DIY Hub is Expanding The Network

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Hello Hivers, We are expanding !


We are extremely glad to announce that now, hivers can also find us on Pinterest and Twitter. Our team is trying to expand the outreach not only for hivers but also potential hive users who are interested in DIY. Hence, we came up with the idea to expand in both platforms especially Pinterest where it provides the exposure that @diyhub needs.

Moving forward, we hope to attract more users to hive while also providing value to our existing followers and delegators who enjoy our daily DIY curation.

So, what are you waiting for?

Follow our account on Pinterest and Twitter to find inspiring and creative daily DIY content.

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Great to see the community expanding! This will only drive more users to Hive.

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I am proud to see so many friends joining hands

I like this! Imma all about DIY and have some amazing DIY stuff I am coming out with soon! Will share on here all of it as it comes to be! Thanks!

Looking forward to that ! Don't forget to join to our community and start posting there. We are currently doing Twitter and Hive giveaway. If you are interested, check them out.


Great to see you so active here @moonunit. Thanks for the link/mention ;)

How on earth did you get all that delegation? That is seriously amazing.

Looking forward to seeing more of your home renovation.

And for sure I will join you posting here once we start building our own home. Not long now...

Hey @samstonehill, I wish this was my project or delegation! I entered a contest as I am currently posting the renovation series on our house.

I am currently on chapter 2 and I aim to publish 1 a week. Taking it slowly at the moment and getting to know a few old friends here again. It has been a while since I actually spent some time here. I, as you know have dedicated most of the last year or two to whaleshares so I figured it would be time to maybe spend some time here in light of everything going on there.

I am enjoying seeing everything develop in your rental, the allotment is awesome and I am ever so jealous of the court yard garden!!

We have a lovely suntrap to the back of our house too and will get to making it into a herb garden / green house in I would guess a year or two. Still very much focused on the internals of the house at the moment!!

We are actually getting some roof work done, hopefully next week!

Hope to chat soon.

Take care.

Ah! I see.

Well, I have no doubt you are doing an amazing job and in a few years from now you will be sitting back with your cocktail, enjoying the moment with nothing left to do ;)

My only (perhaps slightly paranoid) thought would be to prioritise the greenhouse further up the list. Food prices will keep going up so any way you can supplement your diet from home grown food will really help save money for more important things.

Please don't hesitate to drop me update links here or on Discord. I am a bit rubbish at keeping up with everyone's posts, though I am very interested in your journey and don't want to miss any of it!

All the best to you bro and keep up the great work.

As always Sam your words are so kind. Thanks man. Will keep you up to speed!

I really enjoy reading yours too, we are almost on parallel paths at the moment!

It's a good initiative. Keep it up.

Congrats to this expansion.