The Crafty Brewing Company, part 2 Irish Craft Pale Ale for #BeerSaturday

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Hi Beer lovers! After my previous experience with Beers from and for Lidl, and the pleasant surprise with the American Style Wheat Ale from the Crafty Brewing Company I told you guys that I’d turn back to Lidl to get some more from this product line to try.

Generally I’m not a Pale Ale fan, but now that there are more kinds of beer which are called Pale Ale than the ones I know being Pale Ale, a whole new world is opening for me…

Since I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the citrus notes in the American Style Wheat Ale, I decided to go for this Irish Craft Pale Ale. I read on the label A discerning Golden Pale Ale with Fruity Citrus Notes, so this beer caught my inmediate attention. For the rest the label is too “busy” for me, a bit in the same style as the American Style Wheat Ale, even though – probably because of the colours – a bit more modest already… What I do like is the scale on the labels which tells us how “malty” (sweet) and how “hoppy” (bitter) the beer will taste. This will be 1 point on a scale of 5 more sweet and bitter than the American Style Wheat Ale, if you’d like to know.

First question: which glass to take? Since I don’t know the beer it’s a guess. Since I’ve got only one beer, I can’t compare unless I’m dividing my beer over two glasses and compare during a mini tasting sesión  I went, just like last time for my Kwaremont and Carlsberg glass. One for opening in the nose, the other one to keep more carbonisation in the glass.

Even though the nose of the Irish Craft Pale Aleis a bit complexer than the American Style Wheat Ale (and that gets expressed as well in the colour, it’s a bit darker, so it’s a bit toasted) I would still go for more carbonisation with a nice foam topping. The 4,5% alcohol makes it a lager with a taste, and not an abbey beer like Leffe or Grimbergen. Maybe I’d go for 1 point (beforementioned scle) down in sweet and keep bitterness like it is.

For the Beer Lovers who don’t understand Spanish at the picture above the back lable says “We’re only interested in brewing good beer. We only use the best ingredients so that you can enjoy unique beers”. That’s very noble from the Crafty Brewing Company and I’m happy to have been trying it. It was a good experience, but not more than that. If I’d have to choose between the Irish Craft Pale Ale and the American Style Wheat Ale, I’d go for the second one because they’re serving the same purpose, i.e. lessing thirst with a cold beer, and the wheat Ale has just this extra special citrus note which makes the difference.

I’ll try not to wait again 3 weeks before posting my next Beer post in #BeerSaturday. I won’t fail on drinking or trying beers, but on time to write about them…

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cool, thanks.

Me gusta mucho tomar cerveza y probar nuevas, espero algún día poder degustar esta 👀

Si estás en España, mejor que te vayas muy rápido al LIDL, porque es una oferta limitada me han dicho. Si no itenes Lidl cerca y no vives en España, poco probable que vas a degustarlo ya que se lo hicieron especialmente para Lidl (aunque no sé si fuera sólo para Lidl España o para los otros países también) !PIZZA

Ah, entiendo :( no vivo allá pero es muy probable que vaya en un futuro! Le diré a mi hermano que la pruebe primero 😂 gracias por la información y por la pizza 🍕❤️🔥

TU hermano vive en España? Y tú? Aquí tienes otra !PIZZA más :-)

Se puede decir que sí, es un lugar para él bastante especial así que siempre me cuenta cómo es todo allá nwn hahha gracias por la 🍕!! 🤣❤️❤️

Pues no quieres decir de dónde sois?