#LoveForHive Initiative - Share what you love about Hive in a 30-second video

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It's time for another initiative! Hive is beginning to grow, and we need to push harder to reach more people and show them what we love about Hive. This initiative will be simple, upload a video to https://3speak.tv/ and in 30 seconds, say who you are and what you love about Hive.


The purpose of this initiative is to make a promotional video with all the short videos.

Rules To Participate:

  • Upload your video to https://3speak.tv/.

  • On your 3Speak video, use the tag #loveforhive.

  • The video can be in other languages different from English. If possible, add subtitles. If this is not possible for lack of software or knowledge, please add the translation in English in the description box of your 3Speak video.

  • Share your video on Twitter using the hashtags: #HIVE, #LoveForHive, and other related hashtags to your post. If you are active in other traditional Social Media sites, you can also share your post there.

  • Upload a short clip on Twitter, and then add a link under the Tweet. Videos get a lot more views if uploaded directly to Twitter, and to see the rest, they will need to go to your 3Speak profile.


HIVE Graphic by @doze.

Here is an example by @eddiespino and @grisvisa from @aliento:

Link to post.

If you are viewing this posts from http://hive.blog and you see an error, please follow this link to see it in PeakD.

The best posts will be eligible for an upvote from my account.

Best 3Speak.tv videos will also be eligible for @threespeak votes.

Do you have an idea for an initiative or contest like this one? Contact Eddie Espino on Discord (eddiespino#2240), Twitter, or Telegram (@eddiespino).


If this is your first time uploading a video to 3Speak.tv and you have questions on how to do it, feel free to contact @eddiespino.


I'm always looking for great Splinterlands content on 3speak! Anyone who uploads a great Splinterlands video to 3speak will receive an upvote from me and Splinterlands too when I curate! https://hive.blog/hive-13323/@clove71/xwromwlc

Exactly The best community for that initiative


@theycallmedan I love this initiative 😍 😍

 18 days ago 

I love it, short videos are a great way to promote HIVE.🎉

Wowwww... I'll make my post on LovingHive 😎😎😎🙏🙏🙏😘😘😘

I love it 😍

El mejor sitio para publicar sobre Hive

I did not put it on 3speak because I have issues uploading there. However I have been promoting the hell out of HIVE on YouTube, Bitchute, Dlive, Twitch and Periscope using restream to broadcast to all of them at once. My shows are always posted to HIVE and I use HIVE to post the show notes prior to the show.


What issues are you having with 3speak? I can let a dev know and they can help you out.

Videos won't upload. They upload fine to Bitchute and other platforms as they are livestreams, I'll try again with my next video.

Amazing initiative. Well-done 👍

Awesome initiative Dan!

That's amazing, I'll do mine soon.

Hopefully, you will make some Splintrlands videos on 3speak! :-)

Great initiative and only 30s make it more exciting. 30s is enough time to express our love.

Whoa I love that one for 30 seconds.
I will pour my heart on this one for HIVE



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Excellent initiative. ❤️❤️❤️

Great! I'll make my post on LovingHive 😍.

Wow! Excelent iniciative

ohh I will record my video <3

Me encanta, sería genial subirlo por Loving Hive.

I love this initiative is great

wow i love this initiative. ❤️❤️❤️

Excellent initiative. We must go for more, hive must grow exponentially, reaching more is our goal.

Cool initiative and I will share my submission soon. thanks.

Can you cut/shorten videos in Twitter?

I like this! :)

Greetings, excellent initiative, I'm going to do mine

HI!!! excellent initiative. This is a community full of learning, knowledge, and above all love for all the people who wish to be here

Wow! That's great news for us

Excellent intiative

Send love 💕 HIVE

Exelente tu post, me encantó. Felicidadeees

Amazing initiative, Dan 😍

This is totally amazing! Count me in! Here's my participation!

Let's bring Hive to the moon!

Hi to all :D this is my Hive iniciative post - video - I hope that you like it


I'm excited about this short 30-second video I made. I feel like a lot of people are going to join in with this initiative you are doing.

HIVE, keep growing.

Wao I love this initiative.. weldone

Mi participacion en esta bella iniciativa

Here's my entry. It was so difficult tweeting my link but it eventually posted.

Here is my Entry:

Twitter Share with Small Video Clip:

#Youtube Share:

I really liked it, I hope all those videos look amazing :DD:

Here my post: https://peakd.com/hive-189306/@dimeshana/jszbozxj

Here the tweet:

Here is my entry What I love about hive ! @theycallmedan . I hope you take a look at it ! I did my best to create a good video !

Todavía puedo participar?