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On the 11th of November: International Origami Day

Hey there, DIY enthusiasts! Get ready for the DIYHUB Origami Contest – where we're all about the fun of folding paper and the beauty of these creations. Origami is all about turning a simple piece of paper into cool 3D art. It's a chance to be creative and show off your skills. We're inviting you to join in, learn, and connect with fellow DIYers.

You'll take plain paper and turn it into amazing sculptures OR you create anything else related to the theme! Come and celebrate the art of origami with us. Let your creativity shine, and let's have a blast together. Grab some paper, start folding, and let's see what you can create!

Review of the Previous Contest

Last month's spoooooky "HALLOWEEN" theme in collab with liketu was truly remarkable, with a whopping 71 contest entries! It was an absolute delight to witness your creativity and the incredible skills you shared with our community. We sincerely appreciate your active participation and the valuable contributions you make to our community!

Here are all participants: @edittasc86 @meyateingi @chacald.dcymt @laranitacrochet @edwarlyn11 @borbolet @rouseeve26 @niggyayo @tifany @belkysmargarita @hermerg01 @naty16 @anyi17 @ismaelgranados @gaboamc2393 @moisesrojas @leidys01 @lauracraft @fixie @marlynmont @mayifiestas @eveyese1312 @emybaby @katiuskamata @alexa.art @sylregne @venusl19 @monipk35 @delvallecedeno @lissobando18 @divergente1 @emmaris @creacioneslelys @antoniarhuiz @elbuhito @dayadam @desileal @bayondalways1 @rodriguezkike232 @yagelybr @lismarcarolina2 @jorgelissanchez


To us, every one of you is a winner for showcasing your skills and creativity! However, we had to select three participants to award our prizes and here are our chosen winners!

Zombie Pop Art Artistic Makeup 🎃 Initiative Halloween (II participation)
DIY Michael Myers Halloween Sculpture


You will receive your prize within the next 24 hours!

Origami Contest!

Image from Freepik

Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding, where intricate designs are created by folding a single sheet of paper. It holds deep cultural significance in Japan, symbolizing patience, precision, and simplicity. For the Japanese, origami represents more than just a craft; it embodies a sense of harmony, tranquility, and the beauty of simplicity in their culture.


International Origami Day is a special day celebrated globally to honor the art of paper folding. It takes place on November 11th, coinciding with the Japanese holiday known as "Pepero Day." Origami enthusiasts, both young and old, come together to share their love for this creative craft. It's a day to appreciate the beauty of folding paper and the sense of unity it brings to people worldwide.

Image from Freepik

Are you ready to unleash your creativity and craft some beautiful paper birds, paintings of origami art or crafting a cute children's mobile? Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned DIY enthusiast, this is your chance to shine. Join us in the spirit of Origami Day and share your creations with us.

Get ready for a crafting contest that's sure to fill Hive with your technically gifted skills in the theme of:



🥇 1st
🥈 2nd
🥉 3rd
Hive SBI

On top of that:
Our friend @sagarkothari88 will donate additional HP to the first 10 participations!

The winners will be announced within the next contest announcement on 1st of December 2023!

Image by Freepik

Rules (simply and mandatory)

🗹 Upload your creation inside of the DIYHUB community
🗹 Deadline is the 27th of November
🗹 use the tag #diyorigami
🗹 multiple entries are allowed


Image from Freepik
  • Boost your chances by thinking creatively and going beyond the usual.

  • Make your entry stand out by crafting something one-of-a-kind from the given prompt.

  • The more you share about your creative journey, the higher your chances of success.

  • Enhance your post with plenty of pictures, descriptive captions, and perhaps even a video.

  • Make the most of the long time before the deadline to perfect your entry.

  • as you can read in the rules and target niches we only accept processes/tutorials not just posts about the final result

The possibilities for your participation are endless but let us give you a few ideas and examples:

  • Create a origami gift card
  • Build a origami mobile
  • Craft origami jewelry
  • Show us how to draw an origami bird
  • Build a wood decoration in the style of origami
  • ...
Image by vecstock on Freepik

Happy Creating!

We discover posts daily in various categories:

  • CREATIVE: coding, self made cosmetic and beauty products, fabric work, yarn work, pottery paperwork, and art tutorials
  • CRAFTING: 3d printing, electronics, jewelry making, metal and woodwork, upcycling
  • HOME&GARDENING: building, decoration, gardening, homesteading, repairing
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@niggyayo, @luish18, @tifany, @luna-aitana, @iamsaray ¡Participen! 😍🤗

felicitaciones @gaboamc2393 yo sabía que la ibas a romper con esa escultura!! y eso que no estuvo Leatherface, que hubiera quedado brutal!

@dayadam @lauracraft a participar!!

Gracias por la invitación amigo querido, vamos a ver que sale por allí, aunque te cuento que esa técnica no la manejo, pese a ser papel jajajja...

Agradezco la invitacion, prontito estare participando. Saludos!

Invite @creacioneslelys @yeceniacarolina

Congratulations to the winners of the month @borbolet @gaboamc2393 @laranitacrochet, they were spectacular entries, they deserve it. 💙

I hope that for this month there will be excellent participations, we have a lot to see...

I invite to participate to @jetta.amaya @elbuhito

Muchísimas felicidades a los ganadores del mes @borbolet @gaboamc2393 @laranitacrochet, fueron entradas espectaculares, se lo merecen. 💙

Espero que para este mes hayan excelentes participaciones tenemos mucho por ver...

Invito a participar a @jetta.amaya @elbuhito


Muchas gracias por la invitacion amiga, ya pondre a Buhito a trabajar para que me ayude con algun origami jeje 😍

Estoy segura que harán algo genial, lo espero con ansias... ✨

Hey gracias a todos por darle valor a mi trabalho, lo hago con mucho amor y dedicación, estoy muy feliz por esta mencion 🏆, felicito a todos los participantes, al grupo organizador de este evento de la comunidad @diyhub y a los que colaboraron para este premio gracias. 🤗🎃 Feliz halloween.

Hey thank you all for giving value to my trabalho, I do it with a lot of love and dedication, I'm very happy for this 🏆, congratulations to all the participants, to the organizing group of this community event @diyhub and to those who collaborated for this award thank you. 🤗🎃 Happy halloween

Muy merecido tu premio. Que lo disfrutes bella...

Muchísimas gracias @dayadam la verdad no me lo esperaba pues habían muchísimos trabajos espectaculares 😁

Una iniciativa de paz, gracias querida Comunidad por estas iniciativas; Muchas felicidades a los ganadores de la edición pasada. A continuación, mi participación, y la nominación a mis amigas @antoniarhuiz, @sacra97 y @astrea, para que también compartan con nosotros!.

Wow this is so amazing!!

@amiegeoffrey @beeeee and @fredaa come see this ASAP!

Thanks for the tag☺️

Hi, here is my entry: https://peakd.com/hive-189641/@elentogether/en-es-paper-dolphin
I invite @wenggo, @jindara13 and @landrover007 to participate in this challenge

Good luck! Can't participate.... I'm on fieldwork right now.🤗♥️🤙

Posted via D.Buzz

Oh that's good. Sorry, it will be for next time. Thank you God bless you

Thanks. Hope you're doing great.🤗♥️🤙

Posted via D.Buzz

Good morning!
This is my entry for a Velociraptor made of paper.

How beautiful the origami is, excellent initiative 😍


hermosa actividad felicidades a los ganadores

Congratulations to all the winners 👍.
What an amazing prompt, I can't wait to see all the amazing entries.

Wow.... Esto no me lo esperaba 😁🥳👻 Muchas gracias por el reconocimiento y felicitaciones a los otros ganadores @borbolet y @gaboamc2393

Y también muchas gracias a la comunidad de @diyhub y @liketu Estoy súper 😀

Gracias felicitaciones para ti..🎃🤗

@marile21 y sobre todo @nurul-uli anímense a participar...

This is much better activity and contest. I will invite to @eolianpariah2 2 and @sirenahippie for this nice art contest.

Gracias por la invitación y felicidades a los ganadores 🥳🥳🥳🥳

Sound interesting, congratulations 🎉 to our winners.

@ibbtammy and @henrietta27 I think you guys will be interested in this.

Felicidades 🎉🎉🎉🎉 para los ganadores. Estupendas sus participaciones. ¡Éxitos!

@glorydee and @monica-ene and @wongi come and see this.

Thanks for the mention dear.

It's a pleasure.

@bimpcy and @ebohehi, @didiyilji come check this out.

Thanks for the information.

Esto me entusiasma mucho, es una de mis manualidades preferidas.

Hola. Me encanta este nuevo concurso, siempre quise crear un origami y creo que esta es la oportunidad perfecta.

felicitaciones a los ganadores @borbolet @gaboamc2393 @laranitacrochet invito a participar @yagelybr @creacioneslelys @laranitacrochet


Felicidades a los ganadores, se lo merecen por realizar excelentes publicaciones. @borbolet @gaboamc2393 @laranitacrochet

Congratulations to the winners of this month's contest, and this month I will also take part in the origami contest created by @diyhub

Muchas felicidades a todos los ganadores. Me encantó el maquillaje de @borbolet.

Mami @leidimarc mira que buen concurso.

Great initiative 😍 here is my entry, congratulations for the winners 😍


I am really very happy to join in this amazing community.

My entry : https://hive.blog/hive-189641/@ridoykhan22/diyhub-origami-contest-making-a-boat

Hello, greetings to all. I am sharing with you my entry to the contest. I wish you all a lot of success.

Hi, happy origami day, this my entry in honor to my little cat "Mathías"..❤️🐈✨

Cow cat origami


My respect and love to all the winners. I express my respect and love to all those who have taken the initiative to create such an art through their extraordinary experience and wonderful generosity. Also, my love to the community admins and moderators. Selecting the winners from among the many posts is really important and brain-intensive. I always respect your success. I hope that God will instill more wonderful knowledge within you. Very nice selection.


I am glad you're here 🤭☺️☺️

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