DIY Hub Giveaway Final Round: Last Chance Winning 15 Hive and 300 DIY

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Congratulations to @geertu & @sanjeevm (@sanjeevmbbsr on twitter) for winning the 2nd Round

Don't worry ! YOU still have one more chance!!

This is your last chance winning 15 Hive and 300 DIY token.

Some important things to note :

If you have subscribed, you don't have to do it again.

It is not necessary to tag your coolest friends or family in this round but feel free to invite your friends who has not participated and would be happy to be part of our growing DIY Hub.

DIY Hub is a non-profit curation on hive which focuses on all things DIY. Not only Video content, we also curate DIY Blogs all accross hive. If you are not a content creator but passionate about DIY or constantly trying to find things to do, Delegating to DIY will give you 100% return.

And for content creators who like to share their DIY works,

Join and Subscribe to our awesome and growing community !

Because we are the HUB that connects you with other passionate DIY-ers and your audience. Our curation effort and showcase, extend to Twitter and Pinterest, where you can also follow our account on Pinterest and Twitter to find inspiring and creative daily DIY content.

Here are some simple rules to join this raffle:


With only [3 ] three steps you can have a chance to win 15 hive and 300 DIY token each week until Wednesday 12 August 2020

  1. Subscribe/join DIY HUB (especially if you love all things DIY), if you have joined, you don't have to.
  2. Re-blog this! (Invite your friends, family, anyone to join this raffle, This is not necessary for this round but feel free to invite your friends. )
  3. Leave a comment (so that our team can put you in the raffle)

That's all that you have to do.

We are looking forward to your entries and do leave us a comment.

If you'd like to see the winner picking process, check out our latest dtube video Picking the Winners of the big @DIYHub Giveaway - Week II

Also feel free to join our official DIYHub community on Hive!If you have any questions about our project and share your posts there!

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Thanks to @wolfofnostreet for inviting me to participate in this giveaway , I have completed the above steps and am glad to be here

Thank you @wolfofnostreet for inviting me here. I've completed the above steps. Thanks to diyhub for this opportunity.

hello dear friends @diyhub good night
Excellent, the third edition is here, and a new opportunity to win, although it is not necessary to invite our friends, I would love that they would like to participate in this raffle.
Have a great night everyone

I have done all three and this is a great initiative. I am a skills acquisition trainer and find this community valuable.
Here is my link for tweeting this.

@smyle @botefarm @promzyelisa join in

Thanks for the invite

Really DIYhub doing great job, wishing it will be most powerful curation team in future of hive blockchain.

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Awesome! I just completed all the steps required. I believe others would find this interesting.

@eurogee @drigweeu @minoski

Thanks for the final round. Wish to be a winner.

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I'm subscribed and I've reblogged. Also followed on twitter. Fingers crossed.

Guys @monica-ene @gloriaolar @maxwellmarcusart join in on this raffle draw

I've subscribed, reblogged and followed on twitter.

Fingers crossed.
@cohlson @prechrukky join us

Excelente!... Estoy dentro. Quiero aprovechar para invitar a este concurso a @corinadiaz @dbora @nachomolina

Ah interesante! Gracias por la invitación amigo mio!

Muchas gracias!!! Estoy ingresando e invito a @suralla @jesusvzla y @zhanavic69

This is very good

I love your project and I haven't forgotten that I want to delegate to you, now that I know how to do it. When I delegate, do I have to notify you somewhere? Thank you.

I invite to see this post and to join the community @DIYHub my friends @acostacazorla, @felixmarranz and @dulcecrucita

Hola, un gran proyecto y una excelente oportunidad, gracias...

Thank you very much for my prize! and congratulation to @sanjeevm.

Good luck for all of you.

Joined again this round! :)

yaaaay im on the round !

Glad I saw this to join at the last minute!

Thank God am here

Am I too late to join this party? Hope not :)

Ps: my last #diy entry -> DIY - Hot Wheels Track Connectors

Que excelente iniciativa. Aquí estamos.

Good opportunity for Hivers to win and participate in the raffle. Good luck, everyone! God speed.