Hive SBI has a web site!

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What is Hive Stake Based Income (SBI)?

We are an account-based curation program. You sponsor accounts for regular ongoing curation, and then you receive back curation rewards as upvotes on your own content.

Members regularly accrue pending balance, and when their pending upvote balance is high enough, they receive an upvote on their latest post (or next post if their latest post is older than 24 hours), from one or more of our curation accounts.

Quick History

Hive SBI has been active on Hive since it originally forked from Steem. Our sister program, Steem Basic Income, has been active on Steem for more than five years. For most of that time, we have operated as a blockchain-native company, without ever launching a web site!

While everything around our program is fully transparent on the blockchain, it can be difficult for members to identify whether our program has correctly processed their enrollments, or whether any other issues may occur around their sites. We have an API that is utilized by Peakd wallet (replace @yourwallet with your own Hive name) to check unit and pending balance levels, but many need more visibility.

Web Site Launched!!

We started by enhancing our API. Then we built a pretty basic interface that gives you visibility into the information available to our API.


This has actually been up for a little while, and we have been directing many Discord queries in this direction, but this is the very late official announcement.

User Info

Basic account info that has been available through Peakd wallet for years.


We also share Steem Basic Income information if you still have a membership in our sister program.


Transaction Info

This is never before available information! You can see into transaction history as captured by our database, including any manual corrections to broken transactions.

Enrolled Hive SBI has the transactions that we have received from your account.


Sponsored Hive SBI has the transactions that we have received from other accounts, but supporting your account. This is where you can identify who has supported you!


Broken Transactions

There are two different error types that may appear in your transaction history.

  • LessOrNoSponsee

These transactions failed because the amount of HIVE received cannot be divided evenly into the number of names. We will fix this manually by splitting the 15 received across the two broken transactions and giving each account 5 total.

  • AccountDoesNotExist

If your transaction includes typos or neglects to sponsor another Hiver, then it will show as AccountDoesNotExist.


We watch for these periodically, and attempt to fix them manually, but you can also let us know if you have one. If you are the sender of a broken transaction and don't like our fix (recipient accounts are different than you intended) then let us know and we can update the transaction for you.

We Need Help!

As you can see, there is a good reason we operated without a web site for so long! If you you can help us improve, check out our public github repositories. We are offering bonus unit rewards for all accepted contributions to our project. Please include a reasonable estimate of rewards amount requested with any pull request.

Questions about our Program?

Please check out our FAQ. Most questions are addressed. If you still have questions, ask in the comments section or join us in our discord channel.


I've been using this for a while I didn't realize it was a new thing.

It has been out for a while, but we never officially announced it. We are moving into a new era of slightly more active promotion again.

I am a long-time supporter of your initiative
It is a pleasure to read about the launch of your website
As a user, I found it very useful to monitor the regular investments in the project.

Thank you for your ongoing support! We're glad that our website is proving useful to you.

Congratulations on the new website! I've very much appreciated HSBI since I arrived here, so this is marvelous news! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

This post was shared with me and I find it very interesting, I'll look at the code, maybe I can help with something. Thank you very much for giving the whole community the opportunity to participate, and also for contributing to open source.

Great to see something new on your blog!
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We're hoping to get back into a somewhat regular content cadence again, although it may never be daily like it was for the first couple of years.

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As a consolation, @steembasicincome gets !PIZZA from @hiq.redaktion.

For further questions, check out or join our Discord. And don't forget to vote HiQs fucking Witness! 😻

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I check the github repo...

hello, I like your story and the program you are running, I like it, I hope it can inspire many people
thank you for sharing your story, help my content
yes so I can work more

My previous @v4vapp proposal has expired. I have a new one which is running but unfunded right now. I'm still running @v4vapp and all my other services.

I've just updated and I'm getting ready for some exciting new features after the next hard fork.

Please consider asking your friends to vote for prop #265 or consider unvoting the return vote.

For understandable reasons in the current crypto climate it is harder to get funded by the DHF, I accept this so I'm asking a wider audience for help again. I'll also add that I power up Hive every day and usually power up larger amounts on 1st of the Month. I'm on Hive for ideological reasons much more than for only economic benefit.

Additionally you can also help with a vote for Brianoflondon's Witness using KeyChain or HiveSigner

If you have used I'd really like to hear your feedback, and if you haven't I'd be happy to hear why or whether there are other things you want it to do.

You can count on my full support.

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Saludos, buenas tardes. excelente material !1