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Hi my name is Lovely, I'm 20 years of age and delightfully sitting tight for my 21st birthday, I came from my adored country, the Philippines, living under the rooftop with my grandma. My grandmother who dealt with me since I'm 2 years of age is currently 93 years of living. She figured me how to turn into a reliant lady and a focused person. She raised me alone, my grandmother never cause me to feel irrelevant despite the fact that with the destitution we are confronting. She gave me the things I need particularly with regards to my own requirements, similar to she will give me everything just to satisfy me, and I truly value that generosity she had, so precious and worth to keep.


This photograph here shows how steady my grandmother would i say i is, had my end service at that point and she's the person who upheld me over my school years,


and, surprisingly, after now, the other photograph, she is wtill the equivalent, just her age has changed, yet her affection and backing? Still it's there.

I love singing, and moving. I do singing challenges and I readily enter myself to any move bunch. I'm somewhat master on doing haircuts, truth be told on my secondary school days, I made my colleagues hair more alluring and delightful. I likewise do modeling, to be straightforward I am tall thin young lady and large numbers of my kin respect me with that, on our grounds, my schoolmates generally cheer me to win a demonstrating challenge and consistently suggest me at whatever point there is a challenge.

With this advantage, I helped my Friend who is selling second hand clothes and for me also to have some extra.

My work presently is perusing and composing from home since for reasons unknown I suspend my review. I like verifiable occasions and science, I'm joyfully learning English, yet Math isn't on my rundown hehe.

One thing you want to realize about me is I'm pregnant. Definitely I quit examining along these lines, I'm soon to proceed with my schooling in third year school with the course pf Four year certification in scientific studies and Business Organization, at first I am extremely miserable with the way that I will be abandoned with my colleagues, yet one thing I understood is that training isn't a challenge that who finish first wins, I'm honored with this child I'm having so I will represent this and my life will before long be OK and proceed with my review. My grandmother better believe it obviously is veey irate from the get go, however presently she previously acknowledged me and even aide me to things a pregnant should do.


I'm a dog lover, I have a dog , he's name is Dark and he is so delicate, perhaps this is on the grounds that I raised him great so for not a glaringly obvious explanation he is a decent delicate canine to everybody. I additionally love music, very much like I said on the third section, I love singing. So as a vocalist I'm likewise a music darling, yet not an essayist. My best of best artist Symbol is Withney Houston, I truly respect her voice and her excellence, the saddest part here is she is done existing, but her music does.

I'm presently content with my ongoing circumstance, I'm taking the great consideration of myself and to my child. Presently where could my accomplice be? He is here with me, we are alright, he takes his obligations to me and to our child.

IMG_3647 (1).JPG

So as novice here, I am very much eager to realize you folks by perusing your exquisite articles. How about we be companions coincidentally.

  • Above all I am very grateful with my mentor @zbabe for giving me the opportunity and knowledge to be here, I am very grateful to have a kind and good friend.


Hello @faithamore! This is @jcrodriguez from the @OCD team. Congratulations for making your presentation post to the community. 😊

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I wish you a lot of success on Hive👍

Thank you very much sniper, i also wish for !y journey to become a successful here

Welcome diri dai.
Chat ko run taud taod. Ahu ka pa downloaron ug discord. ☺️

Faith as in LovelyFaith in read right? Hehehe hi, welcomeee. You're also here na, nahaysuuuu. And grabii, ang lakas pa ng granny mo. Parang impossible na ma reach ang ganyan na age ee, what's the secret kaya hehe charrr. By the way here's a Valuable Tips for Your Hive Journey baka gusto mo basahin kaya gora na hehe. Enjoy!

Thank you so much Sis ruffa yes sa wakas nandito na salamat talaga sa tumulong sa akin. I'm am veey excited na to read and write more hehe.

Hi @faithamore, 2 weeks ago I'm also a newbie. and still, I consider myself a newbie. And I'm enjoying what's happening now! You would have a great time here! I PROMISE YOU THAT! people are so welcoming and introduced me to this platform with open arms. I am Looking forward to seeing your post! Welcome and Happy Hiving!😍

Ohhh welcome also here friend I am glad to know you. I bet you had a great experience here and I can't wait to have those too.

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Hi @faithamore welcome to Hive, you have nice introduction thou seems like I already knew you, that's nice indeed. Congratulations for your baby, and I will surely looking for your future endeavors here. Have fun writing and enjoy reading. Take care...

Yes hehheheh I'm also on read and yeah we know our each other. Thank you very much I am excited to read more about your work and thank you for congratulating me for having my baby

Welcome here in Hive be. Si lovely faith ka sa read no? Naalala ko kasi nung gumawa ka ng article about sa preloved pants naman for online selling.

Yes kaila gyud hehehheh wa jud diay ka nakakimot sa ahung post about sa baligja hehe anyways thank you po

Welcome po sa Hive.
Ako naman po ay taga Batangas

Ohh hello it's noce to know where you came from friend, let's be friends

Welcome to the Hive Blockchain @faithamore and I wish you amazing stay on this wonderful platform. Tips to grow on the platform is engagement and I hope you will stick to that while giving your best in making a quality article. Welcome to the Hive Blockchain once again and keep exploring.

Thank you very much for your warm welcome and guidance i am glad to read your comment so welcoming friend thanks a lot

See you around


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@faithamore welcome on board love!❤ succes and enjoy your journey on Hive. 😅

Hello @faithamore! Welcome to hive! You will surely enjoy diri ☺️

Welcome to Hive! You've made the correct decision in joining #Hive a #web3 platform for your social media platform. Good luck and I wish you success.

Hello @faithamore welcome to hive and I hope you will enjoy your stay here. There's a lot of Filipino friends here and even other friends from other country too. People here are so welcoming so I am hoping to see you around.

Hello Friend 💐

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Welcome to Hive, @faithamore! Have fun here on Hive. And congratulations soon-to-be-momma! 😊

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Welcome to hive @faithamore. 😊 enjoy lang dito. Wag mahiyang magtanong dun sa discord. Masayahin mga tao dun. 😊

Hello @faithamore 🙂 Welcome to Hive, can't wait to read your articles and upcoming blogs. Congrats on your baby on the way 🎉 May you have a productive, fun, and engaging stay in the platform. See yah around!

Welcome here! :)
anyways, ang lakas pa ng lola mo, newbie lang din me here kaya explore explore lang us

Yes takang explore lang tayu here besh. Thank you also yiehhhh