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Hello dear friends,
with this post I wanted to participate on the liketu contest, but I couldn't find how to write a post in the community .... I swear I clicked in every place, no way!
So contest or no contest I post it here, and in the pictures below you can see how I proceeded 👻


Ciao cari amici,
con questo post volevo partecipare al concorso di liketu, ma non sono riuscita a trovare come scriverci un post nella community .... vi giuro che ho cliccato dapertutto, no way!
Sicché concorso o non concorso lo pubblico qui, e nelle immagini sottostanti potete vedere come ho proceduto 👻





I also attached the fake eyelashes on the fake eyes 😁

Ho attaccato anche le ciglia finte su gli occhi finti 😁







I hope you like it, thanks for following me, and let me know what do you do for Halloween! 😈😍

Spero che vi piaccia, grazie per seguirmi, e fatemi sapere cosa fate voi per Halloween! 😈😍


what happened to cute?
oh yeah, it is Halloween - now I do meet some characters like that when I dream about my trips on the U6 (Metro) in Vienna. And not just around Halloween!
🤣 upvoted and reblogged.

🤣Danke vielmals Otto 😄

Woah, this makeup is very creepy.
I love it!!

It's very easy to use Liketu. I logged in using the Hivekeychain app, I can show you how to use it if you'd like. Maybe you can make another Halloween makeup tomorrow for the contest?
You have an amazing talent!!

Wow, eyelashes on the fake eyes too hahaha, they look so real. That's very creative👍

Thank you so much 🤩
I was inside, also in the DIY HUB community, and than it was no way to make a post... but no problem... I stay in peakd 😁

Okay dear❤

Ma questo trucco è bellissimo e creativo e poi due occhi in più sono sempre meglio di due :) !LOL
!discovery 35

I changed all my passwords to Kenny
Now I have all Kenny logins

Credit: reddit
@carolineschell, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of libertycrypto27



🤣 GRAZIE MILLE! Hai ragione due 👀 in piú fanno comodo 🤓

Da hast Du eine fürchterlich schöne Fratze aus Dir gemacht. Zum Glück braucht es nur Wasser und Schwamm um Deine Schönheit zurück zu gewinnen. Fröhlichen Halloween

Danke vielmals... ja ist schnell weg gegangen... nur bei den Ohren hab ich länger gebraucht 😂

oh cool, doppelte Augen sind creepy, Happy Halloween 🎃


wonderful. For a moment I thought photoshop.

Thank you soooo much 👻 Happy Halloween 😃

Your work with painting on the eyes was great to begin with. Adding the lashes brought the effect up to fantastic! 😍 How did you come up with the idea?

The photo with you among the flowers is so striking. I'm imagining the reactions of people walking by and then suddenly catching your phenomenal look! 😱😆

My friends and I have a Halloween Party every year and I've done a few different makeup looks over the years (sugar skull, voodoo priest, and zombie mostly). Your post makes me want to seriously level up my efforts for next year.

Wishing you a frightfully fun Halloween!

wow nuts!

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@stevenson7 just sent you a DIY token as a little appreciation for your post dear @carolineschell! Feel free to multiply it by sending someone else !DIY in a comment :) You can do that x times a day depending on your balance so:

Don't be shy - share some DIY!

You can query your personal balance by !DIYSTATS

Thank you very very much 😊

🤣 so fricken awesome!!🙌

Thank you sooo much 😜

What a spectacular makeup, the eye color looked great on you.

Thank you very very much 😁

My God! This looks so real. Those eyes looks scary. You did the Halloween makeup so well

Thank you so much!!! Hope you have a good Halloween 🎃

You are welcome, friend🤗 and yes I had a good Halloween. Do enjoy the rest of your weekend☺️

Wonderful art and wonderful artist.

Thank you very much 😃

How great it looks! With that makeup you will surely scare more than one person out there jajaj
Best of luck!

Thanks so much! Yes I hope I will do it 😄

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You have done a very good make up and in fact people will be scared to see the way this event is going to be the whole purpose and also to entertain people in a good way and a lot of hard work has been done. The best thing about such events is that one meets each other and forgets one's worries.

Thank you very much... happy that it's scary 😈

Most welcome dear.

Oh my 😳

You guys are taking this to the next level
So sorry you couldn't find how to post on liketu
It's actually easy
If you're using desktop.
Just sk you know, Your entry isn't valid


I know that it is not valid, but finilly if I cannot post in liketu I will not use it in the future... I don't see a pen symbol or there is no "WRITE A POST" so can be that it is not so clear like Hive, peakd, and other applications .... I did my best🤷‍♀

You just have to press the cross button
Upload your photos first and then write your post

Wave Media

This + is not on the computer, all this line is not on the screen 💩

Can you show me a screenshot of your login page?

Whoa, that is pretty trippy! Makes me dizzy somehow.

Excelente maquillaje, me maree 😆

Grandioso trabajo, me encanta es bastante realista.

Ti dirò quello che provo, lungi dal provare paura, provo ammirazione per la forma degli occhi, uguali ai tuoi e semplicemente dipinti sul tuo viso, non puoi riallinearlo in un'altra comunità, ma qui sei molto bene, mi è piaciuto