My Belated Hive Birthday reflections and Happy Caturday post

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My 5th Hive Birthday added another birthday for me this October!!

It’s end of October and I have been meaning to write a personal post, because I completed two birthdays. My birthday being on 12th October and my Hive birthday being somewhere on 17th October, I complete 5 years on Hive.

It’s very sweet that I get love from Hive too, in form of @cuddlekitten visits, upvotes, and @catnet votes and it reminded me, that I am not just a crypto writer and that my life is not only crypto.

These 5 years on Hive, I really grown as a writer and got some readers for my cat and dog posts too, this was not even intended.

Even, after not writing cat posts for a long time, these visits from @cuddlekitten, rekindle my motivation to write a lovely Caturday post on cats.

Limited Cat stories to narrate due to limited cat associations!!

However, in these years, my life has changed substantially as well, for I don’t have many cat associations like before, I only have my two cats Garu and Mochu, they are my family. So, I don’t have interesting cat stories to narrate.

Plus, my focus is on getting a paid job as a crypto writer, so in my limited time I only do crypto. Yet, this does not mean I would ignore my cat roots!!
I have lot of photos on my phone still of my cats and my outdoor dog friends and I am yet to find the energy and creativity to write on them, inspired by the photos.

This Caturday, I will do a very simple cat post.

Sudden cat associations that inspired so many of my cat posts on Hive!!

I can never actually be lonely being with my cats, because they always make their presence felt.

Here is Mochu, who parked himself on my computer and very relectently left the space so I can work. This was my old computer.

When I got my new computer and was doing something on it, Garu found a opportunity to settle down it.

Thankfully, both my cats for some reason don’t come occupy my new computer.

Garu loved the heat from the old computer, which is why he often basked there with an outlet on the left side of the computer emitting heated air out.

In these 5 years of Hive, my Garu has turned old too from 2 years then to almost 7 now, and I have in the years crossed my mid-thirties and I am just one year short of hitting 40 now!!

Most of my thirties were occupied with my life having space for my cats, and I had few more cats that touched my life, which never happened before.

One never thought cats can be loving, I learned and experienced it first hand and that was quite a journey. I had written lot of cat posts on Hive, which is why @cuddlekitten become my friend on Hive. It’s marked me as a interesting cat person, and I have cat nip having been given cat tokens from some cat lovers on Hive.

My Enriching mornings with the street dogs!!

Anyway… and past one year I had my association with dogs as well, I still have to upload some pending old videos laying on my phone and write about them.

I don’t see these dogs often now, I see them rarely and I don’t carry treats , but I do encounter these dogs at times.

When I see them, atleast dogs like Votka and Biscuit come running and paw me, follow me to the vegetable shop, wait until I buy stuff.

Dog Biscuit

Dog Biscuit has done more. This fellow one day, came running behind my car that I took in a route I don’t see these dogs. He knew that the person driving the car was me, even though he has not seen me!! I was delighted, touched, excited at the same time.

Another dull, dry day I went to buy some cat stuff from the pet store, and while my bill was prepared, dog biscuit arrives. It was so long since I seen him, that I asked the shopkeeper if that was dog Biscuit, he said yes. Dog biscuit spotted me heading there from a distance and followed me.

I am so grateful to receive this kind of unconditional love from the dogs. I am also grateful for all the people who care for these dogs – feeding, vaccinating, nueting them, because they are fun and nice creatures, and they have enriched so many of my mornings from April of last year.

Dog Grinny, is a regular, I see her often but don’t spend a lot of time with her like before, she’s also changed liking to rest inside a house varenda, than coming to me or chewing chew stick.


Yet, one day when she was full of energy along with dog biscuit, ran to me and pawed. She was my favorite and first dog friend who got me associated with others.

So, just like @cuddlekitten visits, at times I get these dogs coming my way and those days, life reminds me – that you matter something to some creature, feels nice to be warmed up by this gesture of love, very overwhelming and always special!!

Hive motivation to keep on writing

At Hive, I am reminded several times, that my posts hold value too, be it crypto, or on my cat or dog stories, or some of my rare articles on travel, because I hardly get time or opportunity to travel.

I have grown as a writer on Hive, and keep evolving as a person and author daily and somewhere, something in life is still exciting and I am thankful to some extent there are elements in this life that keep me alive.

I really want to thank life or universe on keep giving me opportunities to grow too, weather I deserve it or not.

Anyway, happy caturday guys!!

Thankyou for reading!!


awww... animal companions do really make life a lot richer!

Happy Caturday, a belated IRL Birthday and kudos to 5 years on this here blockchain!

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Thanks buddy!! Nice you showed up here!!

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@wrestlingdesires mixed post - cat, dog and me...!!

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