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Remember the old days?

Maybe you are to young to know. Maybe you are my generation and can remember well, even notice the last remnants here and there. And maybe you are before my generation and even miss it.

Remember newspapers? It was another time. Let me tell you about it.

First of all, you have to know it was a company base concept. And every company had people working for them who called themselves reporter. Whenever something interesting was happening in the world, these reporters would show up, witness what was going on and write it down.

And when the day was over they all met again in their respective editorial offices. They would put all those things they had written down into one big paper which then was mass printed. People would buy it the next day to read. Thousands... no, even more: Millions of big thin papers with all the news in it. Newspaper was printed every day.

But not only that. People (yes those non reporter people like you and me) could write stuff as well. Put it in an envelope together with a little bit of money as compensation, send it to the newspaper company and the next day everybody could read in the classified section what you had written. That is, if the company running the newspaper did not deny your publication for some reason. Also, there was limited space on printed paper (still is) so if there were too many people sending in stuff, they had to cut it down. And here is the kicker: People could not only send in those classified ads, they could also write comments on what was printed the day before.

Behold the Internet

Ah yes, you know the internet. It's being used by you right now, even though you are already one step further but I'm getting ahead of myself.

When the internet was introduced it became a static copy of the things written down on paper. Reporters would still write stuff down, it got published and people commented on it. Some people even started their own Homepages and soon enough blogs showed up here and there. Social networks were developed, the like button invented.

But it all was still run by companies one way or the other. Be it the newspaper running the comment section, the agency running the server with the blog or the social network hosting the server farm. And the government and law enforcement started to interfere as well.

Controlling us was easy for them all. There was always a centralized point in the publication chain to exert control. And that became a huge problem: Things got cut or removed, sometimes without warning based on the decision of a few or only one person in a company. Even AI was developed to do this automatically.

On top of that (sometimes in a literal sense) the companies placed advertisements through centralized networks all over these things. There were always some banners or popups reminding us to buy new cat-food and upgrade our computer equipment. The companies made money with our content. How was that fair?

Entrance: Hive

When Bitcoin introduced the blockchain and sent shock waves through the financial world it was the next logical step to look for further applications of this new technology. And boy, did they find a great one.

Hive decentralizes the hole publishing business and puts it back into our hands. By replacing proof-of-work with the witness concept the power consumption of a blockchain is reduced drastically. And the evolutionary idea was: In addition to being a financial ledger also put in a text field.

With today being the 20th of July I want to paraphrase Neil Armstrong:

It was a small step of computer programming but a giant leap for computer science

Gone are the days were a company dictates its rules on us. We all have a voice in were things are going. We can chose our own front-end based on our own preferences. And if the front-end we want does not exist yet, then we can create our own.

Third party advertisement is gone. We get rewarded for our contributions in a democratic way and directly, without any company taking a cut.

We now have a decentralized network and no one can shut us down (unless they kill the internet completely). But it is no anarchy. It is a democracy. Not only about the technological development but also about its content.

We all take care of each other. We all make sure the rules (e.g. decent behavior and copyright laws) are obeyed. It all is governed by the people. So yes, we have another paraphrase coming:

Hive is the network of the people, by the people, for the people that shall never perish from this world

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Great writing! I'm one of the "old generation", so I remember the newspaper, the phone with line (only 1 in the house). And I was there at the start of internet. I saw the change and I'm so happy with the blockchain. No company own it and can force us into a certain path they want. Hooray for FREEDOM!
Came in through Dreemport.

Ah yes, the phones... we had one with a turntable. That was actually my inspiration for this post, telling my son about how it was when I was growing up. 😉

Nice to read you liked my post.

 2 months ago  

One other thing that paved way for the entrance of Hive (and Crypto) is the earnest desire for man to be Free. The emphasis on freedom in this era has sent shocking waves to everyone.

Hence, I believe in no distant time all financial institutions will take hold of that freedom and leave the centralised space and cling on to the decentralised world.

In the same way, all who wants to hold the Freedom of expression both in theoretical and reality will also forgo the chains and suppression of the Web 2.0 platform and embrace Hive so tenderly.

Thanks for sharing this lovely piece this this wonderful way.
Dreemport led me to you 🥰

Yes, it will happen, step by step.

Thank you for that nice feedback ☺️

Lets hope the trend continues!

The more I learn about hive and discover about its past the more I believe in its future.
The community is growing and one day it will reach a tipping point and the exponential curve will kick in. 😃

Yes, lets hope for that!

You've made a really detailed explanation of how the blogs have been made and shared through the ages.

Indeed, back then people use our work for their own benefits but now, Hive has given us the opportunity to make our voices heard.

You did a really good job of explaining it so clearly, I'm so glad dreemport brought me here.

I actually wanted to start blogging for a really long time now. Post something every now and then when inspiration strikes. But then I held back because I did not know about hive. Now I do. 😊

Thank you for that nice feedback

Oh wow, that sounds really interesting.

I hope to read more from you soon then 😊.

Hive is really an amazing community Let's keep hiving 😆🙏 and making the community a lovely one
Reading from @dreemport

Thank you. Yes, I plan to do exactly that for a looooong time from now on. 😄

Enjoy 🙏🥰

I'm also one of the older guys. I was before mobile phone and internet and I remember my first computers and the first time dialing into a mailbox with my modem.
Came through Dreemport!

Thank you. I really enjoy reading this, makes me realize I'm not the only one of my generation here 😉

You are not alone! 😁 There are many older people here and many people from Germany too. Depending of your name I guess you are German too? We recently started a German blogger discord group to help each other and share information. You don't have to blog in German but the group is for German people. 😎

Uh nice. I would !love to join you if you would have me 😀

Ja tatsächlich sind hier jede Menge Oldies unterwegs und wie @chaosmagic23 schon sagte, schau einfach vorbei im bloggertreff wenn du magst !ALIVE

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@hannes-stoffel! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @chaosmagic23. (5/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Right, the decentralized world gives the ability to everyone to control their action. Everyone is a ruler of his work, without any company interference.
@dreemport brought me to your post.
Thanks for sharing.

Now that you mention it, just triggered another memory: The internet as a descendant from the arpanet was originally planned to be decentralized and redundant to withstand localized (physical) attacks. Ironic how centralized it all became just for us to decentralize it all again.
Might make another article about that one day.

Thank you for your feedback and the inspiration 😀

Great article Hannes - a lovely trip down memory lane. I see that you have cited your image sources under CCO licensing. That is refreshing to see somebody doing that here on Hive! One thing we do at Dreemport is to take it a step further and share the URL links to the actual photo location on the internet and to the CCO licence under which it is being shared. It is a slightly higher standard but just requires a few URL links to be added going forward. I have asked one of our ambassadors to pop by your post to help you with this... it makes it so much easier for our Dreemport screeners to process the volumes (every post submitted to Dreemport is screened by a human being hehe) ... so look out for someone else popping by to help show you what is required.


Thank you. 😀
I took the liberty of following your advice and added the links.
Still appreciate the help and looking forward to it to ensure it is all up to standards 😉

I came and saw you have already added the links. Lol!

I am someone who remembers the days before the internet. There was always a daily paper in our house, bought by my dad. Actually, he is still someone who buys a newspaper. Old habits die hard, but at 93 it also serves as his daily walk so has another useful purpose.

Welcome to Hive and DreemPort! Both together are a winning combination. 💛

You rock, Hannes! 🙌


Great article. Exciting days ahead of us for sure.

Thank you. Yes, I agree. And things are getting more exciting the deeper I dive into what Hive already is. Everyday I find something new that's already been there and yet the discovery excites me as if it were just introduced.

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