂️

It's not a speculative tribe. However, we host blockchain seminars to get more people involved and sharing their controversial content in a secure manner.

The focus is predominantly STEM, Legalizing Entheogens and Women's rights.

(founded by actual scientists, activists and UN speakers)

Looks like a great initiative!

Might buy me some!

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 84/112) Liquid rewards.

Thanks for your support!

WELCOME @lernherstory with a new tribe with an big initiative.human rights specially women rights.

mom said this is good for me because I learn things and like mushrooms.

Upvoted for the laugh 😂🤣

it's amazing movement. Success for big family of Hive

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Wow! What a beautiful community! Welcome! This place will be full of meaningful posts ❤️ ✌️
"Long live and prosper!!!"

Great community and Happy to see this. Post reblogged for more attention. welcome

Glad to see this new community. Welcome.

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Reblogged as I think this is a community everyone should know about :)

I did not know this community. I find it quite interesting, I will read more posts published here. Greetings and blessings.

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Awesome project. All of My Support to this

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amazing ❤️ community ⭐

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Welcome lernherstory!
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Another community with another purpose.
Hive is expending it's length and width in all directions.
Best of luck with your agenda and workshops.
I wish you good luck.
!LUV 1

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Congratulations for the creation of this community. I am part of a women circle so I know well about the divine femenine energy and is a great theme for the empowerment of the women 👏👏

Un proyecto muy interesante 😃 me encanta la iniciativa

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Nice... you are quite far away, but I will monitor your progress. Nice to see more companies trying to make a difference.

Was just fortune to learn about the @LERN community from a friend post today... It really feels nice being here... and hope to explore the community with good content...
Am hopeful I will be supported..😍🔥♥️