The Fruit Cubes and Something Else You Didn’t Know You Wanted

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Geeks we are, of course, we all love the legendary Rubik’s Cube. Many of us have probably ripped off the stickers owned several cubes and future iterations like the Rubik’s Magic.

The Rubik’s Cube is an evergreen and even used to neurally train robot hand dexterity like Open AI’s Dactyl.

Open AI’s Dactyl

Now a Hong Kong based novelty shop has taken the cube game to a whole new level. Clearly the designers behind the new series of toys did play a lot a Fruit Ninja on their mobile devices because they didn’t find better than to slices up fruit in “cubes”.

Yup. One novelty you didn’t know you wanted and most likely don’t want either, yet we found it cool nevertheless. Only because of the root concept which reminds us of our beloved Rubik’s, of course. Not because of the juiciness — or lack thereof — of these new toys.

Fancy a nice orange?

The concept of these toys is the same as that of the Rubik’s Cube and they all have a multi-axis pivoting mechanism to mix and then rearrange the parts. While some vegans probably think this is a great way to make their children love fruit more, we doubt there’s any nutritional value to them. But who knows how things are different in the vegan world, right?

Or maybe you prefer a not juicy pear?

While we don’t know what the creators were on, we do know we want double of it. Or maybe not.

Because we’re that nice we even included a video of a more than 10 minutes long review of Fanxin’s Fruit Cube series. Because Youtubers need views and need to stretch everything out to be selected in YouTube’s rankings and who are we not to help them?

These toys come in five different shapes: orange, banana, pear, lemon, and apple. They are available SpeedCube Shop, with the set shown in the video costing only $17,95.

While we wouldn’t hesitate for one second to categorize the fruit cubes coming straight of the Dept. of WTF, we wouldn’t be satisfied if that was all we had to share with you today. Oh no, our next item comes from the Dept. of OMG ZOMG! and is undoubtedly another item you totally didn’t know you wanted but will absolutely want to order now.

Or maybe not. Maybe you’re going to be one of those naysayers who will immediately remind of of the Corona virus and yap all day long that it should have been a soap squirted.

Luckily we don’t care about that and even if a soap dispenser would have been the more appropriate item in 2020, there’s no way we don’t want this Godzilla tissue dispenser on our desk.

While this is obviously an awesome addition to any “man cave”, even cubicle dwellers will appreciate this awesome gadget which will absolutely level up their professional private space all while giving them an extra GEEK +3.

The limited edition bust, made by Japanese collector shop DeAgostini originally went on sale for only $50 but quickly sold out. Godzilla nerds who are in desperate need of one more officially licensed bust of their preferred short arms animal, can find the geeky tissue dispenser on eBay. At a slight premium.

Because the Godzilla tissue dispenser is that awesome we’ve included another image of it in this post. Just because we can.

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The Fruit Cubes were interesting. But the Godzilla? Wow. Now THAT is a MUST HAVE item. I literally can't imagine how I've gone this long without one. Of course, that will then put me on a quest to hunt down a resource for blue (or flame colored) tissue paper.

I want flame colored tissues. Absolutely.