American Gods Season 3 Teasers and Nutty Squirrels. Neither necessarily related.

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Recent days have mostly been spent beating that darn learning curve Hive has which I thought wouldn’t be an issue beyond “sign up and post”, but then came resource credits which prevented this hoarder from going on a massive engagement spree. The burdened life from a Hive n00b, isn’t it. Luckily that hurdle has been taken and I now have think having a better grip on Hive. And what I hope to do here.

While the whole world and its three nephews is waiting for The Mandalorian to resume on October 30th, there’s another show I’m looking forward here and in recent days teasers and news for the third season have been revealed.

Everyone wants to see more Baby Yoda, me too, whenever Neil Gaiman is involved or his work is used, my ears pique. Even if no release date is announced yet.

So when STARZ started teasing the Internet with more American Gods news, of course, it reached me and had sit up. Sit up straight even. Which is a rare occurrence, except when new coffee is delivered to my desk slash table. Luckily, this happens rather often even though it is mostly self-service without delivery. But no effort to much for another top up of excellent caffeine to keep the number of blood cells in my body under control.

Anyway, back to that news without actual release date. American Gods, Season 3, on STARZ. That weird and oh so guilty pleasure network. Even though Banshee wasn’t a STARZ production.

Season 3 will see more new gods introduced to the fold, which will continue the inevitable war between older and newer Gods. Additionally, the new Season — which still has no release date — will also see cult legend Danny Trejo as well as super star extraordinaire Marilyn Manson.

American Gods Season 3 poster, by STARZ

Again viewers will follow Shadow, who aims to break away from the fold and settle in a more quiet environment. Once in Lakeside, WI, Shadow will uncover a dark secret while exploring the questions of his own divinity. Obviously this will force Shadow to chose whether he is a god or a “human”.

So the stage is set for more Gods mashup as STARZ has successfully brought us in recent years.

Catch up with American Gods on STARZ.

Random News Item of the Day

In totally unrelated and absolutely random news, I wish to feature this dude who made a “Nutty Bar for Squirrels”. You read that correctly, a bar serving nuts for squirrels. As unrelated to the Nutty Professor as to American Gods Season 3, which still doesn’t have an official release date.

The Nutty Bar

Because what better way to deal with squirrels who may ruin your veggie garden now you’ve gone full agricole due to the corona pandemic? Why let squirrels perform extreme sports from your build feeder if you can build them a bar? Especially with nuts named “Cashew Dunkel,” “Pistachio Pale Ale,” and “Walnut Stout.”

Aimed at hipster squirrels only, obviously.

Clearly Michael Dutton, of Duke Harmon Woodworking is more talented with wood than most of us and maybe also more creative. But definitely better with the CNC machine.

While I’m new here and I admit this post doesn’t “flow” too well, you should totally read the final message and do exactly that... just because you can. I promise the flow will improve as I write more regularly again. AND subscribe to the GEEKZ community too! 👇👇👇

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I have delegated you 100HP which should put an end to your RC woes :O) Comment and post away!

Thank you! :3

It's quite annoying when you have 20 comments only, to spread out over 5 days and even follows and votes are taxed. Makes growing one's account rather difficult.

Yeah, it can be rubbish starting out with not enough RCs. At least that's you fixed now!

I've been meaning to watch that show. I read the book, and it was great!

The book is great. The series is entertaining.