Lagunitas IPA for Beer Saturday

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We hosted a BBQ at our house today and lots of our friends called around with their kids, who all played in the garden and were all drenched as it rained all day long! So why did we have a BBQ on a wet, rainy day?

Well we did what no Irish person should ever do. We tried to organise a BBQ in advance and in this case a few months in advance! One of our friends was home from overseas and decided to organise a bit party at our house, so we got the kids to do this sign for him arriving for the craic and then he texted at 13:55 that he was too hungover and couldn't go!


The rest of the crew came though, and although it did piss rain, we made the most of it and we had a gazebo to keep everyone dry.

We were all hungover too though, as we were all at the Flaming Lips gig last night, which was amazing!!




BBQ food is good hangover food and the burgers, sausages and ribs went down nicely with our guests.


Some nice cold IPAs also hit the spot and I got great news this afternoon too, my friend won 2 tickets to the Galway vs Kerry All Ireland final tomorrow and he's bringing me, which is unreal news altogether.

Here's a few photos of the beers.





That's It!

Hopefully you're having a great Beer Saturday wherever you are.

Enjoy the beer and the good company you're keeping.

The Grade


Thanks to @detlev for this ongoing and excellent contest for beer lovers around the world. Why not join yourself? Just tell a story about beer with a few photos or drink a beer and tell us about it.

The photos used throughout this post are all my own taken on my Samsung smart phone

Sláinte and Peace out.

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Some classic and great IPAs there

The Lagunitas IPA is a great one. I've only tried it from a bottle though, never from a can. Gotta see if I can find one.

What an awesome beer, ey. I also only had one from the bottle and never the can. How does the can compare with the bottle, or do you think they are the same if you had both! Always nice to try and wash the hangover away with some beer. Keep well! And enjoy the match!

I actually find IPAs much nicer from a can poured into a glass and icy cold.

The light gets at it more in bottles I believe, so cans typically better, though if I'm drinking directly from a vessel, I always prefer a glass bottle.

We lost the match 😢😭 but it was a great trip and we had a good go at them.

Sorry about the loss! It is never nice.

Yeah, that makes sense. Even in the green bottles which are supposed to help against UV light going through, there is some light going through affecting the hops I would reckon!

I will try to find the canned version or any canned IPA! But straight from the tap is always best at the local pub I'd argue! Have a cold beer my friend, every day we breathe fresh air is a reason to celebrate!