My poor Fairy

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Spring, spring! It is already warm and the sun is shining brightly. But along with joy came problems: a huge number of ticks. These malignant insects pose a serious danger to my dogs. They are carriers of piroplasmosis, which can be deadly.

But this time my favourite cat, Fairy, was not so lucky. She loves to walk in the garden and here she has found a problem! Today I found a blood-bloated tick on her forehead. Bloody vampire! Fortunately, the feline body is resistant to tick-borne diseases and such a bite is not dangerous for the cat. But it's still very unpleasant.

Using special tongs, I carefully removed the parasite and lubricated the wound with antiseptic. On the photo you can see a small white spot on Fairy's forehead - it is a trace of a tick bite.

Spring is beautiful and you want to relax and enjoy the sunshine. But you can't let your guard down. Spring walks with pets are not only a joy, but also a responsibility. It is necessary to treat your pets with special means and thoroughly inspect them after each return home. And yourself too, by the way. Unlike a cat, a person can get an unpleasant surprise from a tick in the form of Lyme disease or encephalitis.

Take care of your furry babies and yourself!



Прийшла весна - заспівають котики і кицюні на весь світ!)))

Ой, вже заспівали, ще й як 😁

I'm sorry that fairy was hit by ticks, how lucky you saw her, and she removed this vampire from her body.
Yes, we have to be attentive in spring taking care of our pets
Have a wonderful weekend dear friend @torem-di-torem

And when they are black cats it is more difficult to detect them, the color does not allow it easily.
I adopted a cat a few days ago, on the 4th day I realized that he had 3 ticks. He takes them off and bathes him. I also took him to the vet, they dewormed him there.
The good thing is that cats do not suffer from this disease as much as dogs.

Yes, black cats and dogs are a double problem. Ticks are not visible on them at all

Selamectin is the only answer!

We don't have this product, but I looked at analogues with the same active ingredient. Thanks for the advice! I usually take Bravecto for them