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I am creating a collection on OpenSea and will be giving away all of the NFTs in it. Some here, some on Twitter, some on Instagram. You get the idea.


1️⃣You have to be a follower to win and make a comment with an OpenSea connected Eth Address where you would like your NFT sent if you win.

2️⃣You do not have to upvote or reblog but it is very appreciated.

Wanna buy some art? Click the link ---> https://linktr.ee/jensenart

NFTs are available on NFTshowroom at https://nftshowroom.com/jensenart/gallery
and Opensea at https://opensea.io/JensenArt

Jensen 2021. All Rights Reserved. #giveaways #contests #freenfts #nftdrops


It really blows my mind how so many expensive NFT's get sold on Opensea with little to no creativity and a genuine artist like yourself selling them for so cheap. So.. I couldn't help myself and bought 1 (literally 😃).

You've got a new fan and a @jensenart owner (well, digital owner 😅)!

And yes, I'd love to win one more:

Thank you!

We are still in the early stages where people are stil more focused on betting on the gains of a token instead of buying one for the art connected to it. Eventually we will be super boring and most NFTs will be phone bills or deeds of some sort. And medical records.

Yes. You are right. But if I had a thousand ETH, I'd rather spend it on actual art than on a rock 😅.
Keep up the awesome work 💪

Gah..those stupid rocks. I knew I should had bought one when they were near worthless so long ago....

@defendtheseas is already giving away the promo I created for them on their instagram account https://www.instagram.com/p/CUdjJKeFmCU/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
If you want one.

Hey :) Just found your page and artwork. I love the style! Have been checking out your collection on OpenSea and very tempted, especially for such low prices.

You're a little ahead of me in regards selling your art as NFTs. What's your experience on OpenSea vs NFT Gateway, as I'm considering both options?

Here's my ETH wallet (just in case): 0x75d1c6bbea866a3b4ed33803d079719d5ef75bb7


Thank you!

I like both OpenSea and NFTshowroom. OpenSea is still like eBay was back in the day, it was basically the only game in town even when there were still other games in town. You can sell some elsewhere, but you're more likely to sell more on OpenSea. It wont take long for the other platforms to catch up. Atomic (Wax) is doing very well and so are others. Hive is doing well in terms of some NFTs but mostly game assets at the moment, but with those massive amounts of new Splinterlands or other game accounts comes many new users in general who will be browsing NFTshowroom.

Yeah, that's what I figured. I'd looked at NFTShowroom, but not keen on the re-sale structure and don't know how visible it is, so was leaning more to OpenSea. Also looking on Solana - which you might want to check out. Lower prices & no Gas fees, but lots of upside potential and some bigger-value drops happening now (think Solanart.io is the main trading place).

I have been looking into Solana as well. There was a bit of a hype on the price for a moment, not that it couldn't be a higher price in the long run, so I waited. Now there is a dip on everything so probably a good time to invest a little. I use Polygon on OpenSea, no gas fees, no lazy mint fees. Similar, but I think Solana is more POS,I need to check.

And make sure to hustle on Twitter and Instagram. Seems to help a lot right now.

I would really like to start my NFT collection


That may happen. Tag your friends if they might be interested as well. Ty!

@flaxz maybe something you'd like

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