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in Loving HIVE ❤last year (edited)


Oh my gosh, where do I start from? Honestly, I would thank God for everything so far, I can't mention all he has done for me and my family including connecting me with awesome friends, mentors, coaches, and associates... regardless of my attitude of reluctance and backwardness which I deeply regret! Nevertheless, I am full of life and light!

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With this challenge put up by @guiltyparties, it was a thought-provoking article that made me sit back and ask myself questions about what I achieved within the hive space, outside hive I have goals achieved successfully but hive I wondered!

Ever since the lapsing of an existing platform which normally was my fave, I struggled to sit up here in the hive. Everything looked difficult for me, I had a series of writer's block and was literally forcing every single bone in me to be productive and resourceful and that leads me into total lockdown, most times I just come over to hive to look around, read, scroll, upvote and comment if needs be. I was disconnected from my discord family but I never failed to fulfil my daily task!

I was mad and furious at myself but at the same time, I was looking for motivation and a source of strength to get back on which I couldn't find... I waited and hoped to be back in the game of writing but all effort was fruitless... Although I had a full story that I was writing and still have them in my archives I haven't had a chance to complete it and so the search for motivation and strength to pick up continued.


My First 🥇 Highlight

It came through!... Finally what I sought for came to fruition, through someone who has been my mentor, inspiration, a role model, a woman with multiple visions (visionary) @dreemsteem is the motivator! She took out of her precious time, a moment with written words of encouragement, soul uplifting, reliving and strengthening messages which I read throughout repeatedly, I could hear her talking from those words at a point I almost dropped a tear ... I said to myself “ the truth is bitter " but it's better to be told. Someone who has your interest would want the best for you and tell you where you're failing for corrections to be made before a fatal blow!

Permit me to drop screenshots of her messages to me...






These are just a few segments of the courageous message passed to me and I am deeply grateful that it came and ever since then ideas started popping in...I started writing about how my exams went and when we finished and till now! I must say that this is one of the HIVE HIGHLIGHTS that I am happy I experienced.

My Second 🥈 Highlight

Lately, I have been witnessing a spike in hive tokens, the rate at which it went up to $2.3. If I am not mistaken, I would be so excited and jubilating about the successful teamwork of the Hive coordinator! I checked the rate of 1 hive to Naira and I was shocked and glad, I did some trade, selling hive for was very beneficial to me and helped me in paying some outstanding bills I had, with hive I have been more solemnly responsible for my bills asf!

These are my highlights for the challenge thrown in the community and I hope you find this appealing and encouraging, to those of you who put up this...I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

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hehehehe you took my words to heart too!
and that's the Cescao I know!!!

Always strive high, my sweet! :)

Thanks Ma'am🥰🥰🥰

@dreemsteem is a loving motivating woman. I love her for her pure heart. Her message to you isn't a surprise because she would surely tell you the truth no matter what. It's good you have her close to you.

I have known her for years now!
And am glad to have her around...her dreem keeps me going!

thank you @starstrings01 :)

that's right - I see greatness in my Cesca - and she knows this. I wanted to give her a firm shake of love and she certainly took it to heart and is shining again here :)

thanks for your compliment to me!!! it means a lot!

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