you must mention the south park's .gif image
bulldozer is watching...

My question to @hivewatchers
Can I share giphy gif on Hive?

This GIF may be sold and copyrighted.
And thereby prohibit distribution, except for the author himself.

Dude the only one spamming is you!

It is a free to share gif

So you yourself are both a plagiarist and a spammer and those who supported you.
Source for original.

You are a storyteller.
This is someone else's image NOT YOU CREATED IT.
Must indicate the source.

It's a bloody meme, gtfo you scamming piece of garbage.

You are a piece of trash.
The rules are the same for everyone.
You are the same.

Blogs =/= memes

Get some brain cells in your false equivalence.

I can find you a bunch of people who were blocked for such posts
I have lists and screenshots.
To whom and what did they write.
I didn’t just write it that way.

You are not of this world.
This is someone else's meme.
You need to indicate the source, you ram.
Get down to the ground and read the rules.

Oh really?

Someone else made the same exact HW meme using the same exact template?

Yeah, you can't tell the difference between a blog post, art work, and meme. So, stop pretending you know anything.

You obviously aren't smart enough to comprehend what you even read.

Yes, but it is not plagiarism @dalo

Hi. It is advisable to provide the source of images. Even if used just for memes.

You must understand, I have nothing against it.
But do it right.

I have nothing to say.
I flipped through your blog and understood everything spam all of you tried to create some kind of booster for voting failed now they started spamming with gifs

Using Free gif is not spam

Can I use GIF's on my blog? Is there any Copyright?

If you create your own GIFs, you would hold the copyright. However, if you use someone else’s GIF on your blog with out permission, you run the risk of a copyright violation.

Having said that, viral GIFs are shared thousands, even millions of times around the internet. It may be impossible to tell who actually owns the GIF.

Before embedding a GIF on your website, try to establish who owns it and if they hold a copyright for it.

Good luck!

As to your thought
There is no needed pixabay, pexels and other this type of sites
they have a license that the public can share their photos anywhere around the net
If you use other sites in these places like youtube or any sites
It will be considered copyright