WINNERS of the 1ST Art Community Banner Contest! Congrats to everyone who has won and a big thank-you to all that entered!

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Hello Art Community!

Let me first say that in a few short weeks that the Art Community has been around we received a great overwhelming response, and we are still growing every day. The past week to two weeks, this community had the biggest growth in subscribers and I am hoping a lot more join and show us there talented pieces of Art! With that said lets get right into it!

The 1st Art Community contest that started a few weeks ago was to submit an original piece of art in any method \ medium the artist has chosen. The contest information can be found here!

All types of creative people enter into this contest, and even if you didn't win we all appreciated your creativity and effort. Just because you didn't win some HIVE this time, doesn't mean your art isn't good enough and even that you can't win a contest in the future! All art is art, I always believed in that since I discovered what art was \ is. All the entries was great and this was tough to pick! 😀

Here are the WINNERS!

1ST PLACE - 100 HIVE goes to: @stanestyle | Original Post


2ND PLACE - 50 HIVE goes to: @sampraise | Original Post


3RD PLACE - 25 HIVE goes to: @idkpdx | Original Post


4TH PLACE - 12 HIVE goes to: @jacuzzi | Original Post


5TH PLACE - 6 HIVE goes to: @librepensadora | Original Post


6TH PLACE - 3 HIVE goes to: @deeanndmathews | Original Post


7TH PLACE - 2 HIVE goes to: @holovision | Original Post


8TH PLACE - 2 HIVE goes to: @siiiiichfried | Original Post


9TH PLACE - 2 HIVE goes to: @dzoji | Original Post


10th - 2 HIVE goes to: @suheri | Original Post



The HIVE will be sent out late tomorrow, I will post screen shots in the Art Community as proof. Again much thanks to ALL the entries! I am going to try my very best to piece most if not ALL the entries together to make the banner. There is only so much space I can work with. If I cannot piece them all, I am sorry, like I said there is limited space. I will try my best!

The banner will also be put together this week and posted asap! So we can start representing our art right in our community! On top of this I am almost done with the outline for the next Art Community contest, which I hope I have posted by this wed. I have some work cut out for me this week, on top of my 9-5, so please be patient. I know you all will be, you been really great so far!

I hope to see a lot more Artists & Creatives subscribe & share there art work with us this week and the weeks to come!

If you haven't already please join us in our discord server Creative World here:

Thanks again, talk to you all soon!

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I'm seeing familiar names 😉 congratulations guys 👍

Congratulations to all of you for your artwork and the winners!

👍 🔥

Really wonderful Art! just mind blowing


Thanks also from me and congratulations to all winners! You have created great works of art :D

I am so surprised, it is an honor to be among the winners. There were excellent works of art by everyone. Thank you! Let art stay alive in the community!

You deserved it, congratulations! 🔥 😀 👍

Hi friend @gre3n

I am very grateful that my design was taken into account in this contest.

I especially congratulate all the winners and hope that this community grows and becomes a great value to Hive, with the support of many.

Happy day for everyone

Congrats you deserved it, hope to see you in the next one!!

Congratulations to all the winners!

Woohoo! Thank you for selecting my image as one of the winners and congratulations to everyone else. I'm stoked to be a part of the community!

You deserved it, congratulations! 🔥 😀 👍

Congratulations to all the winners!

Congratulations to all the winners!
Keep hiving on!

Heck yea! Keep HIVING on \ make good content \ art works! 😀 🔥 👍

This will be a very nice cover.😀
Congrats to all and thanks for this amazing contest.😊

I also can't wait to put it all together!

Wowww I just went in and saw the notifications and I find this super surprise ... Thanks @gre3n, more contests like these come ... Super cool! Thank you very very much.

You got it my friend, lots more to come!

We look forward to it.

Oh my God. Where was I when this contest was announced? Wow congratulations to the winners

There will be another one soon, this week it will be announced!

Thank you thank you thank you -- and congratulations to all the other winners and entrants!

You got it my friend!!! Lots more to come, stay tuned!

congratulations to all the great pieces of artwork above it's nice to see such creativity!

Thank you @gre3n for hosting and promoting art!

Thank You for your awesome entry as well! PS get into the discord.....where are you!? Theres a reason.....👍

Hey @gre3n, Sorry I missed this message, I have been on assignment working in the mountains of Vietnam. so I had limited free time and internet.. lol I hope I did not miss anything too major! Whats up?

All good, trying to get a lot done for our art community, work, my own personal projects. I should have the new contests up tonight or latest tomorrow night. Didn't get anyone to talk for a group discussion this past Friday, I even posted about it before hand but thats OK. I wanted everyone's input but I'm going to get the new contests done myself and get them up. We need to grow bigger and bigger snd I'm sure there will be more members to talk to for input over time. Have a great day!

Ah @gre3n , NICE! 👍
Shoot me a mention when you get the contests up, I tend to get busy and do miss a lot, but want to take part :)

I promoted this post as well, hopefully put all your blogs in front of more eyes!!!!😊

I 🔥 burned a lot of hive promoting for both the art & Meme communities, all for a good cause.


Hive will be sent out tomorrow to the winners. 👍