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Welcome to @DIYHUB! We are a curation initiative aiming to support HIVE users who put in the effort to share their knowledge with the blockchain. In order to provide a high quality community and curation project we have decided to set up and write down a few content requirements your post should fulfill and to define target niches we curate in. More on that in this FAQ.

  • The following list of requirements acts as a guideline for:
    -- you: to help you creating better content and upgrading the quality of your posts
    -- our curators: to decide if a content has enough quality for a curation
    -- our delegators: so they know what kind of content we support with their valuable delegation.

  • The list of target niches shows transparently on what kinds of content we focus with our curation.

Make sure to follow our blog to not miss any upcoming changes on those parts. We are constantly working to improve our initiative and for that changes of the requirements and target niches are needed.

Content Requirements

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One of our long term goals is to build an active community full of practical knowledge shared by creators all around the world. The community and curation should be fair for everyone while showing our delegators that their delegation is in good hands.

Content quality is often subjective but there are also objective factors making a post a high value piece of content. That's why we have set up a few "rules" a post should fulfill in order to get the chance of being curated by us.

Of course the quality improvement of your post does not end with fulfilling our requirements. Make sure to work in more elements that provide additional information on the topic of the post just like: links to external ressources and hive posts (your own or others), visualization of information with graphics / videos and side notes to let the reader understand the topic and process even more.


1. original content only

We do not accept any content theft and will mute a creator from our community when this happens. Please take the time to add sources to your quotes and give credits if needed.

2. show a process / write a tutorial

We are not curating "only results" (anymore) because one of our key ideals is that sharing knowledge is the key to a vital community where everyone benefits from the content. A basic human need is to learn new things and there is no better platform than hive for that in our opinion. Creators who put more effort in explaining things automatically work on their content creation skills and give the viewer valuable input. Additionally we only curate programing and art posts if they are tutorials to not intersect with other communities. (more on that under "target niches")

3. main language is English

To ensure an active community with valuable discussions in the comment sections we think that one default language is beneficial. Of course you can still share bi-lingual posts and we are also not going to be mad if you comment on a post in spanish. But a post should at least contain English content to be valid for a curation.

4. at least 200 words per language

We strongly believe that 200 words is a minimum in order to share a full process or tutorial on a specific topic. Often we as creators forget to explain the small details a viewer needs to know when following the post. Also side notes, links and additional information on the topic is upgrading the quality of a post and encourages comment discussions. Many times the behind the scenes content is what stuck most in our heads and what we remember the best. So share a few more words on how, why, when and so on to earn some more exposure on the long run.

Edit: We have excluded 3pseak videos from this rule so a video description has no restriction for its length BUT the video should be at least 1min long and fulfill the other requirements.

5. spaminator blacklisted creators are blacklisted for DIYHUB

Our curation initiative only accepts original content and to make the life of a DIYHUB curator a bit easier we have connected our workflow to the @spaminator blacklist. If the author of a post is on that blacklist then our curators are not able to curate the specific post. In future it could be that we integrate more blacklists to our initiative to ensure original content and avoid content theft.

Note: We are going to constantly work on our requirements and add more points to help you upgrade your content creation skills and to ensure a high quality curation. We will inform you via our blog if we are going to change anything.

Target Niches

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D o I t Y ourself is a very broad topic and if you will, everything you create without the help of big corporations counts as DIY. Therefore in the past we have curated tons of content from gardening over photography and art to health tips and skate videos. But on HIVE there are a lot of communities already taking care of these kinds of content so we decided to narrow down our curation categories to only a handful. We do not want to act as an opponent of other communities and fishing for community members. We are here to work together with them to grow our diverse content platform called HIVE and encourage users to fill it with high value posts. Communities are meant to be a place where valuable feedback and vital discussions are happening in the comments and this only can happen when people with the same passion come together. We take the following categories in our focus but we will also work on those in future:

Curation Categories


3d printing, electronics, jewelry making, metal and wood work, upcycling


creating fashion, paper works, pottery, knitting / crochet, self-made beauty products and cosmetics + makeup tutorials, art tutorials, programming tutorials


Building big things like houses or sheds, decoration, gardening , homesteading, repairing things

Note: We reserve the right to cut out or add categories in future and will inform you about that. Do you miss any then please let us know and we will discuss it in our team.

Any more questions?

We are open for your suggestions and will answer all of your questions. Just comment under this post or any of our other posts and we will have a chat about it. Also you can join our discord and contact us directly: https://discord.io/diyhub

We discover posts daily in various categories:

  • CREATIVE: coding, self made cosmetic and beauty products, fabric work, yarn work, pottery paper work and art tutorials
  • CRAFTING: 3d printing, electronics, jewelry making, metal and woodwork, upcycling
  • HOME&GARDENING: building, decoration, gardening, homesteading, repairing
Share your Do-It-Yourself projects in the DIYHub community on HIVE with members with the same passion, interests and who will appreciate your work. Let's connect in the community and build strong and long lasting relationships on the HIVE blockchain!

This service is 100% non-profit!

all of our curation rewards are going directly back to the delegators via daily payouts in liquid HIVE! Please support us and the creators we are supporting with your delegation and earn passive income: 100 HP | 200 HP | 500 HP | 1000 HP | 2500 HP | 5000 HP

Next to the usual curation we are also running a witness server on hive.
If you want to support our journey then feel free to vote for our witness!

You can contact at any time via our discord server: https://discord.io/diyhub
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Excellent all the information provided. I will follow the rules to the letter. Thank you for the information, I will be attentive to your next publications. I am very excited about your project and I hope we grow and form a great community full of success. Best regards @diyhub @DIYHUB

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Sounds good. Thanks for being awesome, stay with us.

Can I post about creating a website?

Great, thanks for these guidelines and instructions. I will duly follow them so as to be successful in the community.

I'm just going through this for now, I'm sorry for publishing a wrong article in your community the past few days please accept my apology and long live to your community bye.

Thanks for your information your guidelines is sufficient to everyone in this community, thank you once again

No habia conocido esta comunidad, pero ya veo donde publicaré lagunas de mis manualidades, mucho éxito a los líderes de esta comunidad y a todos los creadores de contenido que hacen vida en ella !LUV

Thank you so much I appreciate 🙏
What if I add a little video?

Que buenas reglas, ya he logrado delegar 200 HP para apoyar esta comunidad.


@diyhub hello sir

AssalamuAlaikum hope you are very well. I see excellent voting witness has given directions. Also the directions for signing up the account are really important. Also some fluid instructions about teleportation are really awesome. Your experience is truly immense for our convenience here at Crafting Creative Home and Gardenin. I am forever grateful to you.Those who are spamming and blacklisting have nice things to say about them, it really inspires hundreds more to work here with dedication.Thank you very much for one of the excellent guidelines here is Ward. I usually write about 800 to 900 words when I create a post. But I'm trying hard to make it short and highlight some important points through this short.

The standard and beautiful quality of the post speaks volumes about making something better, which is really true. But I think when we create a post. Usually many people don't use markdown in the post, because of which the quality of the post sometimes looks different. Although the creativity of his skills is very beautiful. But I also think it is important that the beauty of the post is lost due to the mall down. So we should know about all bugdown usage. A mardacoon is especially important to us at Text Justify. I am very happy and elegant to read this post completely here. I am more than happy to read some accurate and beautiful future bright directions you have given. Your loving and inspiring message keeps me going in all activities. I accept your wonderful heartfelt love hoping that God bless you always. Also, I send my respect and love to you and your family. Until today, hope you always have a great day.

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