Call it... "Smudge"

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S M U D G E..!

We love us some Smudge.

This Caturday Day After Post was born from a reply to our fave Caturday Cat and creator of this #Caturday community we know and love so much here on the HIVE.

You can take a L👀k at Curatorcats post here.

C.C.'s post will answer that "WTF is a Smudge?" question you you might be struggling with after seeing the title to this post.

Blizzard Warning

My pet humans were thinking about calling our latest rescue kitten "Smudge" due to the small dark splotch of fur on his forehead. But right now "Blizzard" is winning out. Smudge may be the middle or nickname. We will have to see how much that little smudge of dark fur darkens.

Say Hello to "Blizzard Smudge Briggs" #8 of our inside the household Pookyville Cat Ranch Rescue Sanctuary. 14th overall on rescues kept. 50 somethin' on the critters rescued list over the past 13 years since I (Samantha Jo) started this madness...

This little Blizzard kitten came blowing into our lives on Memorial Day here in the (usa) May 30th. 2023
Abandoned and found under our neighbors front porch steps that Monday morning. He appeared to be very small due to the starvation He had been subject to for a week or so. We are guessing 4-5 weeks old when he was found. He had no voice left. Probably from calling for his momma kitty for days. A miracle voice loss really so that a predator did not hear and make lunch out of him. My humans have tried to find him a loving and forever home. They say they would still let him go to one. Shots spayed and delivered. But it would not be easy. (Yea, right... Not) They are so in love with him. And the rest of my sibs, my kits, my pride of rescues here have pretty much accepted him as part of the family now. Week 7. This lil' Blizzard has melted our hearts.

Good Guys Wear White...

Such a cute little white fuzzball he is. I have been trying to get @krazzytrukker to take him trucking with us during the week days. But he says that 2 is enough. And that Orange Monster. That Mississippi Boy we plucked out of the highway. "The Miracle Kitten"
would probably try to eat him for lunch or use him as a chew toy.

He L👀ks so sweet and innocent right..?

Do not trust him! It is a trap.!!

We do not want "Blizzard" to be afraid. And so far he is a confident and playful kitten with a great attitude and loves to snuggle and purrs loudly. He still has a quiet raspy meow that may never come back fully.

Thanks C.C. for all you do for us kits here on the hive. Things might be slow here right now. But we will keep on purring, napping, and hed bonkin'

This slow down gives us time to stop and smell the 🌹 roses.

Hey. I think I will add a little to this and make it a Caturday Day After Post!

Thanks as Always for √checkin' out my 🐾 pawin' and scratchins' here on the Hive. Seeing things from...

My Kitty POV. Point of View

all photos (giphys) are property of @krazzytrukker and you will get scratched and bitten if you mess with em...


I had a cat with the same mark as Blizzard although it was centrally located between her ears. I called her Dixie (after the Dixie Chicks who have no sold-out and dropped the Dixie part of their name to conform to libtardarinaism).

This is the one that was kicked by a house-guest in my own home. We lost her after some desperate and costly attempts at dealing with her multiple shattered ribs along he left side...I still think of her all the time. She eventually lost that smudge of grey (gray) and ended up all white.

I'm sure Blizzard will be treated much better.



I remember the Dixie story. It still gives me anger chills even now. But I did not know/remember the smudge part. You might not have told that part?

I don't think I would have said anything about that, it wouldn't have seemed that important in a story of such import and emotion.

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