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Hello Hivers,

Here's a custom T shirt I made with Hive logo on it. It's a vinyl print that looks very premium in person

I've got a custom merch printing setup that I used to create this tee.


I used a 100% cotton tee which is why you can see a lot of wrinkles on the t-shirt, especially after being washed.

I usually prefer wearing 100% cotton plain white or black color tees with a perfect fit. It makes me feel confident.


But this time around I thought instead of keeping it plain, why not add something. Then after some thought I decided to become a walking talking banner for Hive.

I thought why not promote the community that has given me so much opportunities in the past 7 years.


So, I've decided to wear this t-shirt at social gatherings and on a day to day basis while promoting Hive to curious people that ask me about the logo.


This was just prepared casually. Not much thought to details were given but still it has come out good I believe. What do you guys think?


I plan to make some more of these down the line.

When you can be a walking billboard, why waste such an opportunity by promoting established brands like puma and nike?

Rather just promote the project that you are invested in. That is my take.

Do leave a comment and share your thoughts.